Baby Room Blue Duck: deco, furniture and accessories –

Baby Room Blue Duck: deco, furniture and accessories

baby duck blue room wall storage shelves cabinet child curtains

The blue duck is an intermediate shade of two colors, blue and green, which takes its name specific hues of the plumage of ducks. Became very popular in the 90s of the 20th century, this grade is now back in the world of decoration and is one of the trendy colors for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This week, we looked at the question of how to decorate a room baby blue duck and have identified mural ideas, decor, textiles, furniture and accessories for a space of little girl or little boy .

Mural for Deco baby duck blue room

baby room teal blue white deco furniture Son

The blue room duck comes in several shades of colors from light blue to those close to the green. So, it is not only adapted to a baby boy for decoration but also for girls. Some of these shades are more suitable for painting the entire room while others could be used to create an accent wall in the interior space.

Baby Room blue duck and color mapping idea

Chamber baby duck Image color blue paint library shelves white child

The dark blue and rich duck is ideal for the construction of a boy room traditional or contemporary style. The complementary color such as blue burgundy, you can bet on dark wood or painted in shades of burgundy for a chic and tasteful decor.

Furniture taupe with storage room and baby blue duck

mural blue child's bedroom cot taupe

A baby blue room duck in dark tones can also accommodate furniture and accessories in taupe color, as this little bed with convenient storage for a space of limited size.

Accent wall in blue duck baby room

painting idea for baby room color blue duck painting Scandinavian furniture Wall

An accent wall in blue duck is a nice option for a baby room dominated by a painting in neutral colors such as gray and white. If this idea of ​​Deco tries you, go for a lighter shade of blue to make the interior even brighter and more vibrant.

Deco theme of blue baby duck room inspired by the sea

baby blue room duck boy girl painting corner Layouts idea games

The baby duck blue room offers plenty of options thematic decor inspired by nature. An example of this theme is the sea and marine life (plants, animals, shells ...). Such a wall decoration is perfect for a boy passionate about wildlife.

Wall Deco teal baby girl's room

baby room wall deco teal mermaid girl child Disne

It would also be suitable for a little girl's room, especially if it is complemented by paintings of little mermaids and other mythical sea creatures and ocean.

Wall decoration of baby room wallpaper with blue duck

wallpapers baby child room wall idea peacock blue color deco

Another development option of a baby's room with this color would use a wallpaper in one of its nuances, to put on all the walls of the room or on a limited area.

Idea of ​​decorative accessories for blue room duck

objects deco trend color baby duck blue room

Besides decorating with mural peacock blue color, it is also full of opportunities to introduce this color with furniture, textiles and accessories for baby's room.

Textiles Crib in neutral tones and blue duck

baby bedroom blue duck black baby bed tendancelinge

In the second part of this publication, we go around all these decorative options.

Nursery gray and touches of green and blue colors duck

deco objects baby duck blue bedroom paint color taupe

Bed linen and textiles play an important role in the baby's room.

Linen Nursery girl or boy in gray and blue

Linens child boy deco room baby duck blue color

Besides having an essential function for the comfort of your daughter or your son, it is also a way to add more color to the room.

Cushions and blue accessories for boy room

baby accessory gray blue room white duck Scandinavian design

Thus, a room in neutral colors such as gray and white, can benefit tremendously from some touches of blue duck, inserted using cushions and textiles for the crib.

Crib girl in yellow and blue duck

idea of ​​decoration baby girl linen room yellow duck blue bed

If you prefer a more colorful atmosphere, know that the blue duck nicely not only associated with neutral colors but also with warm colors like red and yellow.

Baby quilt with thematic décor inspired by the animals of the forest

baby blue comforter animal duck decoration forest boy girl room

To create decorative accents in teal, use as a floor mat for baby's room!

floor mats Nursery in gray and blue tones duck

mat child baby gray patchwork blue room

The decoration of the room grows and flourishes your little one will not be complete without proper curtains.

baby room curtains in white and blue

decoration accessories baby blue room duck baby clothes white bed

If you like the color blue duck, why not be your curtains in one of its nuances, which would harmonize with textile bed or the floor mats?

blue curtains and green Model Nursery

Textile room for baby boy girl duck blue curtains

Nowadays, many moms and dads choosing to renovate an old furniture to decorate the room of their daughter or their son.

duck blue paint color and furniture renovation idea for personalized baby room

convenient storage room baby blue paint duck low table

If you want to follow this new trend decor, do not hesitate to bet on a color painting interesting for furniture renovation. The blue duck is a great option!

blue duck feeding armchair

blue armchair model duck baby room furniture chair of'allaitement

In addition to storage solutions of books, toys and clothes, nursing chair is almost essential piece of furniture for a baby's room comfortable. And this is one more way to introduce an interesting color in this space!

nursing chair with ottoman footrest blue duck

baby chair room nursing duck blue chair footrest

And finally, here are suggestions for accessories crib in shades of blue duck:

Suspension crib in shades of blue and beige

cot suspension boy room decor blue duck

Garland Nursery with pompoms in shades of green and blue duck *

baby room decoration idea teal blue green wall bed garland
* Photo and design by The Felting Dorcas

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