Glass Console: 50 interior design ideas

Scandinavian living room wood furniture glass console

The glass console is an elegant furniture and practice that can be used as a small table or as decorative element in all types of spaces. Today we reveal ways COMMNT use this type of furniture for interior decoration of small and large rooms with a selection of 50 interesting images.

Glass Console: a practical and stylish furniture

glass house office home console

The cabinet glass console is chic and versatile, which can perform different functions depending on the areas where it is located and according to your needs. What differentiates the glass console other furniture of the same kind is, of course, the material used to manufacture. Since glass is a transparent material, the console consists entirely of glass or glass combined with other materials, such as iron, aluminum and wood, has the ability to register easily in almost all types of decorations. The photo above provides a nice example of glass console used for a Scandinavian-style décor.

Glass Console Usage Example and interior space organization

deco wood entrance glass console

Moreover, thanks to its transparency, this console does not clutter the room and can very well be used even in restricted spaces size: too narrow hallway, a small bedroom, a bathroom not very big or much a studio. So what are the ways of using the glass console in the different interior spaces?

glass console and corridor decoration

home decoration picture glass console

One finds the console, first, in the house entrances and hallways. There, this elegant table serves as a repository for small items such as keys, mobile phones or mail received or sent. It was in the hallways and entrances to the house, usually tight spaces, the glass console is particularly useful because of its small size and its transparency.

decorating idea - Home entrance with glass console

Layouts corridor furniture console

In hallways and in the inputs, the glass console can be used for convenience or for purely aesthetic purposes. If one prefers the practical side of this piece, one might choose a more modest decoration as well and leave enough space on the cabinet shelf. In this case, we could decorate the console of a mirror or two symmetrical objects such as vases or lamps, placed in both corners of the cabinet. If, however, we wish to highlight its decorative side, we can use all the available space, adding one or more pictures, books and magazines, flower pots and candle holders.

elegant interior with glass and wood console

corridor glass furniture wood consoles

In the living room, the glass console can be used for decorative purposes. But it could also be adapted to other jobs. For evenings with friends or family celebrations, this unit could become a handy little table; it will be decorated with the elements and the necessary ingredients for the perfect aperitif. If one has a console with drawer, we can convert this part of the cabinet to store towels and other useful accessories for the preparation of a drink.

interior and glass console by Gallotti & Radice Air collection

interior consoles glass furniture

The glass console can also be used as small office area for working at home. Thanks to the modern look of the material it is made, this console fits perfectly to the office with computer role. Add to this a small bedside lamp or suspension and industrial lighting designer armchair inviting comfort in your little home work area.

Idea interior decoration for room with small glass console

development bedroomed furniture consoles

The glass console can also assume the function of a vanity in the bathroom or in the bedroom. To decorate your bedroom with a console completing this function, add a glamorous mirror, one or two pretty makeup boxes and jewelry and, if desired, one of your favorite photos! And now you can find the best way to use a glass console for interior decoration of your home, by viewing our selection of images below:

Contemporary Home entrance and glass console

design entrance glass home console

glass console and decorative home office corner

transparent glass coffee tables console

Modern living room and glass console

deco modern lounges glass console

Contemporary Living Room design and glass console

lounge contemporary glass console design

Small elegant console with glass top

small glass shelf brackets

Small console with drawer and decorating small spaces

small drawer consoles Deco small space

console furniture and glass top: contemporary decor

Furniture consoles contemporary decor glass trays

Furniture modern design console and interior decoration idea

home decor design furniture modern console

Interior and decoration: glass console accessory

interior decoration glass console

interior decoration with Italian design glass console

interior design Italienn console glass coffee table

Glass consoles, contemporary design

contemporary design glass console idea

Deco Modern furniture and glass console

Deco modern lounges glass console

room decor glass console bathroom

corridor small table glass console

Deco Scandinavian design furniture glass consoles

house ideas modern glass shelves entries

bedroom furniture wrought iron console

Deco bathroom furniture consoles

Layouts home interior glass console

Layouts interior furniture glass consoles

furniture interior decoration conremporaine console

modern glass furniture corridors console

Deco design furniture glass shelves

ideas deco small glass console drawer

small elegant interior consoles

modern interior design console glass tops

Deco minimalist glass consoles

Deco furniture modern consoles

bedroom furniture bedroom design consoles

interior elegant console

low trays modern glass table decoration

modern interior furniture hallway table

furniture and modern living room consoles

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Contemporary Deco consoles corridor

deco glass house modern consoles

tables deco glass tops

interior design Design glass console

modern metal design furniture

consoles deco living room glass table

pictures inside glass furniture forge iron consoles

coffee tables living room interior

Console glass furniture ideas

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modern glass console

Deco idea hallway small glass consoles

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