industrial loft: a chic interiors selection and bohemians –

industrial loft: a chic interiors selection and bohemians

industrial loft space develop modern design lighting fixture
The industrial loft became one of the favorite living spaces to many people for many reasons. The industrial style often combines the new with the old. The volumes are great, the architecture is open.

These are the basics for a loft that wants structured and air. If you are fortunate to live in such an area, we invite you to discover our product and our great record of contemporary lofts photographs. Get inspired for the design and decoration of your apartment or house and invite the industrial spirit home.

industrial loft: a selection of single contemporary lofts

develop industrial loft space design modern living room sofa

The collection that we will present in the following lines includes a selection of interiors designed by the best industrial designers worldwide. Let's find out in which images are the key elements of a successful industrial style interior and modern.

Industrial Loft original design, visualization Thomas Pasquet

Inside industrial loft idea arrange living room open

All interiors are ultra-modern, chic and bohemian. The decor is thoughtful and personalized. It is possible to incorporate some of the elements in your own living space.

industrial loft of very original design, visualization Bartosz Domiczek

industrial loft style interior decor idea wood plants fixtures

The first to visit loft designed and visualized by Bartosz Domiczek represents a very interesting living space: it's like being in a museum or in an old cave. Decoration, rocks and plants create a unique ambience while the fireplace brings hardiness and authenticity to the piece.

industrial loft of very interesting and original design, visualization Adel Maza

industrial loft idea arrange lounge chair sofa leather industrial style

This place is eclectic and charming with its bright colors and its collection of unique art works. Its atmosphere is refined and perfectly matches the industrial style.

Loft extraordinary design, visualization Joel Langeveld

modern industrial loft arrange furniture design idea

This space is incredibly large and imaginative. The view behind is simply extraordinary. We love the light, contrasts and textures blend.

Great modern loft with poufs and leather chairs, visualization: Goray Egor

modern industrial loft convert lounge sofa carpet floor leather ottoman

The retro and industrial environment of the next apartment is impressive. With its brick walls, its fixtures suspended and leather furniture, you feel teleported into another era.

bright and comfortable space of industrial design, visualization Krzysztof Wolski

loft space design office sofa develop industrial work style lounge

The following loft is more sleek and minimalist design. He sees ideal for a student or young professional with its office space fitted comfortably.

Industrial Loft sleek design with brick walls, visualization Javier Weinstein

industrial loft space develop modern interior brick wall ideas
A loft in zen? It exists ! The proof, this apartment visualized and designed by the creator Javier Weinstein. We love the lighting here, including suspended fans. The giant windows let in the beautiful light back. The brick wall is a faded color and harmonizes wonderfully with light wood floors.

Loft designed in white and gray with refined atmosphere, viewing: studio refl

loft industrial style develop modern leather lounge chair brick wall
The loft designed by refl studio is stylish and rather masculine atmosphere. A highlight of the design of this space is the contrast of industrial pipes with shiny tile walls.

Contemporary design loft with brick walls, viewing George Sofronidis

modern design loft industrial style coffee table rustic wood
The following loft impresses with false ceilings, oversized leather sofa in his bird cage suspended, and his old studio lamp, placed next to the great library. The contrast of the old and the new is beautiful.

Industrial space with touches of bright colors, visualization: Marlis Streicher

loft space accommodate industrial style yellow modern chair mat floor design idea brick wall
This apartment is located on the top floor of a building. Despite the lack of normal windows, it is very bright and dynamic. We love the concept fully open - the bathroom and shower are located in the center of the room next to the lounge area.

A very bright and spacious loft: a playground for adults, visualization Sean Hockly

develop contemporary loft space tend idea modern wood design
This large space designed and visualized by Sean Hockly, looks like a playground for adults - we love it! From the bridge to the left, to the slippery wall and climbing on the right - this loft does not lack originality.

