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Housing fall: 75 ideas with autumn leaves and more!

Fall DIY idea for home

In autumn, cool days invite us to spend more time at home. Spend pleasantly these moments with our 75 projects DIY fall ! This time of year is often associated with autumn leaves and their pretty colors.

Our selection of projects fall just starts with craft ideas with fallen leaves.

Housing fall with autumn leaf by Just A Girl Blog

DIY autumn leaves fall dead

In addition to beautiful decorative compositions with colorful leaves put in a pretty vase, you can make a wreath or a garland with leaves. These could be used again for the table decoration: a centerpiece with a small candle and one or two autumn leaves warm color will make your even more welcoming and cozy lounge.

Fall DIY Idea: wreath with fall leaves

ideas deco black leaves fall table

Another project that we offer to try is in the fabric decorated with autumn leaves. You can complete this project to decorate cushion covers in your living room or other fabrics: blankets, handbags or even table cloths for your dining room. For this project easy DIY, you only need to fall leaves, paint or ink of a desired color and fabric you want to decorate.

Housing autumn cloth decorated with autumn leaves

DIY autumnal deco cushion leaves

Like the decorations with floral arrangements? In this case, you can try to make a nice bouquet of roses with autumn leaves. It is used like any other flowers, but it will be more sustainable! Here's how to do this kind of project in a few steps:

Housing fall: make a rose in autumn leaf

DIY idea autumnal activity leaves

Did you know you can also make a pot of autumn leaves based on a method similar to the one used for decorative objects paper mache? For this project, you will need to autumn leaves, a bowl or an inflated balloon and some glue. Making your autumnal bowl with the leaves collected on the surface of your choice, and then pasting them on it to give them a shape. Once dry, your bowl can be used as is. You can also apply a coat of lacquer to make it more resistant. Here is how this original bowl:

Housing fall: making an autumn leaf bowl

DIY manual activities pictures autumn leaf

Besides tinkering with fallen leaves in autumn, we can easily decorate his house with the fruits of nature. We have already talked about decorating with seasonal fruits, such as apples and pumpkins in previous articles. But there is other land products that can easily be turned into decorative items: wheat, corn leaves, fresh herbs. Use dry wheat to make a beautiful center table or tinkering aromatic diffuser. For the latter project, take one or two bottles of dark glass. Pour in a little water and essential oil diluted in a small amount of vodka. Next put the wheat stalks inside the bottle so that they can touch the liquid therein. The scent of the essential oil will penetrate the stem and it will air in the space around it. In the photo below, a sample presentation of this kind of composition:

Housing and easy fall decorating: make aromatic diffuser

DIY activities fall creatives

If you like the decorations with candles, you can also try making your own natural candles. To do this, use beeswax or soy that you will melt in a double boiler. To give your candle autumnal look, choose a color of the season, such as red or yellow. Also try to flavor your natural candle with a little essential oil. Alternatively, insert into the wax, still hot, a dried plant or herbs, such as lavender or rosemary on the picture below. The prepared spark plug could be put in a candlestick decorated with autumn leaves, corn or in a small candle pot made of wood. For examples of this type of chandeliers in our image gallery.

Housing fall: make a candle with dried plants

DIY natural candle decorations

Fall is also a time where we collect the harvest and where it is preparing for winter. If you have a garden with fresh herbs you can harvest and use them to make olive oil infusions. Paid in pretty bottles, they will be used to create an original design for your kitchen or preparing Christmas homemade gifts. You can discover the rest of our 75 fall DIY projects in the lower gallery:

Housing fall and kitchen decoration: make olive oil infusion

deco kitchen tea olive oil

Feathers fall decor and DIY homemade

DIY home decoration feathers

House and autumn decoration: DIY with pumpkin

DIY home deco pumpkin autumn

DIY Ideas - Fall decor with corn leaves

DIY DIY project but fall

Table decoration and DIY home

deco idea for home DIY table

Housing and fall decorating with burlap

ideas DIY burlap

decorating idea with autumn leaves

ideas deco fall leaves

Fall deco and dead leaves

ideas deco dead leaves fall

Fall deco and simple DIY

Easy DIY house autumn

Housing autumn with apples and leaves

Fall deco DIY apple leaves

DIY Idea and fall activities

DIY single autumn activities

Fall Activity: golden branches

autumn branch deco idea

Idea autumn manual activity

idea for DIY activity'automne

Make a wreath with fall leaves

making decoration garland autumn leaves

Making decorated with autumn wreath

decoration fall crown door entry

Making an autumn decoration with cinnamon

deco autumn cinnamon stick cooking idea

DIY Fall: DIY pot pourri

make a pot pourri fall

DIY wall art autumn

room table decoration autumn

DIY decorating and DIY autumn wood original lamp

DIY DIY deco lamp autumn

DIY decor and fall crown

DIY decoration door entrance fall wreaths

DIY decor with feathers autumn branches

DIY deco fall feather branch

Housing fall and fall table decoration

fall table centerpiece

Table decoration and DIY Fall

deco table fall easy DIY idea

DIY autome deco fireplace

home decoration idea Easy DIY Fall

DIY home deco door wreath

DIY clay autumn leaves

DIY autumnal decoration

DIY decoration candles autumn

DIY ideas deco fall table

decoration recup wood brico

DIY deco single winter wheat

made table decoration autumn house

Fall crafts making potpourris

deco lounge burlap bags DIY

make a garland burlap

DIY craft activity autumn leaf

Fall DIY photo frame

DIY bouquet autumn flower

DIY activity autumn candlestick

make an autumn leaf fall bouquet

Fall deco idea centerpiece

DIY web autumn leaf deco table leaves

DIY wreaths deco autumn leaf

autumn leaves garlands bricolage

DIY Fall autumn leaves

DIY candles aromatized

DIY single autumn leaf fall

DIY Fall pine crown pictures

DIY autumn make a lampstand

DIY wreaths autumn pictures

DIY deco autumn wood lamp

make a jewelry box tutorial

DIY Fall candle chandeliers activity

Fall deco idea craft activity

creatives ideas leaves activities

Fall deco DIY cable activities

Children DIY activity but leaves

Fall DIY manual easy candle activity

DIY deco autumn burlap

make a pot pourri fall

Fall pumpkin painting decorations

make a DIY candle pot

decoration recipe olive oil cooking

DIY easy lamp manufacture a timber

decoration candle cinnamon sticks

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