Bergère armchair: the icon of the interior –

Bergère armchair: the icon of the interior

elegant lounge chair shepherdess

Apart from the wand, Beret and Brigitte Bardot, the wing chair is another symbol associated with France and French style. Became popular during the reign of Louis XV, these stylish chairs have survived the Revolution by easily adapting to changing trends in decoration of times.

And today, wing chair is back and for good reason - its soft plush padding and his royal form create a feeling of comfort and elegance.

Room Makeover with armchairs armchairs

chair shepherdess idea deco lounge

What makes them so special armchairs armchairs is their armrests closed characteristics, comfortable cushions and exposed wooden frame. These are truly masterpieces of elegant interior design. Bergères the gondola has an arched back and sides coated as a single panel, while the denominational armchair has a high back and low armrests. These are the two types most popular shepherdesses.

Modern living room decorated with wing chair

deco lounge chair shepherdess

"The shepherdesses were really created to decorate the palace," said Beata Galdi, an experienced interior designer. And she knows how to find their proper place, even in the most contemporary and modern interiors. These chairs are perfect for decorating the dining room around the table for the living room or individually in the bedroom. Because what defines the perfect design is its eternity. In this article, we present 25 original and elegant ideas how to decorate your home with armchairs armchairs.

Armchair modern shepherdess in yellow shades

lounge chair decoration shepherdess

contemporary design chair for black and white prints

shepherdess chair contemporary design

modern and elegant red armchair

elegant red armchair shepherdess

interesting decoration dining room

shepherdess dining chair

Deco idea modern bedroom

Bergere chair deco bedroom

Two armchairs armchairs very original design

Bergere chair original design

shepherdess blue lounge chair

Bergere chair decoration living room

Bergere chair deco pink lounge

Bergere chair contemporary design

Bergere chair deco idea

wing chair deco idea

Bergere armchair interior deco

Bergere armchair floral

shepherdess blue plush chair

Bergere chair shabby chic style

deco bedroom child shepherdess

Bergere chair deco room

shepherdess decoration modern lounge chair

Contemporary modern lounge chair shepherdess

wing chair lounge classic

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