How to make fabric flowers in 4 original tutorials to test! –

How to make fabric flowers in 4 original tutorials to test!

how to make flowers textile-accessories-DIY-deco fabric

What is sweeter and more feminine than flowers? Celebrate the season of summer with decor and accessories inspired by nature manufacturer of fabric flowers!

Here is a fun idea to manual activity that can help you transform your look or your interior design. Browse tutorials we gathered downstairs to see

how to make fabric flowers

and complete your outfit and your hair or simply to add some feminine touches to your home. Or, get inspired by these ideas to a small original gift to a friend!

How to make felt flowers fabric to embellish her outfit

how to make flowers belt-deco fabric

The first project on how to make fabric flowers is an idea proposed by Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. Working on ways to make a more interesting textile belt, she found an idea for making felt fabric flowers. Its easy decorations are inspired by the theme of the fall and the colors of this season. But we can easily adapt to his desires by choosing a fabric of a spring or summer shade.


To manufacture these fabric flowers, you need to glue (or a glue gun), a grosgrain ribbon and about 12 centimeters of tissue. This amount of material should be sufficient to produce 4 different belts. Evidence that a project fun and cute DIY does not have to ask a great investment!

Prepare the rack to make fabric flowers


Use scissors to cut the ribbon grosgrain. For size, you lead by your actions or that of the person you want to give your creation. This belt is designed to be tied freely, so make sure to cut a sufficient length. And since the belt is not attached to a garment you can wear several different dresses or tunics!


Proceed to the next step and locate the middle of the ribbon. Then take a felt rectangle and paste it on the tape. This step allows you to create a support on which you will paste your fabric flowers.

Make a fabric flower felt belt


Once the base of the belt ready, proceed to the creation of the flowers. Again, you are free to choose a color that suits the season and fashion trends. Here, everything depends on your imagination! To make fabric flowers from felt, cut it lengthwise. You should get a strip about 2, 5 cm.

activity-manual-adult tissue-flowers-example

make-flower-fabric-idee leisure-s-creative-fashion-spring-summer

Continue by cutting the end of the fabric to reproduce the result shown in the picture above. Repeat the process on the entire length of the piece of cloth.


Then, wrap the felt strip to make the petals of your fabric flower. Of course, you can further customize the appearance of petals and shape to your liking.

Following the tutorial - how to make the leaves of the flower tissue


Add your creative deco DIY clothing green leaves. To do this, get ahead of the green colors of felt. Cut one or more sheets and make an incision on one of their sides, as shown in the picture above.


how to make flowers belt-deco fabric

Finally, fold and glue the two ends obtained. Add green leaves on the belt to places where you can still see the support of your flowers. And now, your DIY project and decorative flowers sewing is ready!

How to make fabric flowers to wear as an accessory

flower-cloth shirt-old-recycle

Now to our second tutorial. Proposed by A Bit Of Sunshine, it shows how to make fabric flowers while recycling an old shirt. For this project, you would need an old shirt, a small round piece of felt, button, glue, fabric, scissors, a cutting template for your flowers. This is really simple to do: it would be enough to cut a cardboard form.

how to make fabric flowers accessory-spring-summer

Realize the project by cutting 8 flowers with your cutting pattern. Take them one by one and bend the flower in the middle once, then a second (step 3). Add a point of glue on the angle after the bending step (step 4). Paste 4 flowers on the round felt cloth and place three flowers above the ones you have already pasted. Finally, take the last flower and stick it in the center of your creation (steps 5-8). Insert the button in the center of the flower and secure with glue or some thread and a needle (step 9).

recycle-old does shrit project-flower-deco-diy

Finish by adding a textile back end of the flower with glue. It is with this son that you will attach the flower fabric where you wish!

How flower fabric - make peonies to decorate your home!


How fabric flowers to decorate the house? The answer comes with this delicate and elegant project proposed by The DIY Mommy. It will require the following materials: fabric scraps which melts in contact with the fire (organza, satin, chiffon ...) of the rope of polyester, a needle and son, a candle, a model for the petals (to download at this link).

how to make flowers in pink fabric manufacturing-steps

And here are the steps for this DIY project. Using the downloaded template, cut 6 copies of each petal sizes (step 1). Pass each petal by the heat of the spark plug by turning for shaping the ends of the cut tissue (step 2 and 3). Please note that this step must be performed with caution (do keep in any case the fabric too close to the flame). Then, a sewing a smaller petals (stage 4 of the tutorial).

how to make flowers in pink vintage-fabric petals

Continue with the larger petals, by winding around the first (steps 5 and 6). Lastly, secure your peony with even a little son below the flower (step 7). In the image below, the very successful result of this interesting project.

how to make flower peony-pink fabric

How to make fabric flowers - roses for a headband or a DIY home decor

how to make fabric flowers crown-idee

The last tutorial DIY decoration or accessory for hair (you decide!) Is offered by Now That's Pretty. To make these lovely roses, make sure you felt cloth, a green headband head of a needle and son, style and paper, scissors.

make-flowers-cloth-DIY tutorial

Make your fabric roses starting with the manufacture of cutting model, drawing on the piece of paper. Cut your petals, then, if you wish, decorate them with paint. Sew together two petals in the center, then Shape your roses (steps 6-9) and secure with a few stitches. Finally, cut a few leaves to use to complement your flowers. Roses can now decorate a headband, an accessory or a small basket in your home!


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