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What to do with plastic bottles: creative ideas

that make plastic bottles Recycling decoration idea

What to do with plastic bottles? The possibilities are really endless! Recover, recycle, tinkering - it's modern and green! We have selected some of the best ideas with Recycling plastic bottles.

What to do with plastic bottles: selection of the best ideas

that make plastic bottles deco flowers idea recup

What to do with plastic bottles? Making a vertical garden, pot or vase!

And so, here's the first good idea to use plastic bottles to create a vertical garden! It's very simple - just cut the bottle depending on the size of the roots of your plants and suspend. It is also possible to make a vertical garden with pallet and plastic bottles. Look at the examples below to understand the principle:

what to do with plastic bottles bottle suspension ideas

The vertical garden is often a matter of space optimization. If you like the green, but you need more space in your home or in your garden, invest space height and create a nice vertical garden.

What to do with plastic bottles? A vertical garden! that make plastic bottles Pallet Recycling idea

Lighting is an attractive and practical element essential for any space, indoor or outdoor. If you want to light your patio or inside interesting and cheap, make a lamp, a candlestick or a string of lights with plastic bottles! To make the wreath below, you will need six bottles of various colors, scissors and an ordinary light string. As you see in the picture, the bottle was cut to two. With scissors you form the flowers and you end up putting the small bulbs of garland in the ring of the bottle.

Lamp, or chandelier lighting chain garland-light-diy bottle-plastic

We love the idea of ​​chandelier made of plastic spoons! Well, there is not bottle, but plastic spoons! We decided to include this idea in our selection because it is very informative. The principle of its realization is very simple - you need plastic spoons (the amount depends on the size you desire), rope and glue. Watch the video to see all the stages of its realization:

What to do with plastic bottles? An original lampshade!

lamp bottle-plastic-idea-candlestick

To achieve the chandelier pictured below, you will need a large plastic bottle.

lamp-plastic-bottle idea luminaire

Build a birdhouse or bird feeder is a squirrel for a very good idea Recycling and green. The plastic bottle is perfect for this! Just make a hole, fill seeds and hang on your terrace, balcony or in your garden.

A birdhouse and bird feeder squirrelsfeeder-birds-diy bottle-plastic-nest

Small bird happy with his mangerfeeder bird-nesting box-diy bottle-plastic-recup

Recycling and original candlesticks? It's very simple to make and you are free to decorate as you like! Look :


Pencils, reels, small objects ... Sometimes we do not really know where to put them. The plastic bottle can easily turn into original storage accessories and practical. Look :

deco-idea recup-bottle-plastic-diy-vase

Plastic bottle becomes jewel? Yes ! It's entirely possible. You can create any kind of jewelry from Recycling plastic. For more ideas, except the collar below, we invite you to visit the Craft and Fun * site.

What plastic bottles? Recycling a necklace very green! as-made-of-bottle-plastic-gem-diy-recup

Teach his children to respect and love of nature

Teach his children to respect the environment is important. While "green being" is fashionable in recent years, this trend is not yet widespread. Many people consider unnecessary recycling and do not have the habit of repairing old items instead of throwing them. If you want to introduce your children to recycle and recover, spend a weekend in the creative activities. Show them how the bottle and corks can become fun and interesting toys. Below are two ideas of toys made with plastic:


plastic robot, source: Bottle robotrobot bottle-plastic-recup

* Craft and Fun

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