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14 simple ideas that appeal DIY Deco Recycling

Recycling glass deco DIY ideas bottles

The Deco Recycling DIY is a fun way to put items that have outlived their usefulness in reusable decorations objects again. It there's so many possibilities when it comes to DIY Deco Recycling, and I think you'll be surprised what you can do with articles each day.

Deco Recycling DIY - pots hanging in jams glasses used for storage space

Deco Recycling DIY storage jars glasses jams

Without further ado, let's dive deeper into the world of DIY and show you fourteen decorating projects with materials and stuff every day. Pots and boxes, whether glass or metal; they can be a container for candles, for trinkets and books to kitchen utensils and more.

Glass jars are used as candle container

container glass jars for candles

The possibilities are virtually endless in Deco Recycling DIY! This is not always a huge project, but efficient to turn your ordinary jars, vintage vases to display beautiful flowers. Or taking old maps, and make life in other forms. The bottles are also a good source for the Recycling deco DIY with their various shapes and colors.

A road map serves as a background for a photo

routiere card back plan Photo

Still used as road maps as proposed by Glass Earth 911

maps used as under glass

An old table covered with wrapping paper

Old wrapping paper covered table

book pages can also be a decoration impressive Recycling

Pages books deco recup

An idea vase with pages of books proposed by How To Nest For Less

idea vase pages pounds How To Nest For Less

paint pots used to store books

paints pots used books store

Of box decorated with fabrics for your kitchen utensils

box handpainted kitchen utensils tissue

Wine bottles with lights to decorate the Christmas tree proposed by BrighNest

wine bottles decorate Christmas tree lights by BrighNest

Deco Recycling DIY metal pots reused as flower vases

DIY bath mat cork stoppers
wine bottle vase flower
board corks DIY Deco Recycling glass bottle candlestick diy Recycling DIY Deco idea Deco glass bottle Recycling glass bottle DIY decor

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