Making an interior or exterior wooden staircase – plug practical information –

Making an interior or exterior wooden staircase – plug practical information

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You decided to make an outside wooden staircase or inside and you're looking for ideas for its design and its creation? Designmag offers practical information sheet to help you achieve this DIY project.

Examine it and check out our two tutorials in pictures to help you visualize key points to remember!

Making an interior or exterior wooden staircase is a task quite possible.

It requires a bit of preparation, planning and preliminary calculations. design principle and side steps rules, know that the fold (the horizontal part of the steps) must be between 24 and 31 cm and their width must be at least 80 cm.

Making a wooden staircase - the first stage of the project moves required by the dimensioning

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Making a wooden staircase is an activity which can not, in any case, succeed without some preliminary calculations. Below, we will reveal the details of the steps for this preliminary step.


To calculate the dimensions of its future wood staircase, divide the work in a few steps. To start, we made a list of things to consider. They keys to the following:

  • the height of the staircase
  • the stair slope
  • the number of steps
  • the steps of the dimensions

To facilitate its work, there's elements on a piece of paper to record the results of its calculation in front of each point. We take measurements of the space where the staircase will be placed. Then, one uses a calculation tool on the web, such as, for example thereof. Of course, you could also contact a counselor in a DIY store products.


Information obtained at the end of the stage of the calculation of the stairs will help you get an idea of ​​the number of steps to build; they will be useful to determine what the materials needed for your project. Once this information ready, you can think of ways to customize the project.

What are the standard dimensions of an internal staircase classic wood?

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Typically, conventional dimensions of a wooden staircase are:

  • height of the ceiling space: between 2 and 50 m 2 81 m
  • Planning steps (also called emmarchement): between 60 cm and 90 cm
  • height of steps between 16 cm and 23 cm

Good to know: the stairs have an ideal height which is determined in time. The 18 cm height that best fits the physical effort that is willing to do to move up the stairs. Compliance with this practical information will allow us to make a practical and comfortable wooden staircase.

How to make a wooden staircase from his calculations

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After finishing the calculation step, we move to that realization. It uses a square and a pencil to draw on the wooden material cutting lines; they serve us to create steps and risers of the wooden staircase. Note: This part of the work is done with extreme attention to detail.


We then go to the cutting step for which we will need a saw and a hand saw (to remove small imperfections). Is cut according to the lines drawn on the wooden boards during the previous step.

Assemble a wooden staircase to self - description of steps to follow

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Once all the boards cut, it is ready for the step of fixing the staircase. Is carried out this work using wood plates should be fixed to the bearing. At the end of this stage, we ensure that all components are securely fastened.

Work on the wooden staircase itself continues with the installation of risers. These are made from wooden boards which has been previously cut using as a starting point calculations already made. They contain all the practical data on the size of the risers.

How realize-a-staircase-wood-interior-tutorial

Once cut, the risers are secure with wooden interior staircase. For this, we therefore used a screwdriver and glue. The two ways to fix the risers guarantee us added strength of the stairs.

After risers, treads are installed. They can be made in one or more boards we cut following its calculations. His boards are attached to the backbone of the stairs by means of screws and glue.


To make a secure indoor wooden staircase, we do not forget the railing and handrail! These may be homemade or bought ready made. In any case, we ensure that it is fixed to the wall in a solid manner; on the handrail, we pay attention that it follows the angle of its DIY staircase.

How an outside wooden staircase to garden or terrace

make a wooden staircase design and decoration terrace

Nowadays, outdoor terraces and wooden decking are extremely popular. Many DIY enthusiasts decided to manufacture its outdoor design elements themselves. And often, they also have to perform some steps to facilitate access to their terrace.

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The guiding principle for making an outside wooden staircase is essentially the same as that discussed above. We start with determining the essential elements relating to the dimensions (height, slope, number and size of steps). Then, through step of applying the dimensions of the wood material and its cutting.

how make-steps stair-wood plan

the skeleton is moved from its exterior staircase wood on the terrace; then deals with steps and risers.


Good to know: Unlike interior stairs, those outside do not always have a riser. We can skip the steps for their cut and installation.

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As we have seen, the steps may be composed of one or two wooden planks. Everyone is free to decide what is the best option for its outdoor space.

make an outside terrace wooden staircase

The fixing of wooden boards is done using screws instead of nails. The first option is preferable because it is more durable in time and safer.

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It will be understood, the manufacture of wooden stairs is not very difficult; however, it requires careful and serious approach. If you love yourself and you need an indoor or outdoor stairs, do not hesitate to embark on such a project!

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