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Hanging shelves – original, modern and practical

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Whether they are purchased, custom-made or DIY, the hanging shelves are very original and practical. The hanging shelves are versatile and easily adaptable to a wide variety of designs, styles and designs, and you can use them to create interesting decorations while adjusting your storage problems.

Just like hanging fruit baskets, this shelf are superb additions to the kitchen as in other parts of the interior.

DIY hanging shelves

Layouts hanging shelves inside home

You can make a hanging shelf using rope, two boards against-plated, a drill and some glue. Prepare the wood, stack the pieces, put them one next to the other and make holes in the corners. Paint the edges of the planks and add the string. then hang the shelf at the desired height.

Deco kitchen with hanging shelves

hanging shelves Layouts modern kitchen

You can also make an industrial hanging shelf. You need a wooden plank, screw, screw hooks, rope or cable clamps. Then prepare the board, mark where you want to insert the hooks on the ceiling, make holes and put some screws. Attach the screws to the shelf, the hook then clamps. You only have the cable.

Kitchen with hanging shelves for small space

hanging shelves Wooden ranegment small space

You can find really many places to hang your shelves. First in the kitchen above the central island for example to store your ingredients or your cookbooks. In the lounge or on the terrace you can use your shelves for arranging the plants there. You can also turn a suspended shelf bedside table in your dining room. The ideas are really endless, here are some of the photos:

Hanging shelves industrial style

hanging shelves deco modern wall

Hanging shelves wood

shelf hanging original deco

Shelves suspended solid wood

shelf suspended solid wood

Hanging shelves creative

shelf hanging creative design

original model hanging shelf

shelf suspended original design

hanging Design shelf

suspended shelf space deco work

shelf paused picture idea

convenient storage shelf suspended

shelf suspended bedside table

idee deco shelves suspended

Original shelf hanging model

hanging shelves industrial style

hanging shelves bedroom bedside table

hanging shelves deco idea

hanging shelves kitchen idea

hanging shelves wood kitchen island

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