Modern loft ultra functional design

modern loft dining table suspended

Design today is standing before a major challenge: achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The modern loft that we present in this article is designed with a large dose of ingenuity and expertise.

This apartment in Madrid designed by Spanish studio Elii architecture is a fine example of smart design and practice of a small space.

Construction of a modern loft in Madrid

modern loft table layout

The apartment makes 57 square meters and each centimeter is set optimally. The walls of the first level are made of translucent glass allowing penetration of natural light in the whole apartment. Moreover, they are light and installed on rails: a solution that facilitates the reorganization of space at any time of day.

Dining table and benches suspended ceiling

dining table design loft beds

The most original element in the design of this small loft is probably the multitude of hidden storage solutions. some are found everywhere: an integrated mirror in the ground, removable kitchen cabinets, a dining table and benches hanging from the ceiling ... all the details in this apartment surprise by their functionality.

The mini kitchen is fully equipped

Modern kitchen decorating loft

Apart from being convenient, the loft offers residents comfort. You saw the hammock and swing hanging from the ceiling?

original and practical storage solution

loft storage management solution

The flat is equipped with a swing suspended from the ceiling

loft functional design layout

It has installed a shelf fun and functional

Storage shelves pink green loft

Hammock hanging in the living space

Contemporary furniture loft hammock

A wooden staircase leads to the second level loft

contemporary design loft design

The bathroom is designed with great ingenuity

loft bathroom furnishings

small loft space bath

loft stairs small space

bedroom loft loft mezzanine loft space rest

mirror practical design loft

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