The bird tattoo 8 tattoo ideas and meanings –

The bird tattoo 8 tattoo ideas and meanings

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Like tattoos and nature? In this case, there is a good chance that you have considered the option to make you a bird tattoo. Like all other grounds of tattoos, those who represent one or more birds have symbolic meaning.

In a general way,

the bird tattoo meaning is related to freedom and strength of character.

Birds are creatures that appear in many cultures around the world as symbols of freedom but also of the human soul and its transcendence. Among the birds tattoos woman and popular man, are those of the phoenix, peacock, swallow, eagle and dove. In addition, there are also more abstract representations including those of bird silhouettes. They show the overall image of bird tattoo and interpret it in an original way. Below, we present examples of bird tattoos and their meanings through the most popular motifs.

The bird dove tattoo symbolizes harmony and peace

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Regarding bird tattoo meaning and image of the dove, note immediately that this is a pattern both very old and very well known in most western countries. The dove tattoos symbolize peace and harmony; they represent at the same time the survival after an event.

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The dove also has a meaning related to the peaceful and calm attitude towards life and trials that we launched. Small or large, this bird is sometimes tattooed wrist, sometimes to the neck, ankle or back. Today, it appeals to women as well as men.

The peacock tattoo has a different meaning in different cultures

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The peacock bird tattoos are remarkable for their richness of color and detail. Complex, they require a long and precise work by a professional tattoo artist. For this reason, they are also regarded as more costly and painful than other birds tattoos. Side meaning peacock tattoo, we distinguish between several symbols across cultures. In general, the peacock is a royal and spectacular creature; So it is a way to represent the nobility and dignity.

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In addition, in some religions, the peacock is a bird related to the divinity and immortality. In the Hindu religion, the peacock is associated with Krishna and for Buddhists, it is honesty. For the ancient Greeks, it was a symbol of the queen of the gods, Hera. Finally, among the Chinese, it is understood as representing rebirth, resurrection and the ability to heal.

Meaning tattoo phoenix - the rebirth and strength of character

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The phoenix bird tattoo is similar to that of the phoenix in that it is complex and has a deeper meaning, but also varies according to the traditions and cultures. Several legends describe this bird as able to return after the death and rise from the ashes. For this reason, it has always symbolized strength, struggle and rebirth.

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The phoenix is ​​a bird tattoo which is popular among women and men. Among the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks, it was linked to the sun. For the Chinese and the Japanese, this species of bird also symbolizes harmony and balance in the world. Because of its rich history, the phoenix tattoo can be interpreted in all these different ways.

Swallow bird tattoo idea - hope, victory and protection

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In terms of bird tattoo meaning, the swallow has a long history. In the past, the swallow was essentially a man tattoo reserved for sailors and those who sailed the sea. This is explained by the fact that the bird was long used by sailors as a way to find their bearings courses their travels.

Bird Silhouette tattoo wrist-meaning woman

Nowadays, this tattoo is also preferred by many women. Its symbolism is also linked to fidelity, renewal, joy of life and good luck. Joli, this tattoo exists in different formats for different body parts.

Birds tribal tattoo Version

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The term tribal tattoo is a series of techniques and motifs typical for some crops with rich traditions of body art. These tattoos are characterized by a body decorated with patterns inspired by man's natural environment. Among these reasons, there are several types of birds that vary by region and legends of each people.

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Whatever type of bird that decides to offer in tribal tattoo version it will be burned using typical techniques of these crops. To learn more, read our special article on tribal tattoos.

The eagle bird tattoo - strength, freedom, royalty and resistance

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The eagle tattoo is another very old and very popular version of the bird tattoos. Since the origins of mankind, the eagle has always symbolized the force and it was understood as a representation of gods and kings.

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In addition to the strength and royalty, eagle tattoo is also a way to show its commitment to the freedom and ability to overcome difficulties. Spiritually, these birds are regarded as symbols of wisdom, concentration and clarity.

Tattoos birds figure for men and women

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Instead of opting for a specific bird tattoo, it may also decide to offer a bird silhouette tattoo. It is an abstract way of representing a set of ideas and meanings attached to the image of these creatures in general.

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These birds tattoos vary in size and patterns. Some represent a single bird while others depict two or three figures, usually in flight.

Birds couple tattoos as a symbol of love

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The couple birds tattoos also have a distinct meaning. It is associated with love and faithfulness two two lovers. This variant of bird tattoo may be accompanied by a heart. In addition, some couples choose to represent two separate birds; are each partner expresses affection for the other.

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So many tattoo ideas men and women in various formats. Which of these options would you choose?


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