fireplace mantle: 28 decorating ideas –

fireplace mantle: 28 decorating ideas

coat frame deco fireplace chair modern idea mat

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, you get in, probably, quite often. Have you ever thought about the decoration?

Discover our selection of 28 decorating ideas fireplace mantle originales.Lors cold days in winter, you find with family and friends around a beautiful well decorated fireplace!

Coat decorated fireplace with a beautiful picture

fireplace mantle idea deco frame blue lounge lighting design wooden table shelves frames

Share a hot chocolate by the fireplace in good company when snow outside is an irresistible pleasure. If you want to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, it only remains you decorate your fireplace mantel in a personalized way. This is the place to decorate with a table, a mirror, frames, candles and anything else that makes you happy.

Coat decorated fireplace with original mirror

Deco mirror chair room fireplace mantle low wooden table deco design

You do not need to invest too many resources in an expensive decoration. A successful design is not always a decoration that is expensive. Lately DIY projects have become trendy. So to succeed your decoration, build it yourself! There are many interesting ideas yourself that you can make at home with paper, pine cones, autumn leaves and other material.

wooden mantelpiece decorated with mirrors and objects

Deco mantel sofa cushions chair orange brown carpet decor floor wall mirror

You can opt for an autumnal spirit decorated in yellow, red, orange and brown with dead leaves, pine cones and tree branches. If you prefer a spring, fresh decor, then prefer colors such as blue, white, green, light pink.

mantelpiece decoration with mirror and flowers

Deco fireplace mantle mirror idea lounge chair shabby chic

white living room Interior fireplace mantle chair deco design idea mirror frame living room sofa cushions

Stone fireplace decorated with frame and flowersstone fireplace design coat deco modern chair couch cushions decor table flowers

Fireplace decorated with candlesDeco room fireplace sofa cushions gray design living room glass table

retro decor fireplace decorative idea gray chair cushions design floor mats idea plant fireplace mantle idea deco sofa cushions chair mat mantelpiece decoration idea frames library lounge chair design Deco fireplace dining chair design shelves blue table Deco plant stone fireplace living room design chimney fir Christmas decoration design idea deco fireplace Deco fireplace mantle mirror candle concept design floor mats Christmas tree blue deco frame photo black and white fireplace lounge chair design development idea stool red sofa white deco fireplace design idea wood photo frame library idea deco fireplace Deco original mantelpiece framework within Earth fireplace deco white sofa cushions deco furnishings design chair modern idea Deco sun mirror frames chimney walls deco design table wall living room furniture mirror design decoration deco lounge chair glass table Deco lounge fireplace mantle frames gray mat design white wood furniture fireplace decoration plant design leather stool candles chair beige carpet floor Deco fireplace heart leather armchair picture frame idea lounge Deco Deco living room fireplace flower bouquet idea wooden table design armchair leather fireplace deco black and white photo stool deco design sofa Deco fireplace DIY Cadre Noir and white chair design Deco fireplace frames black carpet and white design blue chair cushions Deco fireplace mantle frames stool chair chandelier design cushions

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