Luxury boat: an exceptional interiors selection –

Luxury boat: an exceptional interiors selection

Luxury boat interior deco beautiful yachts

They have beautiful exteriors and interiors furnished with decoration professionals. Just as luxury homes, they fascinate us and lead us into a luxurious world.

Who does not dream of an unforgettable holiday aboard a luxury boat? This article is an invitation to discover the fabulous interiors of ships to offer us unparalleled travel!

The luxury boat interior yacht design and are equipped to satisfy all tastes

luxury boat yacht deco exterior deck

The most beautiful yachts and sailboats of the world vary in size but they are all characterized by their decoration with luxury materials and their stylish accessories. Their creators have thought of the development of several spaces for activities of all kinds, dining rooms, lounges and bathrooms, of course, but also gyms, swimming pools and movie theaters!

The Superyacht Logica 147 is a luxury boat decorated by Martin Kemp Design

Luxury boat interior design Layouts

The superyacht Logica 147 per Brenta Yacht Design is a luxury boat interior is designed by Martin Kemp Design. With a palette of colors in neutral tones and a selection of high quality furniture, this boat is for many an epitome of contemporary luxury ships.

Premium Luster aboard ship 147 Logica

luxury boat decoration design yacht

Among the most notable accessories on board the yacht, there luminaires chosen with great care.

The luxury yacht Compagnie Du Ponant has an interior worthy of a penthouse design

luxury boat pictures lounge yot

Jean Philippe Nuel has created this beautiful boat whose interior is in complete harmony with the marine atmosphere outside. Neutral and pale shades are combined with blue accents in a decoration that wants stylish, minimalist at once.

Luxury ship by CRN Lady Trudy: Kitchen Photo

luxury boat deco interior kitchen

Lady Trudy is a mega yacht whose decor combines elements of traditional style and modern design of ship design.

Luxurious yacht Lady Trudy: Decorating the bathroom

boat deco luxury bathroom

Its atmosphere is dominated by the white color that is varied by touches of black and wood.

Luxury yacht Darlings Danama by CRN

luxury yachts pictures interior design

As Lady Trudy Danama Darlings is a product of CRN where two styles rub shoulders: the modern design and high-tech.

interior of luxury boat Darling Danama

boat luxury yacht cabin design

Combining aesthetics and functionality, this boat is characterized by its bright interior and its lacquered surfaces.

Yacht design with relaxing bath I Ade by CRN

Interior decoration idea luxury yacht boats

I Ade by CRN is a yacht for a customer who likes luxurious trips accompanied by relaxing experiences and culinary discoveries. That is why it includes a sauna, a gym and a kitchen professionnelle.3

Interior design of the yacht Canados spacious Far Away

deco boats yachts leases

luxury boat Photo Far Away Canados

sailboats deco interior luxury yot canados

The decorators at Francesco Paszkowski Design wanted to give this luxury boat a refined using lacquered surfaces, modern furniture and built-in lighting. A bet quite successful!

Luxury holidays and boats that dream: Galactica Super Nova *

design yachts decoration modern boat

Galactica Super Nova Yacht builds sets of classic boats where wood plays a key role.

Deco room in the luxury yacht Galactica Super Nova

deco interior beautiful boats luxury Galactica

Wood coatings are are ubiquitous effect; textiles in beige and integrated lighting bring a little diversity and modern air his living space.

Suerte Tankoa: a luxury boat with wooden decor

luxury yacht design boat

Suerte Tankoa Yacht is another luxury boat decorated by Francesco Paszkowski Design.

Photo booth on board Suerte Tankoa

deco interior yacht luxury boat brands

Again, the wood is in the center of the design interior design but unlike the example from above, in the case of Suerte Tankoa, it is supplemented by coverings and fabrics in black and gray .

luxury boat Interior: Sunseeker Yacht 155

yocht most beautiful boats

Sunseeker 155 is a flagship model of Sunseeker and, as such, it is developed as a more luxurious hotel suites worldwide.

Idea luxury deco - boat cabin

Interior picture luxury sailing yacht

This effect is achieved by the accumulation of some classic and timeless solutions: marriage neutral colors and wood, painted surfaces, metal buttons and appropriate lighting.

luxury yacht Image: Twizzle

luxury sailing yacht pictures twizzle

The superyacht Twizzle exhibits an interior signed Todhunter Earle Interiors. In this boat, it is the kitchen that impresses us most with the comfort that it offers to the enthusiasts of sea voyages.

