Planter wooden pallet: 74 models to oneself –

Planter wooden pallet: 74 models to oneself

planter wooden pallet idea Layouts terrace deco cheap balcony

For gardening enthusiasts, prepare for spring means, above all, to review their working tools and containers plants. During the months of March and April, as every year, many people find that their old flower pots and planters should be replaced by newer models.

Usually it all ends with a tour of the store where you can buy the products in question.


Planter wooden paddle: easy DIY idea for decorating a terrace or outdoor garden

planter alette wooden terrace lounge deco wooden garden

But buying a plant pot or flower box is not the only option to replace your old garden containers. In fact, if you like DIY and creative projects, you can experiment with a planter model wooden paddle to realize oneself. Here's our selection of 74 vertical or horizontal type models. It has something for everyone!

Pallet Planter outer wall decoration

jardiniere-in pallet-of-wood-wall-vegetal cloture garden

In recent years, wood pallets have become a very popular material for the manufacture of furniture and accessories for inside and outside the home. Prized for their organic look and their ability to easily transform into multiple types of furniture, palettes work like a very nice complement to any décor.

Terrace Decorative small area of ​​natural ambience with decking and garden vertical

build-gardener-wood-pallet-wall terrace

In fact, it is a Recycling material 'which can be obtained more or less easily. It is durable as designed to facilitate the transport of goods over long (or very long) distances. Consequently, this wood packaging is fairly robust. It also has good resistance to weather conditions outside. For as we know, the pallets are often exposed to rain and sun for several days.

Delineate terrace with planters pallets to oneself

pot-wood terrace-a-do-it-yourself

So, objects and furniture deco DIY pallet have a long life. They also have very good resistance to weathering. They can be stored easily on a balcony or a terrace, even if they are not protected by a shelter or a pergola.

pallet furniture Idea for outdoor easy to move

jardiniere-wood-pallet-furniture-and-garden-fresh garden herbs,

This is an advantage of the planter pallet of wood also can be enjoyed in a vegetable garden which enjoys the protection of a greenhouse or a canopy!

Wall cladding with pallet and floral decoration

Wall pallet garden Interior-door-plant-idee

But it is also noteworthy that this organic material is perfectly suited for the manufacture of articles for interior. Beds, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, kitchen island ... It's just a small sample of the types of furniture that can be realized in wood pallets her living space. And since the popularity of the furniture continues to rise, many creative users now experimenting with the creation of vertical gardens in this type of wood!

How to go about choosing a model of planter wooden paddle?


Making a pallet planter is a creative hobby that helps us to save money while personalizing its interior or exterior space. Instead of buying a flower pot model or a flower box ready for use, we take time to reflect the pot or planter model would be best suited to the balcony or living room. We think the size, height and shape. And, of course, we stop on a model that fits our handyman capacity!

pallet plant door model with clay flowerpots

gardening-en-pallet hanging wall pot de fleur-clay

Because, yes, there are several designs balconières and flower pots made of this type of wood. Some require only a few minutes to perform. In this case, you do not have to disassemble the pallet or to build a new stand.

Idea to plant a door to terrace or outdoor garden decor

model-gardener-vegetal wall-flower-pot-clay

For other models, however, you would provide a little more time. This would be to undo the base material to recover the pieces of wood and assemble a new object.

Grand Cache garden pot to manufacture wood boards

manufacturing pot de fleur-wood-exterior-deco garden

Of course, the creation of a gardener pallet or other similar support will ask for a little advance preparation. Below we provide a list of illustrative material that will serve as reference for your project.

How to make a support for self plants - What are the necessary materials?

balconiere terrace wood-pallet-is-how-it-yourself

First, you would have to bring along materials (one or more wooden storage). Then you would need nails (or a nail gun) or a screwdriver, and possibly a canvas (if you want to coat the inside of your creation). If you plan to disassemble the pallet, think about getting the necessary instruments for this purpose (for example, an adze or a crowbar). Finally, plan to paint or lacquer to coat the object that you create. A coat of paint or lacquer will make your creation much prettier and more durable.

