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Facing stone bathroom: 35 magnificent examples

white bathroom stone wall

The idea of ​​a stone facing in the bathroom is nothing extravagant in itself. Rather, it is a solution that brings a lot of charm and authenticity.

During the last 20 years, many homeowners have renconcé the use of natural stone in the bathroom. They wished to subsitituer rustic and raw air of this material finer and more delicate surfaces. During this period, the stone symbolized simple decor, inspired in many ways of old houses or country life. In contrast, the most delicate surfaces were considered modern, luxurious and providing more comfort.

Charming small bathroom with stone facing

stone tile bathroom

These opinions dominated the world of interior design during the last decades of the 20th century. But the new millennium was marked by a change of taste. Today, we continue to develop comfortable bathrooms and equipped with all necessary facilities. This does not preclude that often seeks to give them an authentic and natural. And it is this préciément trend that is causing the great return of the stone facing currently observed.

Bathroom modern design with natural stone facing

ideas bathroom coating

In its contemporary version, the bathroom is a combination of surfaces where natural stone, such as marble, travertine or slate, is very easily into place. It is often presented as a wall covering for emphasis rather than a material that dominates the entire room. Of course, it is a key element in the spaces inspired by the rustic and chic campaign. But it is also found within industrial settings, in indoor spa and zen style. With its unique charm and great range of shades, the natural stone facing conquered bathrooms all colors and all sizes. Here's the proof with these 35 beautiful photos

Facing bathroom design Stone by Gordon Gibson Construction

facing wall Nature bathroom

Bathroom with natural stone walls

bathroom walls of natural stone

Bathroom with natural stone wall covering

coating stone bathroom walls

Facing stone and combination surfaces in a modern bathroom

room facing stone bath

Facing stone in bathroom with authentic atmosphere

deco natural stone bathroom

Idea stone facing bathroom

stone facing room bath

Facing natural stone in bright bathroom

decoration natural stone bathrooms

Natural stone wall and bathroom interior facing

natural stone deco d'interieur salle de bains

Nice bathroom with stone facing

deco interior room stone baths

Facing stone in Zen style bathroom

stone facings Zen style bathroom

Facing stone in bathroom spa style

stone facing bathroom deco spa

wall covering luxury bathroom

Photos room rustic deco bathroom

stone facing room bathroom

room wall cladding stone baths

stone facing bathroom deco chic country

natural stone facing deco bathroom

facings deco bathroom wall

Layouts room stone bath

coating stone bathrooms

contemporary stone deco bathroom

tiled white stone bathroom

Photos natural stone bathrooms

white bathroom interior decoration

stone wall brick bathroom

bathroom imitation stone tile bath

ideas deco bathroom natural stone

idee decoration bathroom stone facing

Stone brick wall room old bathroom

facing marble bathroom

stone bathroom tile bathroom

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