Twizzle Interior, a super luxury yacht

holiday sailing boat design luxury twizzle

Ideally suited to long trips, this boat contains everything that is necessary to prepare healthy and delicious meals on board.

artistic decoration of mega yacht Twizzle

Interior design sailing boats luxury twizzle

Twizze is a second mega yacht designed by Todhunter Earle Interiors. Its luxurious decor hardly differs from that of a villa design. What characterizes it? Objects of art and flower arrangements arranged in a very careful way in life and relaxation areas.

Deco boat luxury contemporary style: Cantiere Delle Marche Darwin 107

Luxury yachts sailing boat holidays

Cantiere Delle Marche Darwin 107 is another example of boat whose images are easy to assimilate to those of a luxury residence on the mainland. The gray is the preferred color, shades being supplemented by wooden coverings and wall panels. It is a welcoming space, perfect for family holidays or with friends.

Private area with special coatings on the luxury boat Romea

Interior beautiful luxury yacht holiday

Abeking Rasmussen Yacht Romea, fitted by Terence Disdale, is a perfect example of the wonders that can be achieved with the help of interesting coatings. In the picture below, we see a nice selection, in tones of beige, supplemented by a remarkable ceiling with a designer lighting.

Yachts and sailboats to luxury vacation: Turquoise Baraka

Inside luxury boat yacht deco idea

We have seen, the neutral color is present in many luxurious ships. This is the case also in the Turquoise Baraka where the different pieces are complemented by accents varied shades: blue for a modern beach look in the bedroom, black, red and lilac around its interior .

Interior design yacht bohemian chic Khalilah

Inside luxury boat superyacht

Khalilah is one of the fastest boats in the world. Built in a composite material based on carbon, very resistant and very light, it has a chic décor influenced by the bohemian style and vintage design. Among the curious accessories Khalilah aboard, we mark on the picture above, a chandelier in the shape of octopus.

Luxurious bathroom Atlante Luxury Yacht CRN

Mega yacht luxury holiday idea

With its bathroom decorated with black marble and wooden elements, Atlante Luxury Yacht CRN stands as one of the most luxurious boats that exist as of today.

Mega comfortable yacht Chopi Chopi by CRN

deco design idea luxury ship

Chopi Chopi is the name of another luxury boat of the CRN brand. Wood coatings are associated with floor mats and plush upholstery. In addition, the ship has an office that aims to make life easier for those who never separate themselves from their work, even when on vacation.

Deco interior themed luxury boat: Dragon Palmer Johnson Yachts

A luxurious yachts boats deco pictures

Dragon yacht was designed by Nuvolari-Lenard with themed décor inspired by the name of the boat. No wonder then that the color red evokes the fire is everywhere!

interior of luxury yacht: My Nirvana by Sinnex Yachts

Photos luxury yachts inside boats

My Nirvana by Sinnex Yachts proposes to plunge into a state of spiritual peace through an upscale decor that will make you forget all your worries.

Luxury Yacht Mysorah Photo by Patrick Knowles Design

great interior luxury yacht boats Layouts

This is a contemporary décor inside yacht and very pleasing to the eye by Patrick Knowles Design whose layout reminds us that comfort also involves functional furnishings and adapted better to the available surface.

Themed decor for the holiday yacht ISA63M by Patrick Knowles Design

boat luxury yacht interior deco

In ISA63M design boat, Patrick Knowles Design shown a quite different approach. Abundant color, the interior is guided by the nautical theme and, in particular, by the beauty of the underwater depths.

Deco luminaires with integrated Riva 88 Florida

Inside luxury boat trips yot

Riva 88 Florida was decorated by Officina Italiana Design, which has relied on natural coatings combined with metal accessories and purified forms.

Deco lavish cabin on the boat Solandge

luxury boat yacht deco room

The superyacht called Solandge, an area of ​​93 meters, comprises in addition to the usual living spaces, a swimming pool, a gym and a sauna. All of its decoration and its furnishings seems fired a glamorous ocean liner converted to a wonderful trip.

luxury boat Picture dream vacation

Superyacht luxury boats pictures

* Design by Heesen Yachts

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