Planter manufacturing pallet Tutorial

If you need to see all the steps of creating a vertical pallet garden, watch the tutorial video above. It will show you all not to cross to succeed such a project.

Save space with a planter in horizontal or vertical wood pallet to the outside

planter wall decoration wooden pallet garden terrace of'exterieur

Whether you have a terrace, a small balcony or a vegetable garden, you can experiment with easy DIY project and create your own planter wooden pallet. This will allow you to replace an old container or spread your garden on a larger surface.

Make pallet wood planter for its vertical garden

make a planter outside diy wooden pallet wood furniture decoration

Because of their shape, wooden pallets are one of the most popular for making vertical planters materials.

Wooden planter model to pallets to a tropical inspired garden

Planter pallet wood interior vertical garden plants

Compact and functional, they are able to stand against a wall, while serving as support for flowers arranged on several levels. This kind of wooden pallet planter requires no special DIY effort.

How to pallet wood garden and decorate his original creation in a hanging garden

vertical planters wooden pallet terrace balcony wall decoration

It would simply draw the planter pallet against the wall of your balcony or terrace. Besides, you are free to choose the side you want to expose to the eyes. The lower part of the pallet, which has legs, become easily storage for several types of plants for your decorative items.

The planter to himself pallets allows us to optimize the space on a small terrace

wood pallet planter hanging garden terrace balcony Layouts small space

As for the other side of the pallet, it can act as a hook for the types of containers that you have at home!

How to arrange a balcony with wooden shelves for wall mounting and vines

recycled pallet wood garden idea deco wood furniture ideas

Of course, such a planter wooden pallet also available in version appropriate for smaller spaces. In this case, it would simply hang this model on the wall of your balcony. Good idea for those who want to save even more space on their balconies in town!

Example gardener to make yourself and support for outdoor flower pots

DIY wood pallet furniture gardening idea deco wall hanging garden outside

Have a wooden pallet planter that has stood the test of time and which has lost its luster? You can always restore your vertical garden furniture with a little paint.

Decorating the wood planter with a paint color that matches its exterior decor

vertical wood furniture garden to a gardener idea pallet decoration ecological

paint color idea of ​​vertical garden and wood pallet furniture to build yourself

model range gardener outside cheap garden color white paint

For this, it is sufficient to select a color that matches that of your decor or that nicely combines with your flowers. Then you have that applying the color of your choice on all of your planter models in vertical pallet!

DIY decoration for small garden with black paint color

model palette Planter DIY deco terrace wooden black paint

Feel free to select an interesting color and do not limit yourself, especially not to the most popular color options. Instead, think of ways to make your furniture pallet a decorative accent for your outdoor and intriguing.

How to make a vertical garden with pots of flowers for his city balcony

jardiniere idea wood pallet small hanging garden terrace Layouts

If you have a very limited area, try the following trick storage: secure your furniture pallet on one of your walls, apply the colored paint and let dry.

Support paint color for terrace or balcony flowers

jardiniere-in pallet-model-painting-white-idee

Then lay ahead of flowerpots, combined in the example on the picture above. You will thus gain more space to display your flowers!

Planter to oneself with flower pots

Planter pallet cheap vertical garden idea Photo

Besides, it is also possible to combine the two functions, that of a planter range of classic wood and that of a mini cabinet door plant.

Decoration outside pallet with vases from recycled bottles

make a range of wooden furniture decoration original vertical garden

Get inspired by this planter range even if you're not necessarily very talented in gardening. Recycle this idea and make a wall decoration item for your patio in the summer by adding some bottles vases made of wood!

Door pallet plant for outdoors

door plant pallet outside garden idea deco DIY wood furniture cheap

inclined palette for furniture Home entrance garden decor

wood pallet garden decoration outdoor vertical garden

The vertical planter type of wood palette also comes in tilted version! Expose your home in the entrance garden and make it an original decorative accent!

