Black and wood Kitchen: elegance and Nature

black wooden kitchen and central island suspended luminaire Deco stainless steel fridge

The color black is a classic color. It is synonymous with elegance and style. Always trend, this time, the black is invited into the kitchen to marry the brown and natural wood color.

The result of this union is an interior that is modern, welcoming and mysterious. Check out our gallery of 50 examples black kitchen and wood. A visual inspiring journey awaits!

Black and dark wood kitchen with center island

black kitchen and wood center island suspended luminaire design deco design wood furniture

Wood is a natural material and quality. Its fine finish and authentic charm are a must if you want to create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. This is the main material used is contemporary and minimalist design. Why wood? This is the most natural and healthy material. Choose wooden furniture is a gesture environmentally. Scandinavian style is characterized by its conspicuous presence. It symbolizes the majestic northern forests.

C + uisine black wood and modern styleblack kitchen and wood minimalist central island design pendant light

Black is elegant color, but a kitchen entirely in black will lack freshness. Black needs to be accompanied either by elements in other colors (he married all colors) or wood furniture!

Black and white wood kitchen with several elements

black wooden kitchen idea

An example of nice kitchen interior. The black center island with wood surface is decorated with a beautiful vase. The furniture is wooden black and light wood. The soft color chosen for the walls, rajoutent softness to the atmosphere.

Modern style kitchen with wooden furniture and black center islandblack kitchen and wood center island idea decoration white leather chair leather stool

This kitchen is equipped mainly with black furniture. Some surfaces are white. It is important to have a clear color to soften the strong presence of black.

Kitchen with black furniture and woodenblack wooden kitchen and modern design idea Deco furnishings

You can also combine black wood furniture with stainless steel appliances. The black and silver combination creates a feeling of luxury and mysterious elegance.

Plant decoration of black kitchen with wooden table

black kitchen wood decor kitchen idea center island light black wood hanging white steel fridge

In the example below, the furniture is dark wood. The walls and floor are covered with classic white tiles. The plant decoration in the window cools the atmosphere.

Kitchen with black furniture and woodenblack wooden kitchen design idea tiled white pendant light

This interior is dark and elegant. Pendant fixtures are an important decorative element that adds originality to the black kitchen.

Luminaires suspended DIY woodblack wooden kitchen table fixture hanging idea

Kitchen with dark gray furniture, white center island and black tiled floorkitchen layout idea dark wood furniture white central island

black center island with marble surfaceblack kitchen and wood center island idea pendant light black marble

white interior in kitchen with center island with black surfaceblack and white kitchen central island wood wood

design wooden furniture and black leather stools kitchen hood idea aménagment central island

Black Wall tilesmodern kitchen wood black tile decoration idea

Wall with black tiles and decoration with original frame Deco black kitchen wood frame idea black center island wooden furniture tile black kitchen wood decorative idea wood black design gray wall white deco interior black kitchen center island development deco black white modern kitchen idea center island picture curious Deco kitchen furnishings wooden table black stool Deco black kitchen and wood wall idea blue design furniture wood black white table Deco black wooden kitchen and modern design style idea black wood fixture central island design idea Black wood and wood kitchen idea black and black modern kitchen center island interior wooden black wood furniture

Deco black kitchen and wood center island idea pendant light

Modern white wood kitchen interior idea black kitchen furnishings and modern black furniture wood wooden deco wall gray tile designblack kitchen and wood center island wood design table modern wooden chair Deco kitchen open to dining room wooden table chair wall decor black kitchen and wooden black wood idea center island kitchen black wood idea kitchen table idea black interior wood central island kitchen design modern pendant light deco idea Deco kitchen lighting idea central island Deco black and gray wood kitchen idea central black design wood island center island kitchen design black white red wood dining table chair black and white kitchen modern interior central marble stone hanging fixture island

modern kitchen interior design pendant light

kitchen design idea center island castors kitchen wood black deco furniture design black kitchen design idea and wood center island central island kitchen furniture wood pendant luminaire Deco interior design dark wood furniture kitchen center island range hood modern interior decoration kitchen center island suspended wooden floor lamp idea kitchen center island wood hood white design central island design idea black wooden chair yellow chair design black wooden kitchen center island idea mat

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