The infinity tattoo appeals to you? Focus on the symbol and tattoo designs! –

The infinity tattoo appeals to you? Focus on the symbol and tattoo designs!

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The infinity sign is part of tattoo ideas and popular woman man. Invented by a mathematician in the 17th century for its computing needs, it was quickly picked up in art and in modern tattoos.

Smaller or larger, the infinity tattoo can simply take the sign of infinity. But it can also be completed additional decorations. Like all other symbols drawn by tattoo artists,

the infinity tattoo has its own meaning.

In addition to its symbolism, the infinity sign tattoo is chosen by many people for practical reasons. Because, as you may already know, it is considered easier to do and to be less painful. For more on this tattoo idea, read the small text below!

What is the meaning infinity tattoo?

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The infinity symbol tattoo is regarded by many people as very interesting because it has a simple appearance that delivers a complex message. Whether or not decorated with additional elements, it is generally used to symbolize the following ideas:


Infinite represents the sign tattoo an eternal relationship between two people. It can be a friendship between two people, the unique relationship we have forged with his pet or a passionate love. Regarding tattoo meaning, the infinity symbol is used to communicate the message of an established link and will remain forever.

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The infinity sign tattoo also has another interpretation related to life. Specifically, it means the many opportunities it offers us. In other words, it is a symbolic way of representing a life without limits. For this reason, this tattoo idea is characterized by its positive side. It is supposed to inspire us to always go further.

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A third possible interpretation of the infinity sign tattoo is influenced by religion. The symbol represented by this tattoo can be understood as an illustration of eternal cycle of life and death. So, this man or woman tattoo also has a spiritual value. It indicates that the body is temporary but the soul, is immortal.

The infinity tattoo is simple to perform and little painful

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The infinity symbol tattoo is simple to perform. It usually takes a small size and it is inexpensive. In addition, it is a pattern that tattoo artists can achieve very quickly. This is what makes it ideal for a first tattoo woman or man. And, as the infinity symbol is really clean, his tattoo is very painful.

Ideas man and woman infinity tattoo

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We said, infinite tattoos can be supplemented by decorative elements. These also serve to develop or reinforce the message that they hide. They therefore depend on the idea that we want to represent and the precise meaning we have in mind.


Lovers and couples sometimes choose to accompany the infinity symbol with letters. They are usually the initials of the two partners; others opt for the solution of an infinity symbol that embraces the name of a partner. To symbolize love with an infinity sign tattoo, it also uses a heart-shaped decoration.

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Other options to decorate his infinity sign tattoo are the elements of nature, like the waves of water, birds, feathers, butterflies, crosses ... These patterns can be selected for aesthetic reasons; but they can also charge the additional meaning of tattoo. Thus, birds and feathers symbolize freedom while the cross indicates a spiritual value of the tattoo. So interesting ideas to consider to enrich your tattoo with infinity symbol!

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