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Hammock inside: here’s how to integrate and enjoy!

Interior living room suspension hammock idea deco plant

A indoor hammock, that makes dream! Placed in the living room, in the bedroom, on the terrace or in the garden, hammocks are a very good way to create a corner for rest, reading and relaxing, comfortable and ease.

How and where to hang it depends on the size of the space you have and your personal preferences.

Inside striped hammock suspended from the living room, source: Remodelista

suspension inside hammock idea plant pot decorative wooden convenient flowers

The hammock is, usually, a web or a net suspended by its ends, for resting, reading or sleeping. We used to see hanging out in the garden or beach. Today, we will focus its place in contemporary interiors and how to integrate it successfully in a room of our living space.

inside hammock suspended within the workspace, source: Travel Away

suspension inside hammock idea carpet convenient timber loose soil

In a previous article, we presented a strange invention: a hammock to be installed in our office work for us to take a nap when you feel tired. Designed by the student Aqil Raharjo, it is indeed for those who spend their nights studying in the library or at work in their office. What is the different from the rest of the standard hammock models is its small size and easy movement. Finally, in general, the hammock is a light object and practice that can be installed and put away with ease, provided it is mesh or fabric, of course.

Hammock hanging in white and blue stripes, perfect inside and outside

suspension hammock inside modern interior idea idea suspension

Finally, there are also models designed wicker or wicker stronger, like this one presented by Lonny:

A conceptual hammock, wicker basket decorated with cushions, source: Lonny

indoor hammock hammock idea wicker cushion inside wood parquet suspension

The hammock is easy to integrate into any interior design styles, from modern to classic. Housed in a domestic industrial style, it will warm the room, so as installed in an interior of sleek style, it can add color and movement.

inside hammock and suspended in an industrial inside, source: Folk Ark

indoor hammock hanging idea industrial style living space

If you want a very lightweight hammock, our advice is to choose one made of cotton or linen. There are a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Hammock pink and very light color, hanging balconies, source: Bo Bedre

indoor hammock idea suspension interior balcony patio lounge

A hammock in Boho chic style can be integrated with all interior styles. In general, it is cream, but there are also variations in pink, blue, white and even black!

Boho chic style hammock blue, source: Projetos Habitissimo

hammock suspended modern interior design idea Deco plants

Boho chic style hammock will bring a hippie and original in your room. You can match it with other decorative elements already present in your interior: floor mats, cushions, curtains, cushions and many others.

Boho chic style white hammock, source: Temple and Webster

white hammock suspended idea interior wall art plants

This chic Boho style white hammock harmonizes very well with the soothing ambience of the house interior designed in blue and white.

Hammock knit in a shabby chic style interior, source: Country Living

of hammock'intérieur idée tricot hamac coussins tapis de sol fauteuil canapé blanc

It's pretty rare to see a Boho chic style object in black and yet it exists. The proof knit hammock installed in an all-white country-style interior:

Hammock inspired boho chic black set in a white interior

hammock inside white suspension timber interior idea

Hammock Blue Boho chic style, source: Historias De Casa

of hammock'intérieur bleu idée cadre mur déco bureau vert fauteuil blanc parquet bois

Install a hammock in your workspace is a fabulous idea: you can make small nap and rest to be more efficient and effective in your work.

Boho chic style hammock installed in the reading room and working design Elisha Kennedy

hammock idea suspension mat ground brown plant pot decorative wood library

Choose a white hammock's a good idea because you can combine and match with everything!

Hammock white interior in minimalist interior

of hammock'intérieur idée salon installer canapé résine intérieur étagères bois bibliothèque

Hammock investment idea in the bedroom, source: Palm Point

hammock idea room sleeping white interior room suspension

The hammock is invited in the bedroom to provide seating or space to lie down comfortably extra. Suspended from the ceiling, on both ends, or with the support, it is sure that the installation of a hammock in your bedroom will make it more cocoon.

