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Contouring face: techniques for a perfect face

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You may have heard of this little beauty trick called face contouring, sculpting or highlihting that with the help of some make-up can completely change the shape and the oval of your face turning you into an atomic bomb.

The technique face contouring is for you if you are ready to seriously play with the shape of your face to highlight your natural beauty.

Do you admire women with high cheekbones and a well-proportioned face? You complain to your doom? The contouring technique is the method of applying the clear and dark makeup on the face to create outlines or otherwise soften your facial features. It is a method that creates beauty through the illusion.

The master painters use of light and dark shades to create an illusion of ups and downs when they paint a face. These artists will tell you that using this type of shades creates depth, distance and form a face. The subtle light or dark shade can completely change the perception. And the first step of contouring is to understand how you perceive your face.

If you have a skin lighter or blade, working with tanning and darker products. If your skin is already dark, then you already have the basis for the low points of your face.

Contouring face for perfect makeup

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1. Mapping the face

Even if you use makeup for years, have you ever taken the time to explore the bone structure of your face. You look at your face everyday, but do you really know? To help you do this, ask someone to take pictures of your face from every angle. Be objective when you then study these images, look at them as if it were not you but someone you do not know. Study the strengths and flaws of the face. Then are mapping your face physically to really feel its structure.

Study your face using the fingertips carefully. Where are the "high" and "fight" in your face? Pay attention to your bones to see if they are angular or rounded. Also be careful with the structure of your skin - is rather thin with finer pores, rather wrinkled like fabric or thick with open pores? Do you have wrinkles and what is the shade of color? The analysis of your face will help you to recognize and appreciate the individuality of your face. Knowing the structure of your skin, color and bone structure is the essential first step to master makeup contouring.

The sculpting makeup Kim Kardashian

Color Makeup contouring facial pro

The use of light or highlighting raises the shadows and helps out, expand or soften your features. After mapping the entire face, you would know what your faults and your indentations. These areas provide shade that gives more years to your face. This is the time to reduce their impact!

The lighter shades are indeed not as white as you might think. Choose your foundation or powder that are few shades lighter than your foundation that you will use on the entire face. Some makeup brands offer very effective products for this technique such as sculpting powder MAC. Apply the lighter shades just the bottom of the problem areas of your face.

The technique of makeup contouring sculpts the face

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2. How do we apply the clear shade?

Apply makeup sculpting is not the last step of your daily makeup - translucent powder is. Because we do not want to undo the "masterpiece" with traces of smearing or eye shadows fell on the cheeks. Using a small brush, apply lighter shades slightly on problem areas and then use your fingers to spread out. Use the "touch and squeeze" which is the use of fingertips to touch and then push the product on the skin.

Warning! The warmth of your skin will melt the product and it will tend to "get away" areas of application. So use a cloth or towel to clean your fingers constantly. When you learn to master this method, you will see how the light and dark will mix and seem as if they are naturally present on your face. Yes, this method takes a little time but it is perfect for times when you take pictures or for special occasions.

Continuing with the use of dark shades. These grades are used to remove or sharpen parts of the face. The application of darker shades can work wonders for the double chin or creates the illusion of a longer nose or smaller embellishing.

The perfect facial contouring

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3. How do you apply the darker shades?

As you have probably guessed, the technique of dark shades is exactly the same as that for light shades. The powdered products are more lenient that fund Tinto dark regarding the sculpting makeup. Use two different shades darker for best result.

4. Dream cheekbones

During the year of the mapping of the face, you sevriez have noticed how the structure of your cheekbones can be compared to the edges of a building. The edges of the building and cheekbones have a higher aspect, side and inside. These three aspects need to be considered for the creation of perfect cheekbones. Imagine that your face has a vertical dashed line being located at the outer corner of your eye and continuing throughout the face. This is the "magic line" is the guide to apply makeup sculpting on the sides of the face. Forget the Board to apply the blush on the "apples" of your cheeks because sometimes this technique can make you appear ridiculous. You should not exceed the magic line. Try it and you'll see for yourself.

The perfect makeup for all types of faces

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Using a brush or your fingers, pull an imaginary line from the outer corner of your eyes to the highest point of your cheekbones. Then draw another imaginary line from the corner of your eyes until the hairline. Then close the triangle by drawing a diagonal line of the stops of your cheeks. As you point out the best aspects of your cheeks. Fill the triangular outline with light shades and then use the "touch and squeeze" to spread so as not to leave the exposed edges. This technique is essential to create the best effect suculptant makeup.

Starting at the bottoms of your cheeks, the magic line, apply a little darker shade products to your ears. Using the press method and Touching spread downwardly and rearwardly so as not to leave exposed tips. If you want to deepen the shadow effect of this application also apply a very narrow band of dark on the original dark just below the cheek.

Stir, stir, stir! If you mix good grades, this will create the illusion of natural shadows that deepen the hollow just below the cheek. This darkens the lower aspect of your cheek. And finally you need to add a little color on the side of the cheeks. The color will yield curves and smooth cheeks.

Another example of contouring

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5. Products for color correction

Products for color correction are perfect for hiding a multitude of faults, erase blemishes and stretch the tense of the foundation. Most creams have a yellow shades which helps reflect light making the most vibrant and glowing skin. Green creams are the best to correct redness and even out skin texture. Violet or purple creams give life to dull skin. And then the pink or peach cream are perfect for dark circles, age spots and freckles.

The color correction products

color correcting makeup tips

Makeup sculpting for black skin

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Another example of a perfect makeup

contouring makeup idea

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