Space designed in dark colors of industrial design, visualization: MxLancer

loft design develop storage idea concrete floor
A classic loft, masculine, and industrial - that space has high ceilings and concrete floors to create an atmosphere of classic loft.

relaxed and modern atmosphere, visualization: Yarko Kushta

Contemporary industrial loft deco interior style idea
The loft designed and visualized by Yarko Kushta is a casual atmosphere and retro. It represents a mixture of antiques and modern furniture. This apartment is not very big, but thanks to large windows, it remains large.

Loft dark and elegant atmosphere, visualization Artur Saljukov

develop modern loft lounge dining area open space ideas
We love the very dark side of this loft because when light enters through the windows, it illuminates and makes visible all the details. The coffee table is designed in rustic wood with wheels for easy movement.

Modern industrial design furnished with leather sofa lounge, viewing Quattro studio

Inside industrial style living room sofa leather idea wood dining room table

The main decoration of this loft is designed around the window and the wall side. The leather sofa adds character to the atmosphere, while the greenery softens the sterile side, typical times for certain domestic industrial style.

Loft inspired by the 60s: geometry and color visualization: Iliyan Stoyanov

loft retro deco design brick wall yellow sofa lounge
The retro feel of this loft is adorable. With its magnificent staircase, his yellow sofa, her white luster and geometry library, it is transported in the 60s.

Loft with impressive suspended luminaires viewing: Shree R

idea lamp loft lounge sofa corner arrange carpet floor space
This loft is different from the others seen so far, because it invites the windows inside as parts separator, while keeping the feeling of openness. Contemporary lofts are always open.

Loft sleek and classic with original suspended luminaires viewing: Patyk

industrial loft arrange sofa lounge idea luminaire suspension

At first glance, this show has nothing in its industrial development and design. Yet it is located in a loft. Its design is simple and elegant. The two floors are connected by an ultra-modern staircase.

Large bright space designed in white and beautiful hanging decoration, visualization David Brown

develop industrial interior white interior design trend suspension idea
Here industrial space designed entirely in white. From minimalist and ultra-modern inspiration, the atmosphere of this loft is unique. The gray concrete floor, wooden furniture and metal fixtures match perfectly together.

Loft modern design, very light and spacious, visualization: Circo Solarte

Deco loft lounge leather sofa develop modern space concept design chair mats
This space is very open and bright thanks to large windows and light colors. The furniture and decor are rather modern, very few vintage elements are present here.

Loft Boho chic style relaxing atmosphere, visualization Sebastien Perez

boho chic loft lounge chair idea accommodate modern space windows
This loft invites the chic Boho style to create a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. This is an ideal space to meditate, do yoga and relax.

single staircase in a modern and mysterious space, visualization Szymon Biegaj

loft staircase lighting design idea wood floor suspension
The staircase in the loft is the centerpiece of the design of this industrial space. Its atmosphere is magical and warm. The light is soft.

Contemporary loft that combines color and light visualization Lukas Korner

develop modern loft space idea gray mat armchairs poufs
This loft is bright and colorful. We love pink blue and orange accents and how their pastel color blends and softens the walls and concrete floors.

Unique Lighting for industrial interior viewing: Murten

Industrial space develop modern idea candles carpet floor sofa design idea
This loft is a place of awesome life. The whole interior is a mixture of the ancient world and the modern world. It is very bright thanks to large windows and unique light fixtures.

very harmonious interior that combines wood and gray, visualization : Romas Noreika

Interior accommodate industrial style living room sofa cushions idea modern suspension lighting
The interior is designed in wood and gray with large windows and designer pendant lights. Its design is sleek and industrial. The dominating materials are wood and concrete.

Loft designed in black and gray with nice wall decoration, visualization : Martin Loureiro Prego

loft design idea develop gray space sofa modern lounge cushions
The walls and ceilings of the loft were dressed in very dark blue. The atmosphere is sophisticated and harmonious. The mixture of textures and decorative items is very harmonious.

eclectic and original interior loft with nice wall decoration, visualization Amer Farah

loft modern design idea modern brown sofa cushions
This loft is super eclectic and we love its unique atmosphere. The floor mat, wall decoration frames and tables, as well as the sofa and cushions, make this very inviting space.

