Doudou to oneself 18 original ideas

make yourself cuddly squirrel plush child diy idea

A blanket to make yourself, it's not hard and you can be sure that it will be much appreciated by your little bundle of joy. The blanket is the first companion of our toddlers who plays safety.

It is, in most cases, must from birth. To help you in your choice, we have selected the 18 most beautiful and funniest comforters to realize oneself.

Doudou to oneself: a special selection of original ideas comforters

blanket to make yourself diy idea circus animal cushion

The blanket is a transitional object that allows the child to build their identity and to project his love on this little new companion. A dog blanket, a bear cuddly toy, a cuddly otters - the possibilities are endless! Even if you are a beginner / e, you'll see that it's not difficult to create a fun and gentle character for your toddler. There are plenty of websites and blogs on the Internet that offer detailed tutorials to perform a wide variety of very original and cute stuffed animals.

Recycling idea of ​​blanket made from a clear blue wool sweater: he's cute!

make oneself idea diy child plush blanket

cute doll suitable for children over 3 years, and idea source: A Beautiful Mess

doll baby blanket diy idea do it yourself

What material for a blanket? You will not be surprised that it is better to opt for a natural, soft tissue will be pleasant to the touch and does not represent a danger to your child. We all know that children tend to put everything in his mouth to chew with their teeth and allow them to develop. It is therefore essential to design a blanket mimi! To make the blanket cat on the image below, you do not even need a sewing machine.

Doudou chat, watch the video below to see its realization step by step

blanket to make yourself cat plush DIY idea

The llama is a very friendly animal that belongs to the camelid family. It is of North American origin and then emigrate to South America. On very cute appearance, it is the perfect friend for your little toddler.

Doudou Lama realized very cute white fabric

make a blanket oneself idea llama stuffed diy

Look at those funny plush inspired by children's drawings. A wonderful idea, simple and original, which requires only fabrics, button eyes, a needle and thread. Not need sewing machine, everything is to achieve by hand.

penguins fluff inspired and made of children's drawings

idea cuddly teddy do it yourself diy ideas child

Stuffed animal dog balloon-type cushion knitted fabric, source and idea: Coat Sand Clark Sewing Secrets

diy idea plush child cuddly dog ​​original ball

With a pillow or other soft tissue, make a soft cushion cat all for your toddler. To print the model, visit the Russian website Only Pink.

Doudou chat to achieve with soft cotton fabrics with patterns by Only Pink

blanket make yourself DIY plush child diy original ideas

Another idea cuddly cat cushion model Charlie the Blues Eyes

how to make a blanket idea blanket child

Here's another species of animal that is not seen every day, but is also very mignone appearance and can be the subject of the original production of plush for your toddler: the flying squirrel!

Blow of heart: cuddly flying squirrel, source: Wild Olive blog

how to make a blanket for children diy idea diy stuffed squirrel

Original idea plush Lazy, source and idea: the blog LDP

to blanket himself stuffed otter diy child

You want to create an original character without equivalent in nature or of inspiration for comics? On the blog of Charlie's Blue Eyes, we found the solution! For the realization of the two characters in the image below, you only need a piece of fabric scissors pinking of the scissors, pins, a sewing machine or a needle and thread. It is quite possible to draw a different character that you can design and draw on a sheet together with your child.

Two adorable plush characters with black and white stripes by Charlie the Blues Eyes

make-a-blanket-stuffed-child-diy ideas

On etsy site, there are kits with all the necessary materials for the realization of a wide variety of DIY fluff. Just stock up patience and follow the instructions to create this blanket fox, for example:

Doudou gray fox, kit for sale on etsy site by Fluffed Animals

blanket-it-yourself idea plush fox diy child

On the site of Etsy, you can find ideas lint-made original hand like this cute embroidered Pooh:

Idea teddy bear embroidered possible-it-yourself or buy on etsy

cuddly bear children diy idea

Doudou rabbit for your toddler, and idea source: Martha Stewart

blanket-it-yourself rabbit plush DIY idea

Like knit? If your answer is yes, then why not make this octopus? If you are not very good to knit, it is also possible to manufacture it from an old sweater. For all stages of its implementation, visit the blog of Purl Soho.

Octopus very cute white wool, source and idea: Purl Soho

octopus woolen idea diy child plush blanket

Look he is adorable and sweet! Purl Soho

blanket-it-yourself idea wool octopus

cute doll idea and source: A Beautiful Mess


pink very cute camel decorated with colorful little pompoms, and idea source: DIY Studio

blanket to make yourself idea indoor plant decoration

We have not finished with exotic animals! Here around the giraffe ... It is possible to achieve with any type of fabric. Since this is your child, however, it is advisable to opt for a natural material, cotton or wool, for example.

Doudou giraffe easy to achieve, and idea source: Love it So Much

cuddly plush giraffe DIY baby idea

The Fantastic Mr. Fox animated film directed by Wes Anderson has had great success not only among children but also among adults! If you and your child, you have also appreciated, here's an idea of ​​blanket inspired by the famous lovely character:

Doudou Fantastic Mr. Fox, source and idea: Look What I Made

blanket to make yourself idea diy child

Video realization cuddly cat in English:

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