Work plan for Italian design bathroom –

Work plan for Italian design bathroom

worktop wood room mirror bathroom idea

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a living space. Place of rest and relaxation, she deserves a functional and aesthetic design. Today, the emphasis is put on the workplan for bathroom : What material, what size, what color and what style to choose?

24 visual examples to discover ideas how to manage the pond and choose a work plan that will fit your interior style and taste.

Workplan bathroom in white and red Italian design

workplan room red white bath

Feeling good in his bathroom is essential for our well-being. We begin and we end the day in the bathroom. To prepare dressing, the work plan for bathroom sees comfortable and functional.

Workplan bathroom in white and light wood furniture

workplan for bathroom mirror idea wood frame basin

What is the style you have chosen for the layout and decoration of your bathroom? Is it a contemporary, traditional or Scandinavian inspired? Once you have the answer to this question, you will be much easier to choose a work plan adapted to the ambiance.

Workplan bathroom in gray wood and rectangular mirror

bathroom furniture idea worktop wooden mirror frame

For interior landscaped Scandinavian style, industrial and contemporary wood worktop sees ideal. Matching the mirror frame, a wood clad wall or furniture, it will blend perfectly with the environment.

Beautiful bathroom with wooden work plan with the mirror frame and wood clad wall

workplan for bathroom wall decor idea

What size for the work plan? Before choosing the work plan that fits your taste and style of your bathroom, remember to measure the area available.

Worktop for bathroom wood and wooden drawers

worktop bathroom drawers wood bathroom cabinet mirror frame

The worktop is regularly exposed to moisture, choose a resistant and strong material is essential for its lifetime.

Modern Work Plan in a bathroom furnished in minimalist style

worktop bathroom vanity idea parquet

What furniture to choose: with shelves or drawers? The drawers are more convenient to store and out of business, while the shelves, especially open, are ideal for small bathrooms.

Worktop for room wooden bathroom with frosted glass doors

worktop wood bathroom mirror design idea wood bath

It is also possible to opt for both, if your space allows. Below, a large bathroom seen with wooden worktops and several storage spaces, open and closed.

Bathroom with several storage areas and irregularly shaped mirror

worktop bathroom mirror wall idea idea

What colors to choose for the bathroom? This piece is usually a place of relaxation, it is logical that to create a Zen atmosphere, the bright and dark colors are best avoided.

Bathroom in white and light gray and spacious

basin bathroom design idea mirror frame wall gray carpet

The gray and white are an excellent choice for the bathroom. These neutral colors blend well together, are easy to combine and then used to decorate with colorful objects.

Choose light wood furniture for the bathroom is a great idea

en gray wooden bathroom mirror lamp wall carpet floor walk

The work plan for the chosen bathroom, what to do with the decor? Stay minimalist and do not forget to install some flower pots with green plants to cool the air and make the mineral part.

Modern bathroom with walls Marsala color matching white furniture

orange white bathroom furniture design idea wall tiles

If you live with others, but you have only one bathroom, consider installing two small sinks that everyone is more comfortable in the morning!

Map of modern work with two sinks and an original design mirror

furniture modern bathroom design idea mirror trend

What light to the work plan? Usually in the bathroom, one shaves, we make up, we brush our teeth, so we need a light sufficiently adapted for grooming at home.

Large bathroom fitted minimalist and Zen style both

bathroom mirror wall design idea parquet toilet

Avoid too much light, we do not need. Simply place a luminary adapted over your mirror.

Blue bathroom with dark wood furnishings and plush carpetsblue wood bathroom mirror design floor mats ideas

Below, we see a small basin, two wooden furniture, with one of the drawers, the other with shelves and a mirror of average size with an integrated and placed above luminaire.

minimalist style bathroom with very little furniture and elegant decorative items

modern white bathroom ideas gray wooden lamp foot

Here's another idea for lighting the bathroom and work plan with industrial style pendant luminaires.

Idea lighting for modern bathrooms with suspended luminaires

Woodworking plane bathroom wood parquet suspension luminaire ideas

For more cocoon room bathroom, install a floor mat - round, square or rectangular. It is very nice to enjoy with his feet, his soft invitation morning when preparing our toilet, instead of feeling the cold floor.

dark red floor mats with contrasting concrete walls

basin bathroom mirror idea to choose

You can match it with a piece of furniture or decoration already present in the room or choose another color and accent.

Grand beige carpet floor in a classic rectangular bath

wood vanity mirror bathroom shelves tidy beige carpet floor

Below the rectangular striped mat matches the furniture and part of the blue mirrored.

Small striped mat for the modern bathroom

bathroom washbasin mirror blue wooden frame

The floor mat of the interior below are bamboo and nicely blend with the background and the color of the selected floors.

Living Zen-inspired bathroom with bamboo mat

bathroom design idea atmosphere zen wood floor bathroom furniture

The work plan is an essential element in the development of the bathroom. It keeps everything handy whether for small or large.

Workplan bathroom black wood in a large room

bathroom vanity arrange furniture design ideas wood

Select a suitable work plan is essential for a comfortable bathroom. The range of materials, colors and styles is wide and easy to find one that will blend with the decor of your bathroom.

bathroom Work Plan for Scandinavian interiors, rustic style

Woodworking plane bathroom mirror idea couch sink design

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