Bannister: 59 Modern style suggestions –

Bannister: 59 Modern style suggestions

ramp'escalier deco verre

To choose a flight of stairs, there are two essential points to consider: the safety of residents of the house and the type of interior decoration. The first aspect is fundamental to all types of stairs.

It is especially important for homes with stairs unusual shapes. By choosing a ramp, never forget that many of the domestic accidents are caused by the lack of a guardrail or a pretty stable and reliable handrail. This aspect of your choice will also be especially important if you have kids that run between floors of the house and running down the stairs.

modern interior and modern banister wrought iron

ramp'escalier bois fer

The banister is an element of the interior decoration of the house in itself. In fact, the appearance of your staircase could change completely depending on your choice of balustrade, its design and the materials used for its production. One could look at this internal ramp as an element that makes the transition between the decorative styles used in the two-story home.

Ramp modern glass staircase and metal

ramp'escalier idees interieur decoration

Before making your choice, think of all the members of your household who will use the stairs. Their age and habits will provide benchmarks for the selection of the right ramp.

Simple staircase in white and wood

singe white banister

For example, think about the fact that even if you climb your stairs without much effort, an elderly person or a child would need a fairly reliable handrail even climb a few stairs.

Ramp gray steps Perimeter Architects

ramp'escalier interieur design

The types of existing banisters on the market, those made of wood, metal and glass are probably the most popular and most commonly purchased. The wooden handrails are a classic choice that can easily accommodate the colors of your interior design.

gray wooden banister model

wood balustrade gray ramp staircase

This kind of ramps is associated with a classic and elegant atmosphere, but can also have modern versions that are characterized by their simple forms and the lack of a rich ornamentation.

Guard wooden body with white steps and wood

home deco modern metal staircase railing

The modern wooden banisters have the ability to blend easily with the rest of the decoration of the house because they have a natural and somewhat pretentious appearance. They will be a very good choice for homes with furniture or wooden flooring.

modern ramp open wooden staircase

garde modern wooden staircase body

Moreover, wood is a material that can be easily painted in a color that is associated with an element of the architecture of the interior space. This is an advantage railings and wooden ramps that are not found with all other types of materials.

Staircase renovation with refinishing wooden ramp

wood staircase railings modern deco

It will be appreciated that advantage especially if one is looking for a lasting and durable option. Because, as you can imagine, wooden ramps are ideal for the construction of a family home that must withstand the test of time. Easy to repaint, will be upgraded easily and in very little time!

Ideas ramp modern staircase made of different materials

ramp'escalier decoration interieure

The metal stair rails modern style are a common choice in homes with stairs little classical forms. As the metal easily adopt different forms, these ramps are used for spiral staircases and other compact solutions space perspective. Despite their very fine and elegant appearance, these ramps are usually pretty reliable.

Interior decoration and metal staircase

decoration modern black staircase ramp

Prefer a ramp or railing like this if you have a duplex or other accommodation on two levels. Enjoy their slim silhouette to develop an open living space.

Bannister modern design

banister modern style

This sort of guardrail and handrail is also very suitable for interior lacking brightness. If you are faced with the decor of such a space, find a metal elegant model. Make sure that the bars are arranged to let light through the interior of the room.

Ramp iron staircase

decoration style staircase wrought iron railing

You will thus benefit from more light throughout the day. And, without any interior refurbishment work! Malin, is not it?

Ramp idea - modern metal staircase

interior decoration staircase railing

The glass staircase is another solution for houses of modern design. This type of railing has the advantage of protecting people who use the stairs without being completely visible.

modern staircase Photo

Modern stair railings

Used with floating stairs, he has the ability to blur the boundaries of space thereby creating a more visually open interior and larger. It is also for this reason that glass railings are the most suitable option for homes with glass walls, windows or other type of large windows. Because they do not block the view and allow light to flow freely.

Deco style and modern glass staircase railing

modern staircase railing glass body guard

In addition, modern interiors combine nicely with a banister made of two materials which correspond to the handrail and guardrail. The wood and glass, metal and wood or glass and metal are among the most common options for these models.

Bannister glass and wooden handrail

wooden staircase railing common glass hands

The balustrades of this type are an ideal complement to the homes of modern design, eclectic and industrial. Their advantage? They offer you the opportunity to play with different materials and have fun combining them as desired.

Guard stair body wood and metal

grand staircases metal ramp balustrade design

They seduce you especially if you are decorating a modern building whose interior already has two or three of the materials listed above.

Railings, fences and modern and original look ramps

ramp'escalier bois-design-scandinave

In addition to all these modern options, there are today a series of stair accessories entirely original. Ramps, handrails, balustrades and stairs ... All these can adopt an unusual shape. They are also available in versions made of more or less unusual materials.

original railing sailor style with rope

ramp'escalier corde-style-bord-de-mer-colimacon

The rope is a good example of this type of material. Wrapped around a metal or wooden structure, it fully transforms the appearance of the stairs. And it is particularly suitable for indoor seaside style!

handrail staircase imitation leather

ramp'escalier moderne-colimacon-modele

This strategy ramp or handrail decoration is taken on the top image with a material that mimics the look of leather. Wrapped around the handrail of a spiral staircase, it gives the space a look quite intriguing.

Banister of imitation concrete spiral staircase

ramp'escalier metal-colimacon-marches-bois

A similar effect is achieved by assigning unexpected qualities in a well-known material. This is the case of the stairs on the picture above which has wooden steps and metal railing. What it unusual? The fact that the metal mimics the appearance of concrete by its color and its shape. An effect quite interesting in this small space dominated by natural materials!

Bannister in industrial design glass

contemporary deco ramparde industrial staircase

Have you an idea for your choice of modern staircase? You can easily find a model today, with our suggestions:

Modern gray staircase ramp

small modern stair railings

Original interior staircase railing

Modern design staircase railings

Example of modern staircase in white

deco modern white staircase ramp

Bannister Industrial Design

industrial staircase balustrades

ramp Photo staircase of modern glass

deco glass modern staircase

Bannister of modern glass

deco modern glass staircase railing

staircase pattern with stainless ramp

ramp stainless steel handrail staircase

white wood Bannister in contemporary design

ramparde wood ramp contemporary staircase

Interior image with black staircase in modern style

Modern black railing ramp staircase

Ramp modern metal staircase

metal railing Modern stairs

railing modern deco wooden staircase

railing stainless stairs modern style

house architect railings metal stairs

house modern railings decorator

Modern design handrail stairs

handrails metal modern deco staircase

deco staircase handrails interior design

modern wood inside ramp metal stairs

Cabin Layouts ramp modern deco staircase

deco staircase modern idea

Interior design modern staircase railings

banister house garde contemporary body

deco staircase modern idea

crazy stairs glass guard

garde modern deco white staircase body

railings stairs small space design

Interior glass staircase balustrades

Modern homes decorations glass staircase railing

Deco interior stair railing design

deco staircase railing metal house

Interior modern style staircase body guards

Interior minimalist design ramp staircase wood

Modern glass railing stairs
metal staircase railing small space

railing deco white-stairs

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