Create a garden of fresh herbs with a wooden pallet furniture

wooden pallet vertical garden planter decoration flower pot

And if you have a small seating available on your terrace, adopt the same practical solution to arrange a mini garden with fresh herbs, fixing your pallet furniture flower pots where you planted rosemary, Basilica, fresh thyme, chives ... in short, all the herbs you like to incorporate into your favorite dishes!

Idea DIY Outdoor Decor cheap with plants and pallets


Vertical solutions allow multiple design options with plants and flowers. These are organized according to your wishes. Regroup several to make a living wall completely covered with beautiful colors. Or, prune your plants regularly to get a well-structured vertical garden.

Development of small garden fresh herbs wood


Decorate an outdoor playground with a flowerpot pallets

furniture wooden pallet gardener child deco exterior corner kitchen games

The range of wooden planter is also a beautiful decoration for the corner of outdoor games for children. Above, a sense of creative project for the development of such a play area for children.

Support for vertical plants outside wall and wooden planter idea

jardiniere-wall pallet-white-small-garden-wall

You can also beautify the space of your children games with a vertical pallet garden. Install it on a wall near their playground and decorate the playthings!

Adapting planters in terms of his garden

breaker for pallet-wood-wall-vegetal-a-manufacture

The vertical solution is also very suitable for the manufacture of breeze-trimmed views of flowers. For this, it should provide you with a greater quantity of pallets. They will have to suffice for the creation of a fence in length, similar to the image above, for example.

How to define the outdoor space with balconières - DIY decoration for terrace or garden

jardiniere-in pallet-of-wood-railing patio-veranda

This strategy is not reserved only for landscaping terrace we want to protect from prying eyes. It is quite applicable to an area of ​​garden that would define in a natural way. Arrange the pots so as to allow the sunlight to penetrate through the breeze-view. You will thus enjoy an outdoor brighter and more enjoyable.

A vertical garden against a wall or self-supporting

jardiniere-in pallet-timber-garden-vertical-not-dear

And indeed, if you have collected several pallets, why not decorate one of your exterior walls of a set of pots wooden flower? It is quite possible to use this environmentally friendly material for both the realization of media and planters themselves!

vertical support model for plants and outdoor fresh herbs wood

vertical garden pot de fleur-wood-a-do-it-yourself

In addition to the models hung directly on the wall or leaning against a foot, there are also those of self-supporting. They have feet developed pieces of wood and can be placed everywhere on a terrace or balcony.

Combine several pallets of wood to an even better result

idee-gardener-vertical-wood-a-do-it-yourself pallet

Did you know that you'll get an even better result by combining several wooden supports? Proceed in this way to create a vertical outside storage which finishes with a large planter vertical wood pallet at the bottom.

Repaint its wooden creation to give it a fresh look

jardiniere-vertical-pallet-furniture-outdoor-deco balcony

Put the vertical supports for the rear one other plants on your balcony. Be sure to provide different heights for both storage. That's a good idea for those who would expose more of your beautiful plants!

Idea of ​​gardening space layout with furniture door wooden plant

make-a-storage-flower-garden tools wood

Making furniture vertical wooden pallets, but also offer more storage space for its garden tools. Moreover, nothing prevents you combine these two ideas DIY decor, an Recycling storage 'for garden tools and a gardener in cheap wooden palette. For this, several shelves plan your furniture. Use each as storage and other plants as door!

Some interesting options for indoor or outdoor decor

to-a-gardening-hanging decoration-outdoor-wood

The vertical supports and containers also come in versions or suspended plant door. So you can make some small boxes tied together with a string. This method eliminates the need for a wooden vertical support so you can save material for making your pots.

Making a wooden wall cladding with recycled flowerpots

vertical garden wall pallet-of-wood-paint idea

The opposite is also possible. Cover one of your exterior walls with wood siding. Fix it flowerpots (bought or homemade) and you have a green wall cheap but pretty impressive!

