Modern living room fireplace: decorating ideas and tips –

Modern living room fireplace: decorating ideas and tips

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In the interior design, the lounge is a truly multifunctional space. We moved it to watch TV, to reading, to rest and so on.

Have a living room fireplace makes these activities more enjoyable. The chimney also creates a welcoming atmosphere for your family and loved ones. Many people do their fireplace the focal point of the decor in their living room. If you're one of those people, then this article is for you. You'll find lots of ideas and tips on the fireplace.

Modern design living room fireplace

room fireplace deco interesting

Having a fireplace in the living room is definitely something that will attract the attention of all who enter the room. The soft light and the flames of the fireplace can be really exciting. So it will be very easy to make your fireplace the focal point of the decor of your living room. The way you arrange your furniture and accessories around the fireplace is a very important point to create a harmonious interior.

Design fireplace lounge decorated in black and white

room fireplace deco black white

An easy way to turn the fireplace into the central point of decor is arranging the furniture the way they will attract attention to the fireplace. But how? This is actually very easy - just make your furniture facing the fireplace. By storing your furniture so you will create a more warm and pleasant environment for your loved ones.

Deco lounge with modern fireplace

Original deco fireplace lounge

As for the decoration of the same chimney, try to forget symmetry. Having a symmetrical design of the fireplace is really a misstep in the interior design. So try asymmetry. Another faux pas you need to avoid is to put everything straight on the mantelpiece. Instead, you can try the layered effect. Do not hang an art picture or mirror above the fireplace, put on the mantelpiece. Your decorative pieces can then be placed around the decorative center. Use the mantel as a platform for your decorative items will make the visually fireplace. Other decorative items like candles and mirrors are also perfect for decoration of your fireplace.

Deco idea of ​​living room with fireplace

contemporary fireplace decoration

As for the style of the fireplace, depending on your living room decor. If you have a modern minimalist living room, so opt for a fireplace in the same style. And if you have an industrial style living room and you want a fireplace, while the brick is a very good idea. here are some interesting ideas in decoration pictures living room fireplace modern:

contemporary design furniture with modern fireplace

room fireplace interesting design

Living room with fireplace unusual design

living room fireplace modern design idea

Idea elegant decor - living room with fireplace

modern deco fireplace idea

Living room with wood wall covering and fireplace

modern deco fireplace lounge

Lounge with ultra modern fireplace

Original design modern fireplace

deco elegant fireplace lounge

elegant modern fireplace decoration

decoration modern fireplace lounge

fireplace decoration modern living

decoration modern fireplace lounge

decoration design elegant lounge

decoration elegant fireplace lounge

decoration modern living room fireplace

deco white living room fireplace

deco design living room fireplace

deco elegant fireplace lounge

deco modern living room fireplace

deco modern living room gray

black white deco lounge

deco ultra modern living room fireplace

fireplace living room decoration idea

modern living room decoration idea

deco living room fireplace idea

concrete fireplace lounge idea

living room fireplace beige deco

living room fireplace deco idea

contemporary design fireplace

living room fireplace design miniamliste

modern design fireplace

elegant fireplace design

elegant fireplace idea

elegant modern fireplace

living room fireplace design idea

room fireplace interesting idea

Modern living room fireplace design

modern fireplace lounge interesting design

modern fireplace lounge elegant

Modern living room fireplace idea

original modern fireplace lounge

room fireplace neutral shades

deco original room fireplace

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