Interior modern home with Asian decor –

Interior modern home with Asian decor

Asian oriental interior decoration

Today we offer a private visit in two spaces with modern home interior and Asian decor, located on the island of Taiwan. These two beautiful residences give us an overview of trends Zen style in the region of East Asia by making us explore a field that is still little known in Europe than current interpretations of many Asian traditions in the field of design inside.

Interior decoration modern home design by Allness

deco zen room Interior modern house

Our first space is completely renovated by Allness Design house. It is designed to accommodate a family with two children. The owners of the residence wanted to enjoy a wide open area in order to further stimulate interactions between family members. This is what prompted the designers to design a large kitchen open to the living room.

Interior modern house Asian style

interior design modern home deco asia

The soft, neutral colors, accompanied with natural fabrics, contribute to creating a peaceful atmosphere, comfortable and relaxing. The choice of the type of lighting is intended to provide abundant light. Its effect is completed by the spot lamp placed above the large sofa you can see on the photo below.

Interior modern house: lounge with zen

Asian interior decoration

After renovation, the house has a modern look that is characterized by simple lines and shapes. Perspective space organization, they facilitate the transition from one room to another, as is clearly seen in the image above.

Interior modern home with Asian influences

Zen decoration ideas modern interior

A gray carpet and green cushions draw attention to this corner of the space, showing us that even the most subtle accents have effects on the range of colors in the living room. They include increasing the size without overloading the atmosphere. The lacquered surfaces, such as white boards here are a great solution for decorating the corners that lack enough natural light.

modern home in Taiwan working corner

modern home deco zen interior fittings

This small office is housed behind a panel which hosts an entertainment area. The working area is created especially for parents to continue their career plans while spending moments with their children. Dark colors of the wall and the wooden desk is the basis for a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere that facilitates concentration.

Idea development of a modern library

decoration feng shui interior

The house also has a small library. This intriguing piece is organized around a small table, placed in room environment. His goal: to give all family members a chance to read together and allow parents to help their children with homework.

Interior modern home with Asian decor and lighting effects

Interior home deco zen style

If this space is not enough in itself original, here are a curious detail: the library is not only reserved for education and reading; it also houses a large collection of wooden stamps of all forms! Again, the lighting design is decisive to give the space an exhibition hall appearance.

Idea decoration modern corridor

decoration modern Asian home

With this picture of the corridor of the house, we see once again the importance of light in small spaces design. Wooden surfaces and a harmonious combination between light and dark colors is the secret of an elegant hall and modern!

Living Zen bathroom with modern design

deco modern Zen design idea

Upon entering the bathroom, one is surprised by the original marriage several kinds of stone darker shade. The decorators at Allness Design certainly imagined a nice way to incorper natural materials in a room who wants monochrome. The result: one of the most zen spaces throughout the house.

Combination of Asian furniture and modern decor

decoration object Zen modern interior

Interior modern house by 爱 设计

interior idea modern home decoration Asian

Our second example of modern Asian interior is characterized by a decoration that relies on bold contrasts. It is also an illustration of the combination of different styles and traditions: Zen and the industrial design come together here in a way quite remarkable.

Interior modern house with Zen lounge

modern home interior deco Zen lounge

This photo, centered on a part of the show, demonstrates this effect: the small metal feet to furniture is certainly one of the essential features of the industrial style. The air a bit shy of the furniture is balanced successfully by the large linen sofa color and clear the carpet. The large mirrors, like the one in the library installed at the bottom of the living room are also a key element in this house: they visually increase the space while providing more light.

Interior modern house - wedding decoration styles

architecture and interior decoration modern home zen

The color palette is particularly neat. In this image, we are immediately struck by the table dining chairs in dark shades which are enhanced by the unique white chair. This echoes the sofa in the lounge of a very successful way.

Interior modern house inspired by the Asian tradition

interior decoration modern Asian furniture house

As in the first house, again, homeowners have relied on large open areas but clearly delineated. And just to emphasize the purpose of organizing space, designers have mobilized clever ideas: a concrete ceiling for the living area and a wooden wall, rustic style for the dining room.

Dining in modern Asian home

Zen decor inside modern home furniture

The dining table in light wood is probably one of the most attractive furniture in this part of the house. She pointed out to us all the beneficial effect of wooden furniture, providing a warm, natural note to the decor.

Asian cuisine with modern decor

modern home interior decoration Asian

Could not miss the role of another large mirror that illuminates further this part of the house by reflecting the light of the living room windows. Lacquered surfaces, wood and lighting effects ...

modern home photo with oriental decor

Layouts deco lounge modern Asian style

... in short, a perfect example of combination of materials, colors and textures impeccable!

modern space separation influenced by Chinese and Japanese houses

interior decoration house modern Asian design

Inspired by the Asian tradition, designers have relied on panels that act as doors. fabricated metal, they are a modern interpretation of space separation furniture older oriental houses. Their function is to demarcate the parts while letting in the sunlight.

Corner minimalist work with Asian furniture

feng shui interior modern home deco zen style

This is another piece inspired by traditional Asian decor. Its characteristic feature: the minimalist design with old and simple furniture. This small space is designed to accommodate a corner of work, he also has blinds that give more privacy to its users.

Bedroom Zen modern design

Interior modern home decoration Zen room

The beautiful bedroom is decorated with a palette of neutral and elegant colors to provide a peaceful atmosphere and modern at once. If you are unable to point finger which gives this room a modern look, here's a track: it is the play of geometric shapes on the stone wall, curtains and wooden furniture.

Zen Room bathroom modern home in Asia

Zen bathroom decoration bathroom

In the bathroom, there is the same zen atmosphere of modern style. Again, it is obtained by the agreement of materials and forms: the stone with horizontal lines, typical round bowls for Zen bathrooms, large mirror and glass surfaces.

House plan with decoration by Allness Design

modern Asian style home architecture

Plan of the house decorated by 爱 设计

Asian deco design modern home

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