Style chic room: 45 Deco ideas –

Style chic room: 45 Deco ideas

stylish room design Kelly Sutton

The style room chic is a choice that many of you prefer and make the place for rest and relaxation for excellence - the bedroom.

What is a bedroom chic? This is an elegant room, beautiful and pleasant; a place where you spend your time with pleasure and to which you are eager to return. Today, however, the chic definition has expanded. Chic is also the mixture of styles, the eclectic style for a vision and eclectic apprehension.

romantic room style design Ann Lowengart

style romantic bedroom design Ann Lowengart

Any detail that will be part of the room chic style decoration should be carefully chosen. Making this choice requires a lot of thinking and thus time. The beauty in general requires time and patience. Of course, nothing prevents you to add objects you find attractive and that you just like, regardless of whether they fit perfectly into the background.

Style chic room, Design Amy Elbaum

style chic room design Amy Elbaum

Remember that it is you who decides the style of the room. The style is you. It is you who are going to spend precious time. We need your bedroom to your liking before you please others and enter preset qualifying categories.

Modern Gothic style room by Brian Patrick Flynn

Gothic style modern bedroom by Brian Patrick Flynn

Still, for a bedroom or chic, it is necessary that the objects that find place and composing are chic. Look, for example, carved framework between the head of the bed of velvet and framed by a rather futuristic design. This, and not the frame itself, marries the metal chandelier. You see the patchwork one aspect rather homogeneous although its elements are heterogeneous.

chic art room by BAM Design Lab

chic art room by BAM Design Lab

Another velvet bed. The silver gray color goes well with the crystal chandelier sets the style room chic style. Some other noble material objects and colors imitating precious materials redefine the place as a chic and elegant room.

Bedroom chic in white and light gray D2 Interiors

chic white bedroom light gray D2 Interiors

The use of natural materials and the choice of pastel colors makes any object a nice decorative element to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

neutral and elegant style of room, Tiffany LeBlanc design

elegant room style neutral design Tiffany LeBlanc

The room style is defined more easily when making the furniture are part are characterized by a particular style and date of a concrete time. In this case, the room bench bedroom with wallpaper and head of velvet bed, without neglecting the carved wooden ornament added to the cabinet, could contribute to the determination of a chic style room.

majestic room style, design Marie Flanigan Interiors

majestic room style design Marie Flanigan Interiors

In the room shown below, you have the same elements it was about just now, namely natural fabrics like leather and velvet, dark military green color that is a color considered noble color, linen, etc. In addition, this room has a particularly high ceiling and a very large space, which can be considered as one of the characteristics of chic.

elegant room Style by Design Wick

style elegant room per Wick Design

Also this bedroom is spread over a large area and has a large space and wide as it arrives to house, but without the clutter, several furniture including a shepherdess orillon and a double bed very wide, and some style objects.

chic room in green, white and wood by Andrea Schumacher

chic white wood green room by Andrea Schumacher

With former European mats and a safe in old carved wood, room style is reminiscent of the decoration of Venetian rooms of the late 16th century, but the ceiling is reminiscent rather the decoration of some residences of the medieval period.

Landscaping adult bedroom Hyde Evans Design

adult bedroom furnishings Hyde Evans Design

The poster bed dates from the late 18th century. In this case, the bed presented below is by no means filled tissue but executives speak of a certain style. A stylish mirror, but otherwise reflects direct light entering the large windows in front. The cushions and bed cover - color savannah animals - bring a touch wild monochrome modern sterile place.

Landscaping adult bedroom by Claire Paquin

adult room layout Claire Paquin

Now we will present a series of rooms in different blue and green shades. The room style is urban chic and modern chic. The first is the white aquatic blue shades. On the bed, you see a wild animal skin.

Landscaping modern adult bedroom by Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine¹

Modern design room per adult Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine

The second bedroom is blue, white, beige and wood. The navy blue painted wall contrasts with the yellow wooden deco covered with white fabrics in cotton and wool. A decorative hairy circle all in white, hanging dark colored wall dominates the place and adds something funny Zen room style that reigns there.

Landscaping adult bedroom by Sway Stud

adult bedroom furnishings by Sway Stud

Dark navy blue ceiling which is suspended a sun shine and ecru pulling more on the beige to places or gray to others, the next bedroom is a space of modern style addressing chic with its high ceiling and terrace along the wall windows.

modern and stylish blue room by Tobi Fairley

modern chic blue room by Tobi Fairley

The wall of the fourth bedroom is dark blue oil if it draws almost on black. Like the other examples, the wall here contrasts with the objects and furniture in white and beige.

cocoon and modern style room by Judith Balis

style modern cocoon room by Judith Balis

The room style here is urban, modern and original. In total, it can be described as chic. The recessed lighting in ceiling - down in places - provides a dynamic look, even waving at the room. Decorated in blue and embellished by modern art paintings, gray room has a real charm.

Deco chic room with industrial colors of unquestionable charm

Deco chic room industrial colors undeniable charm

The sixth bedroom is dark grayish blue to white ceiling. The bed in pastel colors is positioned below a lamp representative of the superimposed umbrella upside down. With perfect symmetry, this room has a cocoon-style.

minimalist style but cozy room

style minimalist room cozy

Here turquoise bedroom modern minimalist style.

Landscaping adult room per Widawscy Studio Architektury

adult room design by Studio Architektury Widawscy

And another room chic pastel blue. Some hairy objects and soften thick carpet style this room might seem rigid. The composition pale colors makes the chic side of the room.

