Ankle Tattoo: small, delicate and perfect for summer

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The ankle tattoo is small, discreet and perfect for summer! The ankle is one of the most tattooed man and woman body locations. If you have chosen this place for your tattoo, but you hesitate for drawing, this article is for you.

We have selected 20 ankle tattoo ideas. Discover them and find the one that evokes the most personality.

Ankle Tattoo: ideas for a small and delicate tattoo

tattoo-moon-small-tattoo Ankle

The ankle is a very good place to take a first small delicate tattoo. In summer you can unveil the winter and keep warm. There are several possible designs. We will present you some of our favorite tattoo designs ankle.

A major advantage of the ankle tattoo is that you can easily hide it with your socks, for example. Although over 25 years tattooing is modern and is no longer considered criminal or prisoner, some people remain reserved with respect to tattoos. If you have a job interview, for example, you can hide your tattoo preventively to avoid taking risks. And in summer, you demonstrate your good ankle tattoo on the beach! Remember that the permanent tattoo should not be exposed to sunlight for at least 30-40 days. If you want to have an ankle tattoo for the summer, do it in winter or autumn.

cactus tattoo ankle tattoo small tattoo idea

geometric ankle tattoo

The shapes and geometric lines are everywhere. They decorate our modern interior and exterior and introducing the "Scandinavian" much loved, much sought ... Tattoos are no exception. The geometric tattoo is a favorite of many people for its minimalist side. One of its advantages is that you can design it to As. You can start with a triangle, square or simple circle and decorate it to another stage of your life. If you want to know more about the meaning of geometric tattoos, please see our recent article dedicated to this subject.


Two tattoos original triangles ankle tattoo geometric tattoo original tattoo small

The flower tattoo is very feminine and delicate.

Each flower has its different meaning. The rose is of course a symbol of love, but not that ... Lavender is one of the most aromatic flowers, appreciated for its delicate flavor. Usually it is associated with serenity, purity and peace.

Lavender tattoo ankle tattoo small tattoo idea

Daisy is a sweet and white flower. It is considered a symbol of purity, innocence, pure love. Its name is derived from the Greek meaning is pearl effect. Daisy is ideal for discreet woman tattoo.

tatouge-flower-tattoo-woman Ankle-smallankle tattoo idea tattoo small tattoo woman

The laurel wreath, laurel wreath, is also a nice symbol that can be decorated with delicacy the man and woman ankle. The bay itself with the victory, glory and as the name suggests - the triumph.

ankle-tattoo-laurel idea

A full moon tattoo? The tattoo pictured below is really very elegant and discreet. The moon is the symbol of life and feminine. We really love the Moon tattoo below:


The heart tattoo is also often chosen by men and women tattoo. Today, the heart is associated with romantic love and covenant love. Discreet and easy to interpret, the tattoo can be really everywhere: wrist, finger, ankle. You can opt for a customized version. Below, we see a heart composed of small roses. The two most romantic symbols in one!


The music is your passion? music notes make wonderful tattoos. Start with a single note and top up as and extent other. This way, you write your own song.

tattoo Ankle-music-notes

You like animals ? The animal then ankle tattoo is for you!

elephant tattoo ankle tattoo idea

Animal tattoo is really cute! The elephant symbolizes wisdom, prudence and memory. You probably remember the Hindu God Ganesh? The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. It reached 5.5 meters high. In China and the Middle East, the giraffe symbolizes peace, tranquility and wilderness. It is also very cute!

tattoo-giraffe-small-tattoo-idea Ankle-tattoo

As you probably already know, tattoos were introduced for the first time in Europe by sailors. It will not be wrong to say that the anchor was the first Western tattoo. If an anchor tattoo is a classic and it's also very aesthetic.

anchor tattoo ankle tattoo

Like to hike? We love it there, but it is also very attracted to tattoos mountains. The mountain symbolizes immortality, majesty, longevity, stability. Two mountain ankle tattoo ideas:

tattoo mount-tattoo Ankle

tattoo-mountain-breakfast ankle tattoo

The wing tattoo is perfect for those looking for something classic. The wing symbolizes freedom and power. Ideal for an ankle tattoo. You can do two wings on each ankle for an interesting and balanced side.

tatouge Ankle-delicate-woman-tattoo-idea

If a tree tattoo is also a very good idea. The tree is a really stylish tattoo. Palm, pine, birch - each tree bears its own meaning. The latter course vary across cultures. One of the most common tattoos tree is the tree of life symbolizes ... life!


One does not decide to tattoo the day tomorrow.

In most cases, it is a moment long awaited and in connection with events that happened to us. Before choosing your tattoo, think carefully why you want to do. In this way it will be easier to find a symbol that matches your feelings. And the most important is to give it a personal and positive meaning. If you take your first steps into tattooing, start with a small permanent or temporary tattoo.


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