Making wooden door to its plant outside or on inside

make-a-door-plant-pallet balcony terrace-idee

Moreover, it is also possible to manufacture a vertical plant bears transforming pallets trays. Store them in flower pots and get a piece of furniture with shelves on several levels. It is ideal for the construction of a garden area with vines!

storage timber for plants on several levels

door-plant-pallet-wood-blue-deco balcony

Otherwise, have a wooden door plant that mimics the shape of the steps of a ladder. Install it in a corner of your outdoor space. It will be ready for your pots and window boxes right away!

Trim his custom planters windows

balconieres palette gardener Wood make yourself idea deco exterior window

The wooden planters homemade adapt to the shape of the space you want to decorate, even when it is characterized by some traditional forms. Take advantage of this feature and give more personality to your outdoor with planters and flower pots in appropriate paddle your outdoor space!

Small garden shaped box for outdoor plants


Remove one or more wooden pallets and use the pieces thus collected for the manufacture of a flower box. It can be installed on a ramp terrace, a window or on the floor!

Idea of ​​storage for outdoor plants or wooden balconière


Decorate the lawn outside his garden is even easier with a flower in large size range! It will gradually eliminate the need to clean the weeds and thus facilitate the development of an easy and smart garden.

Recover, recycle, combine ... use the remaining pieces of wood


Create such a container by connecting several planks of wood, so as to achieve the desired length. Proceed the same way to make the fund of the container.

Balconière to oneself sticks

balconiere pallet-of-wood-window-decoration

Recycle all the small pieces of wood that you are! If you really have a lot, try to dress up an old flower box by cutting out pieces of the same size. The effect will be more remarkable if you decide to play with pieces of various colors.

Create a palette gardener to improve the organization of his garden


Dreaming of a malignant vegetable garden and easy to maintain? In this case, planters pallets could be the ideal solution for your outdoor! The bottom section shows you how to maximize space and garden of this type in comfort without spending much!

low wooden planter to protect its plants

eg wooden pallet planters how to arrange a vegetable garden cheap

In fact, the pallets are one of the most suitable materials for the development of large planters that can be installed on the floor of the garden or walk for raised planters.

Planter raised pallets for malignant garden and practice

wood planters make yourself vegetable garden wooden pallet

The raised planters are preferred by many gardens owners as they offer us the opportunity to grow vegetables without worrying about weeds and insects.

soup with wooden furnishings plants to bed to tinker

small-gardener-paint pallet red-deco-exterieure.jpg

In addition, they protect crops from animals that often attack our crops. And this is an important asset especially if the garden is located in an area outside the major cities, in the countryside or at the foot of a mountain!

Idea vegetable garden to manufacture pallets

vegetable garden-not-dear-bed gardener-wood model

Third advantage of the raised garden beds: they allow us to stand gardener. And what better way for enthusiasts of fresh fruits and vegetables that suffer from back pain?

Gardening smart with cheap planters for vegetable garden

gardening pallet DIY vegetable timber exterior wood plant pot

To facilitate your work, fill your garden in an elevated range of store bought ground rather than serve you land recovered from your exterior.

Save time weeding your garden with a wooden planter

Layouts vegetable gardens gardener wooden pallets DIY furniture ecological model

This solution will require some additional spending early in the season but it will save you the effort associated with frequent weeding your garden during the months to follow.

How to Grow Strawberries house with a garden on feet

jardiniere pallet strawberries Layouts small outdoor kitchen garden

And since the raised planters made of wooden pallet are so simple to make and so convenient, why not enjoy it for its entire vegetable garden?

Idea planter with storage for malignant garden

pallet timber planter tomato vegetable storage Layouts

After all, these nifty furniture are so easy to customize that you can even add shelves for your garden tools!

Incorporate a sprinkler system in his garden made pallets

planter wooden pallet system deco exterior drainage

And why not develop a vegetable garden with its own irrigation system and drainage hidden between the different levels of your creation! Clever, is not it?

Make a raised planter palette to convert an easy garden

planters decoration wooden pallet outside furniture idea is make yourself

Of course, the beds and planters pallet of this type are also perfectly suited to a landscaped garden with traditional plants.

