Decorative nails – 110 surprising ideas and trends for the summer to discover –

Decorative nails – 110 surprising ideas and trends for the summer to discover

Deco trend ideas nails

The nails play an important role in the look of a woman. The deco nails will not only beautify your hands but it will also show that you are a woman who likes to take care of herself.

And this summer, bright colors nails are trendy. Are you doing fun with an original and stylish manicure! The good news regarding the deco nails is that you are not obliged to put fake nails - you could quite to grow your nails a little bit to get a nice manicure.

Decorative lace nail appearance

nail art deco lace nails

You could also try artificial nails but for manicure ideas we have prepared there is really no difference between false and true nail. And even if you're not a fan of long nails, here you will find a lot of original ideas for short nails. The neon colors are very modern for the coming season, as well as prints, floral patterns, rhinestones and yet everything you could imagine. The French manicure remains timeless but we play with colors and patterns. If you do not have enough time to do your nails every day, you may very well do a gel manicure that really take very long. Watch our ideas and be willing to try them!

pointed shape nails trendy

Deco trend was sharp nails

interesting nails with feathers

Deco was feather nails

Nails with leopard prints

Deco trend leopard nails nail art

Ideas deco nails for summer

Deco gilded nails belu

Deco Nail Trends for Summer Rose

Deco nail lace effect

Nail art bright color for summer

original form nail decoration

Decoration nails: summer color trends and ideas

deco nails idea feathers

Nail art interesting for summer

Deco print nails

yellow and green nails green deco yellow nails

Manicure pastel colors Deco multicolored nails interesting

neon pink manicure pink deco neon nails

black manicure, white and green decoration nails interesting idea

neon yellow nails interesting nail decoration

French manicure with pink and gold French manicure deco

French manicure with floral patterns French manicure floral

Manicure interesting in shades of blue and green blue nail decoration idea

Romantic French manicure French manicure idea

Idea for a modern manicure interesting deco nails idea

brilliant interesting Manicure brilliant idea manicure

neutral color manicure with false crystals idea manicure crystals

A manicure Deco Manicure deco idea

Manicure interesting blue and yellow Original Manicure deco idea

yellow and pink manicure yellow pink manicure idea

interesting multicolored manicure Modern manicure idea

Manicure trend original idea manicure

Modern Nail in blue and pink blue pink manicure idea

pink manicure with rhinestones rhinestone pink manicure idea

Manicure with interesting elements idea manicure trend was

Manicure in modern colors of summer multicolored manicure trend idea

Manicure pink and gold idea nail pointed shape

yellow and black decor Manicure black yellow nails idea

red and white manicure mini mouse nails idea

Nail shine Modern nail idea

eccentric Manicure modern deco nails idea

Idea for red and white nails white red nails idea

French manicure with black original idea french manicure

gilded red manicure

You will not be aware, but there are several kinds of manucure.Il is a wide range of possibilities open to us when it comes to our nails. Technology is changing rapidly, each method has its advantages and disadvantages - to make at home or at home.
manucuire interesting crystals

Above all, choose if you want to nail decoration on your already natural hands or so if you want to opt for raised nails. If you choose the second option, it will last a little longer than usual and you have the choice to choose the length of your nails without having to let them grow.

manicure geometrical aspects

Although the installation of resin nails are very easy to work with, be aware that their appearance is a bit different from the natural nail to its thickness.

golden white manicure

UV gel is very trendy these days and many women opt for this option. UV gel has the great advantage to take three to four weeks on your nails. Just find time to spend an hour in a beauty salon.

white crystals manicure

Apart from its durability, UV gel as a point of advantage of being more natural and solid. It does not damage the nail, but mostly it does not cause delamination which we are used to cope. Moreover, we do not feel the strong odor of a conventional nail varnish.

white floral Elements manicure

Increasingly widespread, currently there are solutions to your manicure UV alone. It would be enough to go buy a UV manicure kit and get started. As time passes and the more you'll improve.

blue manicure

After all, if you do not have too much time to lose and that you are not a fan of these methods manicure, go for the conventional nail varnish to realize in salon or at home. Similarly you could achieve your nails deco with this conventional method.

blue pink manicure

The conventional nail varnish peeling faster than the other methods mentioned above, but in terms of cost, varnishes are much cheaper. That's why you can buy a wide range of colors to vary your nail decoration as much as you black manicure dore

Like any other body part, it is also important to consider the shape of your hands. From this, you can define the shape of nails that will be best suited for you.

neutral color manicure

If nails are more brittle and split, it is better to opt for short nails. They are easier to maintain and the risk of breakage is less important. Short nails are fine for those who have long hands. If you opt for the rounded ends, it will save you break them.

manicure neutral gilded color

The half-long oval nails is the most common form. This goes well with all kinds of hands. For an elegant, rounded, trim on the sides.

manicure neutral color rhinestone

Does What is the square nails? This more specific form is ideal for those who have strong nails that do not break. That said, the more your square nails are long, the more they break. To be careful!

Manicure pastel colors

If you are followers of the French manicure, go for mid-rounded nails, half-square.

deco white manicure

If you have short nails, choose polish colors that lengthen them. Clear to dark shades will accentuate your nails. The French manicure, she tends to lengthen. Small tip: leaving some non-colored space on the sides, this will lengthen your nails.

deco interesting manicure

If you have wide nails, avoid white that will thicken further. Opt for matte and dark colors to refine your look.

deco yellow black manicure

manicure idea drawings

manicure interesting designs

two blue nail shades

elegant blue manicure

Elements Manicure deco gild

apple inspiration manicure

pink manicure inspiration

white blue manicure interesting

Modern violet blue manicure

modern black white manicure

modern matte black manicure

Modern black pink manicure

Modern multicolored manicure

neutral deco Elements manicure

neon orange manicure

green orange manicure

Original geometric effect manicure

original gilded red manicure

Original manicure trend

Original Beaded manicure

Manicure deco items

gilded pink manicure

floral pink manicure

Yellow pink manicure

pink manicure diamond knot

black pink manicure

rhinestone light pink manicure

rhinestone pink manicure

red white dots manicure

blue green rhinestones Manicure

gilded green manicure

black neon green manicure

pale green manicure

manicure colors been

manusure theme beach

blue nails point

nail rhinestone coral

light colored nails

false nails diamonds

White nail pointed shape

Modern nail idea

nails floral

nails geometric patterns

Multicolored nail crystals

multicolored nails geometric effect

multicolored neon nails

original blue nails

original rhinestone nails

nail trend was

nail deco idea was

nail decoration idea was

French manicure colors been

idea Manicure

original idea was Manicure

manicure colors been

multicolored original summer manicure

nail deco was gel

multicolored nails was

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