Bedroom with a cloth hammock and blue stripes and green, photography Gillian Walsworthbedroom idea hammock suspension mat stripes mirror ron wall fixtures

If you need more space in your bedroom, opt for a very light material hammock, like this:

A white hammock in a bedroom of industrial style

suspension hammock bed room idea wood luminaire gray mat

A knit hammock is ideal for winter! To install the lounge next to the fireplace, if you are lucky enough to have one, and decorate with pillows and fluffy blankets.

Hammock hanging decorated with knitted cushions, source and design: FORM

knit hammock interior decoration idea candles wood fixtures suspended shelves

True, we did not all get to enjoy a fireplace or fireplace in his living room. If this is your case too, it is quite possible to make the atmosphere in your living room a warmer idea by installing a hammock wool! Look :

knit hammock set in a modern living style of industrial, source: Lonny


Want to create a comfortable reading area and cocoon using your hammock? Place it next to a window so you can enjoy the daylight when you read your favorite books. Tip: Decorate with potted plants. It has been proven that plants not only purify the air, but also help to better concentrate.

A reading corner cocoon next to the window with a suspended hammock design Cate St. Hill

Deco hammock idea plant pot wooden floor cushions books

The net hammocks are very elegant and can be integral in modern interiors. Here are two ideas of models and how to install them in a loft, one is black, the other - in white:

Hammock in black mesh, design and source: Cuns Studio

of hammock'intérieur idée canapé gris coussin noir blanc

This modern apartment has been designed by the Spanish design studio Egue there Seta. They optimized the small living space in height by installing a large library and this white hammock while design that forms a nice reading area.

Hammock in white netting, design and design: Egue there Seta

interior design mesh hammock idea library wooden floor stair chair

This country-style interior combines different shades of brown, stone and polished concrete. White hammock hanging in the middle, is a decorative element and practice both.

A white hammock hanging in the living room of a house

hammock idea indoor installing low wooden table sofa cushions

Hanging a hammock on the balcony, it's always a good idea! The designer Andrés Stebelski chose a wool for the small balcony overlooking the garden:

Hammock knitted wool hanging from the balcony, source: Andrés Stebelski

of hammock'intérieur laine idée suspension balcon banc extérieur

very light knit hammock and matching the floor mat in a bright interior

modern interior hammock suspension idea floor mats round wood chairs stools

A white hammock in a rustic interior, source: The New York Times Style Magazine

Interior room-hammock-idee-table-wood

Undoubtedly, the atmosphere of this interior designed by Studio Svoya is very romantic: a soft material hammock and a rich light decorative candles ...

White hammock and a romantic light decoration, design: Studio Svoya

indoor hammock idea lighting candles white cabinet lights

Have a large open living space, it is convenient and allows the installation, not one, but two hammocks:

Idea how to place two hammocks to lounge, design and source: Piratininga Arquitetos Associados hammock interior design idea carpet floor furniture round red bouquet of flowers table

Finally, any hammock can be placed inside and outside! You have a terrace or balcony? Three hammocks styles and models that you can incorporate into your outdoor space:

Hammock hanging on the terrace, design and source: The Weekend Edition

hammock outdoor decoration idea terrace floor mats wool

You can not suspend a hammock at both ends? There are solutions with support, very easy to place. These models still take a bit more space.

Hammock with wooden stand, design and design: Shop Plot

Wooden hammock houseplants medium pot idea interior design

Our outdoor area is exposed to different climatic conditions. It is therefore advisable to choose a hammock made from a durable and strong material, such as this, designed in wicker:

Hammock suspended wicker on a small terrace

Resin-hammock garden inside

Finally, you guessed it: there are many hammocks models that vary in materials, colors, styles and textures. Which to choose depends on your own desires, your means and the space where you want to install. In general, small price, this item to decorate and design a space for additional expansion and comfortable ease. So why not enjoy it?

An open and modern space industrial style with a large cloth hammock

of hammock'intérieur idée bibliothèque suspension salon espace ouvert

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