How to construct a garden area with a pallet planter

manufacturing gardener-and-garden-wood model-tutorial

You could even use this material recycling craft to a separate area in your outdoor space. Set it well with your fruit and vegetable beds and you have a better structured green space where everything is in its place!

wooden container for fresh plants and herbs

jardiniere-in pallet-no-price-and-garden-small-space-idee

As upright models, the wooden containers are feasible in a lot of different versions. Select the one that best fits your outside and that is most comfortable for you!

Potted flowers and containers for garden seedlings to wood

Layouts idea-terrace-small-gardener-outdoor

This type of containers is ideal for preparing vegetable garden seedlings, especially for those who own a greenhouse. Indeed, the fact that we ourselves working pallets also means that one is free to choose the distance between them. Consequently, one can very well adapt its creation to a mini field for seed.

Idea garden to achieve for vegetable garden

label-garden-furniture-of-pallet-wood exterior

Do not hesitate to provide labels for different parts of your land. This is a step that we tend to overlook when we did not have much experience in gardening. However, it is crucial for monitoring fruits and vegetables throughout their development!

pallet planters on wheels? Full benefits invention for outer space!

example-gardener-high pot de fleur-outside-a-do

Build a flower pot or planter pallet on wheels is a practical idea for those who would like to improve in terms of their terraces. It is also one of the best solutions for gardeners who need to store their plants indoors during part of the year.

Making pallet planters for outdoor small space

idee flower pot outside garden decoration idea pallet wood flower pot

This kind of furniture can take different forms depending on your needs. Lovers of minimalist design will thus opt for a small container. A rectangular flower pot or wooden outer pot would probably be best for them.

Cache pot wooden boards to create oneself

DIY-pot-wood outdoor garden

Above, some wooden creations like this that give us ideas of manufacturing different size containers. Once the base model produced, you can personalize it with lacquer, paint or various patterns.

Caring for sensitive plants with a flower pot suitable

pot de fleur-exterior-wood-gardener-a-do-it-yourself

Flower pots and wooden pots caps fitted with castors are especially useful in the culture of exotic, Mediterranean and tropical plants. The species of this sort are generally sensitive to the freshness. For this reason, it is easy to plant in a container to transport. This way, they can be stored inside the house during the cooler months and left outside in the spring.

Storage pallet deck with pots of flowers and wheels

door model plant decoration wooden paddle wheels outside garden

If, however, you have a green thumb and you have a lot of flower pot of various sizes, are planning a plant gate with several levels. In the image above, a garden project model pallet on wheels like this.

Furniture model with wheels for pallet wood terrace

door plant pallet rollers Deco easy DIY wood terrace garden

Moreover, this type of wood furniture is not only reserved for those who have a balcony or terrace. You can very well make one for your interior living room.

Photo planter for the outside do yourself

DIY gardening idea pallet exterior decoration natural pallets

Finally, do not forget that the pallets are often used for the realization of garden furniture. And what better to complement an exterior decorated furniture homemade few planters that tinkered yourself? Below, some images with models for this type of containers.

Complement the decor of its pallet garden with a few planters and pots of homemade flowers

flower pot to make yourself wooden table outside garden furniture range

Make a two furniture in one: a coffee table for garden furniture with spaces for your decorative plants! It's a clever way to add more freshness to its exterior space small. Or recycle small pieces of wood by making mini potted plants to decorate a coffee table palette. The photos below give us some ideas for this type of design.

Idea of ​​wooden planters made pallets for outdoor garden furniture DecoPlanter pallet flower pot idea of ​​natural wood deco

Speaking of two furniture in one, here's another interesting idea: Register planters to an outside bench. What better way to enjoy the fragrance of her favorite flowers?

How to create a garden bench with wooden plant beds

gardening-wooden bench-outside-deco

Wooden pallets are an extremely versatile material. Be ingenious and find the best way to incorporate them into your outdoor space!

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