Deco chic room vision of Three Birds Renovations

Deco chic room view three birds renovations

Crystal and porcelain type of design - these are the features of the ninth bedroom.

Deco chic room with design recalling a porcelain object, Design Rethink Design Studio

Deco chic room porcelain object design drawing Rethink Design Studio

The next room, located under the roof is white and clear. A black and white bed goes well with the window frames and black nightstands. A chandelier shape of a polyhedron, suspended bent ceiling illuminates the turquoise carpet having a zigzag pattern.

Landscaping adult bedroom by Brown Design Group

adult bedroom furnishings by Brown Design Group

A pleasant style and chic cocoon room - here's how we describe the style of the next room dressed in gray wallpaper and ornate whose bed is covered with a bluish gray coverage. A corner toilet metal imitation gold is dominated by a vintage mirror.

Landscaping adult room and wallpapers Claire Staszak

adult bedroom furnishings wallpaper Claire Staszak

The latest in the series of rooms with blue or green shades is this charming and stylish New York bedroom with sash window and modern emerald green table. A zebra skin gives the animal touches the place of urban style.

Bedroom chic, charming and fashion by Caitlin McCarthy Designs

chic room charming fashion by Caitlin McCarthy Designs

A second series of bedrooms will be presented this time it comes to rooms in pastel soft shades. Sometimes a single object is able to change the style and overall look of the place decoration. Here, for example, this reddish wood lampshade softens the cool blue-white color combination the room. Its retro design emphasizes the same style of the area with a fireplace flanked by a statue and dominated by a vintage mirror.

Landscaping adult room and lampshades as lady hat

Room furnishings adult lady hat lampshades

Two cushions and pink salmon color, a picture of the hand of Fatma cartoon pink and another, small, placed on the top shelf, still pink and multicolored sheets are few objects of bringing pale but warm softness to the decor in white and gray.

adult room and choice of pastel colored furnishings

pastel adult room furnishings

Here is another bedroom with a few decorative items, leather chair and beige fabric headboard make style.

Bedroom chic feminine style, design by Susie Herr

chic feminine design style room Susie Herr

A minimalist style room, but what class and what elegance! A bed column filled fabric, ultra modern fireplace and softness emerging from the room, that the idea of ​​chic today.

chic, elegant room by Blackband Design

room chic design by Design Blackband

A pleasant atmosphere with soft decor and light in the air.

chic yet simple room, Lindsay Chambers design

stylish single room design Lindsay Chambers

An easy blend of traditional values ​​and modern aspirations is done without difficulties.

Traditional room style mixed with modern design by Sarah Richardson

Traditional room design style modernism mixed by Sarah Richardson

The following mix of Zen atmosphere and decor of a wild spirit looks promising. A table of colors of the sun of Africa that emerges from the Earth dominates minimalist style bed with a Zen and everything has succeeded air.

Chic House Gardens Cape Town by Grobler Architects

chic room Gardens Cape Town by Grobler Architects

Basic and ethnicity, to return to the source. Here's how the bricks, a base material, seem to be the perfect backdrop to an ethnic type of decor.

Chamber of industrial style design Justin DiPiero

industrial style room design Justin DiPiero

adult bedroom industrial-style furnishings

adult room industrial style furnishings

The next series we'll offer presents some images of bedrooms in industrial gray that have earned and maintain the elegance and a certain class despite their pronounced futuristic.

Chamber of Industrial and modern style, concrete design and wall lamps INARCH

Modern industrial style room design concrete wall lamps design INARCH

The style room lack of bright colors but sobriety is no stranger to elegance, quite the contrary.

Deco chic and modern room with simple lines and dark colors

modern chic deco room dark colors simple lines

The horse, the animal nobility par excellence, to head up straight ahead, as if the animal tended towards the one who fed him or, conversely, was running at full speed and freedom. It is a horse of painting that can be seen either as an expression of dependence, either as an expression of freedom. Similarly be construed room style but chic dark gray. Either he oppresses you in some way, or it frees you.

Landscaping adult per room Decor Aid

adult bedroom furnishings by Decor Aid

Modern style bedroom dark, design Mirador Group

style dark modern room design Mirador Group

Bedroom chic in gray and black carpet Linie Design

chic gray black carpet room per Linie Design

chic urban style room by Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger

style urban chic room by Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger

room style, Montee Karp residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture

style room residence Montee Karp by Patrick Tighe Architecture

A final series of photos of bedrooms will be presented. We assume that you will love the wealth of bright, cheerful colors after so much sobriety and rigidity. Furniture moucharabieh decorates the room full of life and light in a heterogeneous style of room styles including Indian, European and Oriental.

Deco chic room in bright colors by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Deco chic room in bright colors by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The most impersonal color combined perfectly with ethnic pattern shown by the range of colors of the rainbow sky.

room cocoon style by Chango and Co.

style room cocoon by Chango and Co.

Pop art is an intelligent response to the dominance of the concrete. The choice to present the two styles together is needed most. The room style that emerges is a chic and modern style.

Style double room: pop art and industrial design by Brian Patrick Flynn²

room style pop art industrial design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Modern and classic are hand in hand. The natural and industrial are both beautiful bouquets branched sticks. In life, that like attracts like, but in art deco today, are the opposites that attract.

Modern style room with Consort Design

style modern room design Consort Design



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