Armchair Art Deco: a touch of exotic interior


The Art Deco design style is widely known. Synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, it is characterized by geometric lines, vivid, intense colors. It is often called "retro" and "vintage".

To invite Art Deco mind you, you do not have to invest in expensive furniture made of exotic materials. Why not simply install a nice Art Deco chair in your living room, dining room or bedroom? To give you ideas or show you how to match it with the inside of your room, we have selected 50 examples of chairs and Art Deco interior.

Armchair Art Deco in a contemporary living room

Modern red sofa chair design armchair art deco wall painting ideas

Often art critics say the Art Deco is not an artistic movement or a current, but the expression of human progress in terms of aesthetics and technology. Appearing for the first time in the 1910s, a few years Art Deco is a worldwide success. The term "art deco" comes from the abbreviation "decorative arts". It was only in the 1960s that "art deco" is introduced. It is easy to recognize this style of interior with its tapestries, decorative glass and wood, paintings and others. Art deco may be minimalist, but it is not very often. It is rather a "boutique" style, with a strong presence of objects and shapes. In reality, the art deco is the logical result rebellious organic forms of Art Nouveau in front. In Art Deco, there is a very precise symmetry and geometry play a crucial role.

Armchair Art Deco green in a large modern living room

chair design interior deco art deco wall picture frame coffee table

The Art Deco starts first in France and then invade all of Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia. In reality, it is an artistic movement that marks the design and development of industrial societies. It is exclusive, but at the same time its goal is also to create a functional art, an everyday art that meets the needs of modern industrial life. Up to a point, art and luxury furnishings and design were reserved only for the upper classes. With the industrialization of society and technological progress, merchants open to art and furniture was marketed. Meanwhile, during this period, many artists began to experiment and seek new forms of expression.

Armchair Art Deco and modern yellow

deco yellow vintage armchair modern living arrangement art idea

In general, the art deco displays a taste for quality materials, precious and exotic including one discovers alabaster, ivory, wood and bronze, brass and glass. Bakelite is also present, it is the first plastic material introduced in design by art deco.

Art deco yellow chair with gold patterns

golden yellow pattern design armchair idea suspension luminaire parquet wood furniture deco flower bouquets

Art Deco is closely linked and influenced by other art movements: Cubism, Constructivism, Fauvism and Italian Futurism. two important moments can be distinguished in its development. Initially, florals were very present in the interiors, then under the influence of other movements, geometric shapes have been sublimated.

Two designer chairs-chairs in red and blue

modern interior chair wooden furniture design art deco wall

If you want to invite the Art Deco spirit in you, Do it several different ways. There are wallpapers with geometric patterns for a contemporary art deco or floral motifs for an art deco retro style. Simply install a decorative object or piece of furniture to get to recreate this design style in a room. One of the present furniture in the Art Deco interior is the chair. For this reason, we invite you to discover our gallery ...

Art Deco Interior in Moscow apartment

red sofa design armchair green couch cushions deco table

Armchair upholstered and with armrests Design by Arredoclassicarmchair art deco idea Rossini padded design modern living room design living room coffee table

Art deco style interior furnished with furniture from the company Arredoclassicsinterior style art deco design art deco idea sofa cushions floor mats chair mat floor design idea

Modern living room interior with stylish furniture art deco interior design idea modern curtains white sofa table wall decor

Armchair, sofa and chair in whitemodern living room brown gray mat design leather sofa black white coffee table

Armchair retro Madame Butterfly by Midadesign armchair armrest art deco interior design living room ideasmodern living room Art Deco idea Deco sofa coffee table wooden chair designarmchair art deco design idea briquette wall armchair art deco bedroom mirror bed frame wood white interior design art deco chair armrests white modern interior design ard chair deco design idea armrests modern interior wooden table armchair art deco design white wooden armrests modern idea interior armchair art deco design idea modern living room flooring blue chair armrests black wood parquet living room design art deco curtains armchair art deco design vintage leather armchair art deco sofa yellow art deco design floor mats Deco wall painting female art deco chair armrest design wood design ideas classic dark gray blue wooden chair design idea art deco interior lounge blue armchair art deco design idea black and white cushions design table art deco black chair cushions black and white carpet flooring gray metal table wood furniture ideas chair upholstered vintage art deco design idea mida gray chair design armchair art deco fabric original design interior design living room cushions 023-mida-detailart deco armchair upholstered fabric design idea brown carpet cushions 1023-mida-design armchair art deco design armrests padded pink interior idea armchair art deco black design buy kare modern-design-black chair retro art deco design of wooden armrests'intérieur moderne idée table bois art deco lounge chair design idea wood furniture coffee table living room fireplace design art deco modern white chair indoor lounge sofa glass table lamp art deco armchair red design silver cushions idea indoor carpet red soil Deco interior modern art deco design table wall design armchair marble coffee table wood flowers armchair art deco design idea couch floor mats Art Deco design lounge chair armrests idea glass coffee table modern interior design art deco wardrobe carpet floor white modern round armchair art deco design seats sofa cushions armchair black and white design idea armrests modern interior decor white tiles armchair art deco interior design furniture design idea red leather chair armrests design idea pattern design armchair art deco idea beige armchair art deco interior design modern idea wood armrests modern wooden art deco design armchair idea wallpaper chair of vintage design'intérieur art déco miroir luminaire suspension design cadre bois parquet chair gray vintage design ideachair-design-red-art-deco-idee

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