A prefabricated wooden house 70s takes new life

wooden house far pond general view glass lighting

The original wooden house built in the 70s, when the kit house was all the rage. The Bates Masi Architects team maintains the principle of the existing structure of this wooden house in-laminated beams glued poles and steel connectors, while adding a new volume.

Access to the upper terrace of the wooden house with a wide staircase

wooden house far pond frontage accces terrace

Thus a reinterpretation of the theme "timber house"Becomes possible, which aims to highlight the constructive logic, without giving up the recent technological achievements to push even further. A search was conducted by the architects to achieve a minimum number of standard components, sufficient to fulfill several functions at once, while minimizing construction waste.

The back cover, more private, the Far Pond residence

wooden house far back private pond frontage

The bracing of the wooden house is assured by steel panels. A panel can be perforated to become light filter, and often several panels overlap to achieve a highly mastered control of the light intake. Contreventant the panel can be folded in half and partly too laser cut. The rest can become either a shelf or a work area in the kitchen, or a seat.

The two terraces of the house, high and low, stacked

wooden house lay far high and low terraces table rattan armchairs

perforated steel sheets are also at the origin of the luster of the dining room and the staircase which extends a walk and folds to become office. Located in marshy area near an estuary in Southampton, NY The property is of a new style, without giving sophisticated air. This single family home has a cozy charm of its own and is a testimony to the skill of the architect duo.

A magnificent view of the landscape from the dining room.

house lay far outside dining landscape view table chairsThe wooden staircase leads you upstairs.

wooden house lay far suspended office interior staircase

The living room with its view to be enjoyed from the huge sofas.

wooden house stay far lays canapes strip glue landscape

A fireplace that invites reading.

wooden house lay far corner fireplace boards armchairs trunksThis console worktop is the kitchen.

wooden house far lays kitchen console WorkplanA bathroom generously illuminated with external view.

wooden house far lays sink window room mirror water

The bathroom and freestanding bath, porcelain

wooden house far lays bathroom freestanding bath

The room is a source of peace and tranquility. house wood far lays double room light windows

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