Unusual accommodation: the smallest house in the world

etgar keret house poolgne unusual accommodation

This unusual property is the smallest house in the world, and called Keret House built in 2012 with the help of the Polish Foundation for modern art. This original house is in the city of Warsaw, the Polish capital.

Its exact address is on the corner of 22 Street and Chlodna 74, Zelazna Street.

Unusual accommodation: the Keret House in Warsaw, Poland

Unusual accommodation stay Keret House house

The very small housing was performed in a small space remained empty after the construction of two large buildings. Very narrow to serve as the construction of a classical building, it had become a repository of all kinds. The Keret House residence, performed on this space by Jakub Szczesny home CENTRALA is a size of 122 cm only in its widest part and 92 cm in the narrowest! Amazing, is not it?

unusual accommodation: plan the smallest house in the world on two levels

small house building unusual accommodation

Originally, the Keret House was built as part of a project of artistic installation. Since it became the permanent residence of Etgar Keret, the writer of Jewish and Polish origin, who is known for his stories and for her work in television and in the cinema world. Etgar Keret is a knight of the Legion of Honor award he received in 2010 for his contribution to the literary world.

construction site of unusual accommodation in Warsaw between two buildings and street Chlodna Zelazna

smaller house building in the world

Photo of the outside of the Keret House: the smallest house in the world

Unusual stay housing small area Layouts

Since 2012, the year of its inauguration, the Keret House is an artistic work place for the writer who lives there, invites friends and thought about his projects. The house is now a space for creative writing. She also became a kind of strange living space for writers who are visiting Warsaw.

Staircase and front door of the house of Etgar Keret in Poland

small decoration idea construction houses

Photo of the first level of the unusual house

the smallest house in the inner world picture

To enter inside this tiny home, is first up the steps of a staircase and a small folding door is opened, as in a yacht or in a space station. When they are new bent, these stairs are miraculously transformed into a part of the floor of the first floor of the house.

Small unusual accommodation: interior mini kitchen and bathroom

Image unusual small kitchen Layouts housing

On this level of Keret House, there is a mini bathroom, a small kitchen and a tiny space to stay. The bathroom, with shower, is hidden behind a door in translucent glass. The kitchen has a small hob and sink and some built cabinets. A mini table and two chairs, which play the role of a corner meal, are located in one corner of the interior space.

Ladder that leads to the second floor of the original house

the smallest house interior decoration Keret House

To mount the second floor, we borrow a ladder that leads us directly to the second level of housing. Here one finds a bedroom very narrow. The central element of decoration is the bed, which is located behind a window which is the natural light source of the stage. In front of the bed, you can see the small office Etgart Keret and modern chair in yellow. This whole mini unusual apartment is decorated in white, which brings a little more light to the interior.

unusual accommodation to Etgar Keret: the Keret House by Jakub Szczesny created by Jakub Szczesny home CENTRALA

unusual accommodation etgar keret house warsaw

Photos Keret House by the Polish Foundation for modern art and Bartek Warzecha.

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