The taupe: decoration ideas for your home

contemporary ambience sofa sophisticated taupe

The taupe is a shade that is becoming increasingly trendy in decor. Classified as muted tones, it reveals a discreet and subtle color can marry several other nuances.

simple and chic interior that puts the taupe color on pedestal

relaxing cozy bedroom taupe

Before continuing this article, the question needs to be asked: "What is it, really, the mole?" It is rare to find two people who agree on the exact shade of taupe .

The color taupe curtains are matched to the floor for a relaxing atmosphere

bedroom curtains baroque chic taupe

For some, it is a dark gray, for others, it's brown, for others, it is a gray-brown. So what in fact the mole?

sumptuous setting where gray is enlivened by a few golden touches

luxurious room gray shades gold accents

The mole is a subtle blend of two complementary colors on the color wheel: these gray and brown. The mole is so gray that pulls brown.

Again, bright colors stand out the set, in the table and red cushions

how to animate a table with gray interior colors

Often used to create a serene and cozy atmosphere, taupe agrees with brighter colors and bold.

The taupe color wall full well the dark furniture of this sophisticated interior

glamorous decor with taupe wall

You can, for example, married taupe to bright orange to dark red or mustard yellow. The bright colors give pep to your interior while the gray will be there for a mood, overall, soothing.

rather light shades, off white and taupe sofa carpet

decor light shades gray taupe carpet

To put an accent color, it is perfectly possible to paint an accent wall or to focus on furniture or decorative accessories.

In this room, the golden luminary contrasts with the taupe walls

gray interior taupe yellow accents

Thus, as in the example above, you can use a taupe on your walls and enliven all with warmer shades such as golden.

The color taupe curtains complement the gray walls

ultra contemporary interior walls taupe color

The mole is an easy color. You can apply it in any room in your home and get a different effect, depending on the contrasts of colors you choose.

The interior is dotted with yellow accents that drive the taupe

Wall taupe color matching furniture

You rarely take a risk by choosing the gray mole. This grade has the ability to transform a room in serene natural refuge, which does not lose its modern side.

relaxing atmosphere where gray reign in all its nuances

Taupe furniture gray and brown decor

It is equally suitable for a bedroom to a living room and can even be inserted into the bathroom for a simple and chic look.

gray taupe curtains match the sofa

white color taupe chair curtain walls

But what colors are taupe he associates? The choices are many. As we mentioned above, the taupe is perfect with bright colors like bright orange curtains below.

The bright orange and herringbone patterns enliven the taupe walls

gray walls enlivened by bright orange

But the options are not limited to bright colors. The mole also goes with white or black. Because, somehow, a shade that is between the two, the mole is a nice alternative to white to black if ally and a good way to create some shade compared to white.

Stunning interior in a little bohemian look

Dark gray walls illuminated by white curtains furniture

Do not forget beige that goes perfectly in taupe, for a natural and relaxing atmosphere. But beware ! The gray mole is a rather dark shade. He must be careful in small spaces since it tends to shrink a room.

There is a set of patterns in this room where the gray is expressed in several shades

shades of gray for a varied palette

In these cases, do not hesitate to play on lighting, both direct and indirect, emphasizing, for example, an object on a shelf against the dark wall in question.

Baroque decor accentuated by taupe

dining pale gray baroque decor

If you choose to paint an accent wall in taupe gray, ensure that the wall is opposed to the window. Like all accent walls, the dark color should not be applied to a wall against ristque day made even darker.

This beautiful lounge combines white furniture with taupe walls

gray taupe living room look elegant

If the accent wall is not for you and you rather prefer a minimalist style and one color, still think enliven the atmosphere by adding color accents in the room itself.

chic living room rather dark colors

modern living room gray blue curtains

Why not opt ​​for colorful curtains, a rug with geometric motifs, brightly colored cushions, a bolder furniture or a chandelier that stands out by its color or material?

The gray wall mole is parried asymmetrical geometric patterns

ultra modern geometric accents lounge

To summarize therefore, the mole is associated with a multitude of colors: plum or black brilliant for a glamorous and chic, white or beige to light a little taupe color, bright colors for a little pep.

The taupe put on a pedestal in this refined interior

Vintage gray lounge soothing ambience

Remember that plants can play the role of bright color. A large bouquet of flowers, or a fern as a centerpiece, give your room an impressive freshness.

Pale shades, contemporary minimalist furnishings and a color accent wall Mole

great color accent wall living mole

Patterned Carpets are also a good idea to add character.

Here, instead of being applied to the walls, the color is concentrated mainly on furniture

gray taupe design table

Above the color emphasis is mostly on furniture, with a taupe gray design table and a rug with geometric motifs. The remainder, ie floor and walls, is sober and white.

Similarly, the sofa taupe stands out from the rather plain decor

gray leather sofa taupe modern look

A sober decor, accentuated by patterned carpets and blue sofa

a mole gray wall that borders the brown

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