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There is nothing better than natural beauty! If you are looking for ideas natural makeup, then discover our selection of 40 photographs of women makeup in a very gentle way.

First, a successful makeup goes through the care of your skin. A clean skin and already the first step to a perfect face. A bit of foundation, mascara and a bit of a red colored sweet lips: that is all you need!

Natural makeup and very sweet

natural makeup blue eyes blond hair mascara chanel dior lipstick white skin

Although treat your skin. Choose the best natural products for your face. You do not need a lot of cosmetics at home to reach the magnificent results. The price of a product does not guarantee your satisfaction. There are different types of skin. For women with sensitive skin, it is a challenge to find the right range of sweet products. Despite this, the choice of creams and makeup at the base of the 100 natural ingredients is less risky than choosing a product of a very expensive brand. In its origins cosmetics was always very natural.

natural and discreet makeupnatural makeup blue eyes red powder idea lip

The tradition of makeup dates back to Egyptian times. We all know the beautiful Nefertiti and beauty tips: natural oils, herbs, fragrances extract of flowers at the time Egyptian women have used several products to treat well their skin. In reality, facial makeup was mostly practiced by priests during traditional rites. They put yellow ocher and red on their cheeks. The eyes were always disguised. The eyelids were often black. As for lips, they put a little touch of red mineral. The makeup was not simply to seduce. His goal was the cleanliness and protection against evil spirits.

Natural makeup for women with blue eyesnatural spring makeup woman with blond hair white skin red blue eyes soft color chanel lips

Makeup is a very old tradition. Today, makeup is a way to highlight its natural beauty. The most important thing is to take good care of her face and always have healthy and soft. A poorly maintained skin can irritate putting makeup. Often makeup such as mascara can irritate your eyes and skin around the eyes. You can find many makeup brands in the market, but pay attention to too aggressive makeup well checking the ingredients. If you do not have the habit of makeup you regularly, it is advisable to do a test before the use of a decorative cosmetic product. We suggest you try to do your facial care products and make-up at home! It's simple: find a good recipe on one of the lines beauties sites, buy the ingredients and follow the instructions. In general, the preparation does not last long. The good results are guaranteed! Several websites offer easy recipes at home.

very natural evening makeupnatural make simple hairstyle trend woman spring red lips mascara mascara

Idea soft makeup black mascaranatural makeup woman blond hair blue eyes white skin

Idea of ​​natural makeup for women with darker skinBoard natural idea makeup brown hair green eyes soft makeup

Natural makeup mascara and lipstick pink

natural makeup girl council idea interesting aesthetic beautiful

soft makeup mascara and lip balmmodern woman makeup idea red blue eyes in soft pink lip idea chanel dior mascara

elegant and discreet evening makeupnatural makeup advice eyes mascara eyeliner chanel lipstick

Viva natural beauty!
natural makeup red lipstick mascara brown hair blue eyes

Idea of ​​makeup for women with green eyes green eyes makeup brainchild red lips dior chanel advice makeup blue eyes blond white skin council green eyes makeup mascara red soft lips discreet elegant evening makeup natural makeup beautiful blue eyes simply natural blue eyes red makeup mascara pink lips natural make-up woman with red lips blue eyes discreet beautifulmakeup blue eyes blonde hair green lightNatural makeup bride elegant matte skinblack eyes makeup natural idea beautiful pink lipstick blue eyes makeup mascara powder red lips natural look Board makeup woman red blue eyes lip chanel coral lancome makeup blue eyes blond hair mascara l'oréal paris natural makeup brown hair blue eyes green eyes makeup mascara powder Lancôme lip balm green makeup brown eyes chanel lip balm discreet makeup elegant soft natural brown hair evening natural makeup trend spring makeup blue eyes lip balm blue green eyes lip balm makeup idea white skin red idea makeup mascara pink lips the'oréal paris cheveux blonds black makeup dark skin spring hair trend makeup eyes green idea natural red look pink and soft lips very natural makeup elegant soft blond hair makeup blue eyes blonde hair red elegant discreet lipstick Eye makeup idea mascara dior chanel eyeline Palette natural makeup beautiful elegant sweet makeup palette blue eyes red lips chanel paris lancôme natural makeup idea chanel green eyes dark blond hair mascaramakeup blue green eyes red mascara soft pink lips bys

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