Indoor garden in a modern house in Mexico

garden house interior pool

We are always looking for creative ways to make our inner most original and give a distinct personality to each room. The modern house with indoor garden, located in Mexico, we will present to you today, offers some very colorful and charming options in this area, since it uses the tile design to give life to the neutral inside.

Designed by H. Ponce Arquitectos, this beautiful residence is located on an L-shaped field and its history and its unmistakable silhouette define its modern appearance.

Modern house with interior garden

garden house interior garden pool

On the lower level of the house which attracts attention with its open plan interior are the kitchen, dining room, living room, guest room, wine cellar and garden. The beautiful garden bathed in natural light, gives freshness to the ultra modern lounge and acts as a visual connection with the outside garden and pool. Touches of color, carefully placed, have a great impact on the neutral background in gray and white. Textured walls, wood finishes and modest decor create a welcoming opulence.

modern home decoration with pool

garden plants inside

As in the indoor garden, a modern tile wall next to the stairs, playing the star. His eclectic collection of tiles is repeated in the garden and the bathroom to create a sense of continuity and cohesion. This "sticking" original was designed by the designer using various tiles, used by him in other projects and the result is simply stunning.

Deco interior with indoor garden

elegant interior garden design

Deco wall of the staircase with tiles

inérieur garden deco house tiles

Contemporary kitchen decorated in white


white modern kitchen decoration

indoor garden kitchen neutral colors

Bedroom stylish design

deco elegant bedroom idea

Dining room design with large dining table glass

deco dining room glass table

white room with bright color accents

deco white living color keys

deco elegant modern living room

deco modern bathroom

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