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Empty pocket wall design for modern and convenient entry

empty-pocket design wall storage vitra

The empty pocket wall design is a practical piece of furniture that can help you make the entrance to your home more organized. Here are our ideas for such furniture.

In terms of decor and interior architecture, the entrance of the house fulfills a number of functions. In the past, this space had the function to allow household members and their guests to make a transition between the outer space, public - open to everyone - and the inside of the residence in the literal sense, that is , meanwhile, more closed and more intimate. We rarely think about it but homes entries in Western countries are often inspired by religious architecture that interprets these spaces as areas that mark a sharp boundary: the one between people who are part of the community (religious or otherwise) and those perceived as foreign.

Empty white wall pocket design by Seletti

furniture design empty-pocket inlet

Today, we usually think of decorating the entrance of very practical standpoint. We know that to be functional, this space must accommodate a number of furniture and elements such as a coat rack, bench or chair, a shoe rack, mirror, etc.

Empty white wall pocket design by Umbra

Empty pockets-deco design entry wall

In fact, the role of all these pieces is explained not only from a purely practical point of view but also by changes in the functions of the input. In contemporary homes, it continues to play the role of a space separation and transition. Therefore, it is precisely in this part of our homes, we usually ask objects are used outside.

Idea vacuum cabinet wall pocket design by Normann Copenhagen

deco glovebox wall modern design

The vacuum bag is usually a small piece of furniture that rightly belongs to the category of storage objects for various accessories are used outdoors. As we have seen in our previous articles on this type of object, it can have various shapes. For example, in older homes, where entries were generally larger than those in recent buildings, one can see a table using handheld vacuum. In some of these areas, you can still find a corner office with storage space specifically designed to accommodate the incoming and outgoing mail, keys, etc.

entry storage unit and home hallway by Birex

house entrance space organization

In the interiors of contemporary design, we tend to replace this kind of rather bulky furniture by small cabinets and hanging on the walls. Having the advantage of saving space, this kind of empty wall pocket can provide pockets for storage of mail and keys, of course, but also containers for a mobile phone to sunglasses as well for all other accessories are used in everyday life.

Empty pocket wall by Vitra Design: Uten.Silo

empty-pocket vitra furniture design Utensilo

One of the legendary furniture of this kind is the empty Uten.Silo design wall pocket of the Vitra brand you can see on the image above. Invented by Dorthee Becher in 1969, this small piece of furniture reflects the evolution in the design of everyday objects. Its great success has inspired many designers to make their own interpretations Uten.Silo. You will find many examples on the pictures below:

Furniture idea suspended for entry made of fabric

empty pockets suspended wall

coat idea and empty pockets for design input by Umbra

Wood deco design empty pockets umbra

Small hanging shelves and empty wall pocket design by Vitra

shelf storage compartment wall

Furniture empty wall pocket storage design ideas by Umbra

modern wall decoration empty pocket

Wall decoration with design storage by URBIO

Wall Ideas empty pocket modern design

hanging shelf for contemporary design input storage

Design wall cabinet suspended empty pocket entrance

Furniture Idea entrance and hallway Aris Architects design

Contemporary design empty cabinet wall pocket

Cabinet with mirror design for West Elm entry

empty pocket wall design mirror cabinet idea

Idea of ​​empty cabinet wall pocket wooden design by Ikea

furniture design wall empty-pocket inlet

Designer furniture for house entrance and hallway storage by CB2

empty pocket entrance wall deco design

Storage of mail coat and wooden contemporary design

Wall storage compartment design idea wood decoration

Empty pocket and wall coat rack design by The Land of Nod

wall-pocket empty small entrance furniture design

Idea cabinet for entry storage wooden modern design

storage compartment wood furniture Design wall

cabinet and empty wooden wall pocket

wood furniture wall entry empty pocket

glove compartment deco entrance modern design

entry deco writing pockets

empty-pocket design entrance deco

furniture empty-pocket wall deco design

empty-pocket decoration design modern walls

pockets decoration wall design inputs

empty-pocket entrance wall house design

empty-pocket design entrance mirror

pocket empty entries decoration design walls

empty-pocket design entry management

small empty pocket-deco design house

storage wall deco house entry

Design input hanging storage

Suspended cabinet storage design Birex

small furniture modern inputs

gateway design coat

modern entrance furniture interior design

Contemporary furniture design storage corridor

furniture corridor decoration design

furniture storage timber suspended design woud

furniture design hallway wall storage

entry empty-pocket wall unit

entries wood furniture hanging storage

empty-pocket wall furniture ideas

idee deco empty-pocket design house walls

decoration of'entree petit vide-poche

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