Loft with an old church atmosphere, viewing Tri Budiarto

Contemporary loft brick wall idea develop parquet wood design space
This loft impresses with its old church side. With its false ceiling, windows and incredible arches, this apartment is an architectural miracle.

Interior inspired by the world of imagination, visualization Robert Filipowicz

modern loft interior stair design idea develop space trend
The design of this loft is inspired by the imaginary world. Each item is first and carefully chosen to create a very unique atmosphere.

Loft extraordinary design in a large industrial building with impressive decoration

brick wall loft space develop modern idea loft fixture

A former meat factory at the base, this great building is now a dream living space. Its decoration is atypical hanging, inspired by planes and motorcycles. It also includes a pool table and a bar.

Loft in an old factory with vintage decor, visualization Pavel Huerta

modern loft space design idea develop unique modern deco leather sofa
The loft designed and visualized by Pavel Huerta is located in a former factory. Its design is very imaginative, its development remains minimal. It's hard not to appreciate the retro car decorating the room and placed in front of the leather sofa.

Loft magical atmosphere with beautiful hanging decoration, visualization : Michael Johnson

loft contemporary design develop space sofa suspension wall decor ideas mat
Is it a night or a loft box? The amazing staircase lit up like a runway, like a machine to travel back in time. And pink chandelier shining beautifully is a true work of art.

Loft classic design with two floors furnished with wooden furniture, visualization : Olga Redina

loft style design leather armchair carpet floor parquet wood suspended luminaire
This loft furnished two-storey minimalist and sleek design. It celebrates the marriage, always managed and ideal for a Zen living space, wood and white. The floor mat makes the atmosphere more cocoon.

dark and mysterious interior decorated with two trees, visualization : Tamas Medve

idea loft living space develop modern fireplace suspension sofa chair
A loft is often fitted with wood, but unprocessed and unrefined state. Where did the idea of ​​building and decorating the loft with real birth of trees - the state of the timber as pure as possible! The tree trunks are stylish and modern as the rest of the space.

modern design furniture and piggy resting, viewing : Rogelio Isai

modern industrial interior lounge chair idea yellow carpet floor sofa
We love how this loft is furnished and decorated in height. Its industrial side, the cables hanging in every direction and the strong presence of concrete is warmed with oversized comfortable furniture, bright colors and plants.

Brick walls with aged effect and unique design clock display : Sitnik Vladimir

develop contemporary loft space design idea wood furniture living room
The brick walls are central to the design of this loft. Again, within mixture of modern elements and classic retro style - the couch, Persian rugs and lamp.

modern, sleek loft améangé with gray sofa, viewing : Aurelien Jagla

develop modern loft idea gray corner sofa cushions black armchairs
This is a great example of the loft furnished in the most modern and conveniently as possible. Everything is minimalist and there is almost no vintage decorative elements. All the elements, brick walls, furniture and decoration, were sterile and purified air.

Loft situated on the top floor of a building, visualization : Alejandro Samaniego W

space-lounge-industrial trend
This loft is unique due to its location on the top floor of a building. Its windows are angled, the ceiling too. The rest of the space is minimalist. The decoration is not necessary because the interest was to highlight the authenticity of the space itself.

modern and welcoming space inspired by the 50s, visualization : angel Lovera

modern industrial design space chair luminaire suspension
This loft designed and visualized by Angel Lovera, is furnished and decorated in the style of the 50s - the two armchairs are typical for the time.

unique loft designed around a large aquarium display : CSandzerg

unique loft design idea industrial loft design develop modern space

The last visit loft is a true fantasy. It is entirely designed around a large fish aquarium. Could you imagine living in such a space?

Two unique design lofts: retro and modern blend

modern loft unique design lighting lounge chair trend

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