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concept design glass wall design storage sliding door wardrobe

Do you like clothes? Have a wardrobe with shelves is sometimes convenient, but the problem is that it often requires a good regular cleaning and storage. Also, your clothes are folded and hidden beauty.

The dressing room is pretty showroom that you have "collected" here and there. Clothes deserve a suitable place. In stores, they are still exposed in this way to draw attention and to be highlighted. This presentation reveals not only the quality of the material, but also cut. If you have an extra room or if you simply want to turn into a dressing room, we invite you to discover our selection of many examples ofdressing idea modern and stylish.

Idea modern dressing and minimalist design

white design idea dressing chair cushion floor mat white dresser

Whether you have a small or a large room, you can tailor a dressing at all locations. To integrate, you must correctly predict the space and configuration. Finally, we must also reflect on your wants and needs. Comfort or necessity, the dressing is certainly one of the best solutions for clothes, shoes, accessories and bags.

dressing Idea: storage for accessories idea dressing accessory storage small glasses hat objects

Missing space ? Think carefully if you do not have a niche where arrange your wardrobe and save space. With customized you can maximize your space in the best way possible. A customized dressing room with sliding doors suspended in clear glass is a very elegant solution as in the example below. The dressing room and the gym were separated by these design glass doors. The interior is of an industrial style, equipped with wooden floors. The lighting is integrated in the ceiling.

Idea industrial-style dressing room with brick wallidea dressing wood parquet modern industrial style design storage

For small spaces, often the development concept is to merge wardrobe and dressing room. In this case, it is advisable to opt for non-transparent sliding doors as in the example boxes below.You can install everything to fully optimize the space: carrier trousers, ties drawers, belts, underwear, baskets, boxes and more. The proliferation of clever storage will ensure a very successful organization. A large closet can also be used as dressing by adding storage structures.

Idea of ​​merging a wardrobe and dressing room in the living room

idea dressing lounge furnishings sliding door sofa coffee table

Here is a highly graphic and decorative storage that ideally fits into this room without cluttering or burdening space. It consists of a few shelves, carrying, drawers and two storage bags accessories. A wooden lamp decorates and illuminates the inside. The cushions and carpets make it cozy.

Small dressing in decorated room with frames and flower potidea dressing room floor gray carpet cushion storage plant

A dressing in the bedroom is quite possible. You can install furniture that fit perfectly to the configuration and the space available in your room. A dressing in a hallway is also a common solution and a real saving in space.

Dressing in a room on both sides of the workspace small dressing room design idea workspace storage

Some people prefer open dressing rooms, while others prefer to close them. Our advice is to opt for an easy as closing the curtains, veils, sliding doors and other. The installation of such doors is not very complicated, they arise between two rails. In this way you can open and close your dressing when you want. There should also be dressing lighting: lamp suspended luminaires integrated in the ceiling or spotlights. This last idea is a real trend that replaces bulky fixtures. This éclairge is discreet and manipulated. It offers a clear light and can be placed anywhere.

Dressing in an entry dressing-entree-idee

Dressing minimalist design with sliding glass doorsdressing-sliding-door design

merged in dressing room with wooden drawers Garbe dress dressing-room door-Storage

Dressing in open bedroom modern styleroom-dressing-outside-idee

open dressing with blue drawers room-modern-carpet dressing-idee

Round leather ottomanidee-dressing-interior-modern-carpet-poof-of-grounddressing-luxury-design-ideamodern dressing wood storage ideawearing black development bedroom floor matsstorage design idea dressing table shelfdressing-apartment-design-ideaidea dressing storage shelves familyidea dressing wood cabinet lighting design dressing mirror design idea modern vintage deco modern dressing fixture design plant suspension large dressing idea suspension luminaire design storage dressing design idea gray mat storage dressing room storage idea carpet chair design dressing room chair gray carpet floor wood furniture small wooden chair wooden floor dressing storage furniture design idea dressing storage ottoman chair beige floor mats ideas wooden dressing storage idea cheap metal chair suspended luminaire practice Storage furniture wood dressing lamp idea dressing drawer storage closet idea mirror boxes dressing carpet wood furniture white floor lighting dressing storage design idea wood furniture shelves woman dressing storage Deco idea dressing mirror storage idea white chair wooden furniture lighting idea dressing room chair modern storage feminine dressing convenient design idea gray suspension lighting design wooden table Dressing layout design carpets wood soft ground modern interior dressing chair seat suspension luminaire luminaire design carpet soil suspension pouf dressing idea lighting fixture suspension design black wood furniture

luxurious interior

u dressing room layout design idea Dressing room furnishings opened lighting idea modern interior design with idea idea suspension luminaire decoration Dressing idea wood storage with wooden deco design flower

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