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Floor bed – minimalism, comfort and luxury

bed floor seaview room stone wood

Floor bed - a simple and at the same time brilliant idea. The bed on the floor, resting on low wooden frame, is a solution of comfort and an invitation to venture into a romantic imaginary journey. This bed is not just a piece of furniture, it is a world, a concept apart.

Floor bed in a bedroom design wood

bed design wood floor bedroom

Sitting on a bed on the floor, you may not feel very comfortable. But lying on a low bed offers another perspective - the ceiling seems higher, the earth is closer. The feeling can be felt when one is lying, is a new and pleasant feeling.

Bedroom with elegant bed floor design, stylish

bedroom elegant bed ground chic design

Although the bed is placed in a low, one feels a sense of elevation allowing us to see more clearly, to understand that nothing is impossible, to ensure that love and sensuality are what we really need.

Bedroom with bed floor design, simple and elegant

bedroom bed floor elegant simple design

The sense of serenity is what we feel when lying on a bed on the floor. The simplicity and minimalism, accompanying this type of bed and the scenery around, ensure and guarantee peace and comfort in the heart of hearts of each of us.

Bedroom in shades of gray and white tree wall

bedroom gray tree white wall shades

The design that goes with a bed placed on the floor may be the far east style design. Above you see a completely gray bedroom with some details and white ornaments. The tree painted on the wall is a giant bonsai which brings even more serenity and peace. Below, a Japanese wall drawing, a green plant and wooden walls and transports invite nature in the bedroom.

Floor bed in a wooden room with drawings and decorative Japanese style

bed wood floor bedroom designs deco Japanese style

The bed frame is marble, the pot and the lamp base are silver plated. The drawing is, itself, minimalist but imposing. It represents nature in its great simplicity and splendor.

Floor bed in a wooden room with wall drawings Japanese style

bed room wall wood floor Japanese style drawings

The bed floor is buried under a clever mixture real trees and bamboo shown the wall. A panda arises murals plants naturally registering in real flora.

Floor bed in a black and white room with a Japanese-style decor

bed room floor white black deco Japanese style

The decor in the Far East can have many faces. Cambodia asked the heads face the simple brick wall in a bedroom in white with a bed framed wooden floor bring a certain exoticism to the Zen atmosphere.

Floor bed in a room with brick wall

bed ground brick wall chamber

The scenery below is very minimalist but colorful, modern art.

Floor bed in a bedroom design with a table leaning against the brick wall

bed floor bedroom design table leaned brick wall

Of the filtered light is the element that provides a color to the decoration in black and white. The bed floor is inserré in a higher than the mattress that is built there under.

Floor bed in a bedroom stylish white

bed floor bedroom stylish white

The mattress can be placed on a platform itself in the form of a bed on the ground. Minimalism in white and shades of gray show a current and absolute modernity. The bedroom on the ground floor gives, through the windows from floor to ceiling, a beautiful garden.

Floor bed in a bedroom gray

bed floor bedroom gray

The following style bedroom is very minimalist. The simple geometric shapes, the frame of the wooden window paneling up well with the bed frame and head still wooden bed make this room a design and stylish corner.

soil in bed in a minimalist room with wall paneling

bed ground minimalist wall paneling room

Floral ornaments embellish the room shown in the photo below and details in red, as the cover of the bed and pillows, inspired him in life. The niches alternating windows, having the same geometric shape, provide originality instead. The square to the ceiling, with flowers, illuminates the geometric composition serving for the bed for two.

Floor bed in a modern room, chic design

bed floor modern chic bedroom design

The brightly colored curtains can completely change the look of the bedroom. In this case, the very design and original red table and abundant plants also make a special and modern atmosphere to the place where we sleep on the floor.

Bed floor in a bright, cheerful room, orange and various shades

bed floor room bright cheery orange shades

The modern, minimalist style is obvious in a bedroom overlooking the skyscrapers. The bed floor located at that height he will find serenity for a restful sleep?

Floor bed in a modern room with views of the skyscrapers

bed floor modern room overlooking skyscraper

You can have a modern bedroom in black. To some extent, the black helps to better rest than white. Color of elegance, black can perfectly take your bed down, almost on the ground.

IKEA bed floor in a bedroom in black and gray

IKEA bed ground black gray room

Black can transform an empty room, where you have a mattress on a simple wooden frame in a modern bedroom and ultra design.

Bed floor in a low wooden frame

bed floor bottom wooden frame

Another bed inlaid in its frame. This luxurious space, spacious and very clear in the middle of which stands the large bed is a true harmony in white.

Bed floor in a bedroom and spacious white

bed floor bedroom spacious white

A little color in this white bring harmony style. In this case, the blue goes well with the outdoor setting. When you are near the ocean or sea, people often paint their bedrooms or kitchens in white and blue.

Bed floor in a luxurious room in white and blue

bed ground blue luxury room

Near the mountain, the colors of the room may be limited to main colors of nature.

Bed mattress on the floor with wooden frame in light gray in the Room

bed mattress on the floor wood room light gray frame

The bed floor - sitting on a round frame - fits well in urban and modern interior design.

Round bed with earth in an elegant and chic room

bed ground round chic elegant room

The frame of the bed to the floor gives it a new shape, more design.

low wooden frame of bed, minimalist and elegant

elegant minimalist bed on low wooden frame

Instead of putting the mattress on a frame, you can put it on the floor. However, the floor can be on several levels. In fact, if you put a platform in the room, you will have a ground on several levels.

wooden platform bed: mattress on the floor

bed mattress on earth by wooden platform

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