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Pouf child make a pear pouf to the children’s room

Layouts idea ottoman child playroom

Kids need recreation and rest time. Here ottoman single child make that an ideal solution for those moments of rest. If you have a child, the arrival of summer mean for you and for many French, an end time of your children's school.

For the children themselves, this period is a time of fun and games. Because, you know, every parent seeks to organize lots of activities to fill the long summer days of her children.

Make a child ottoman for times of rest this summer

poufs pear child ready

But children need recreation and quieter moments as well as stimulation and exercise. This child ottoman, which is indeed a kind of bean bag is a convenient and nice idea for game or reading time. You can do it easily. You would need only about 45 minutes and some basic knowledge, such as how to sew a zipper.

Pouf child to realize oneself: basic materials

highchair baby room poufs

To make this pear pouf, which is easy to carry and you can use wherever you want, you'll need a piece of cloth to cover furniture, a zipper and equipment to fill your beanbag pear ( beans, plastic pellets, etc.). To make the child poof, you can choose two pieces of different colors or fabrics in the same color that are put together, one against the other. It is recommended that this fabric is of good quality, which will guarantee it a longer life.

Pouf child to self: idea ottoman fabric with two faces

pouffe pear children's furniture

Then we should make sure that the two pieces are the same size and cut into shape, depending on the desired one for your ottoman. Then all you need do is to sew together these tissues, leaving a side to install closed zipper. Once placed close you can fill your beanbag child the material of your choice, then close using the zipper. You will find images and materials manufacturing stages of our beanbag below.

Pouf pear: manufacturing steps

chair ottoman pore child make

As for the colors of your child poof, you can choose between several lighter or darker shades. We offer a series of images to give you cushions covers ideas for boys and girls. You will discover them down, along with ideas for the nursery decoration with this nice and practical furniture.

Pouf pear: the sewn fabric and ready for installation of the zipper

pouffe pear baby room and children

And if you prefer another ottoman model for your child, you can consult the page Nalle's House, dedicated to Scandinavian design, which offers an idea to make a nice little chair in this style. So, ready to make a pear stool for your child this summer?

How to make a pear pouf: put the zipper

decorate bedroom child baby chair idea

Pouf pear with zipper ready to be filled

child ottoman manufacturing steps and beanbag

The pouf pear filled and closed

how to make a child and ottoman beanbag

Pouf child with both sides finished

pouffe child how to make a chair for girl or boy

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