Storage makeup: easy ideas to make and small price

DIY makeup storage idea

You are looking for an idea Storage makeup practical and affordable? We have selected some of the best storage ideas makeup to make yourself or purchase online ... All ideas are adapted to the budget and require very little time to be realized.

Storage wall DIY makeup storage box makeup box

In the following lines you will find makeup storage solutions DIY or small price to buy online or at IKEA. You will see - makeup storage has never been so easy and enjoyable!

For a successful storage makeup, make sort!

We've all used to accumulate items that are not in use anymore. We always said, "Maybe I will use this item one day ..." But that day never comes and you end up with a significant amount of objects that takes a little too much space. Any such for makeup! Before trying to find makeup storage solution for you, do sort! Look at the expiration date of the products and turn off the ones you no longer use. If you have the makeup that you do not put, but the date has not expired, offer it to a friend, for example.

DIY makeup storage idea put varnish

Separate to better store and organize

Varnishes, lipsticks, lip brushes, mascara, creams, eye shadow ... Separate to better store and organize your makeup! Any beauty product requires special storage. It is not will rank the same way these brushes and paints, for example. And above all, do not let the necessary and regularly watch the expiration date of your cosmetics.

It is better to have some quality makeup products instead of having too much, but of poor quality. This is especially true for makeup eyes and lips. Always choose organic products, and an idea a little more expensive, guarantees quality and healthy! The lipstick is something that swallows the As (unconsciously of course). Here is why we, choosing a lipstick 100% organic. As for makeup eyes - eyes are very sensitive and so be very careful. Never fall asleep the eye makeup!

When buying makeup, consider this sentence:

"I never put cosmetic product on my face that I could not eat!"

You get the idea ... �� It's time to go green ...

storage DIY makeup store makeup idea

A storage makeup appropriate for the size of his living space

You have a makeup furniture? That's great ! You can afford any kind of storage you have and especially closets where to put your products. So you have your storage solution makeup before the eyes.

If you do not have make-up furniture and your living space is small, then it is better to opt for a functional makeup storage solution. To maximize the small space, arrange it in height. Here is a storage solution makeup really convenient that you can hang on the door of your bathroom or bedroom:
storage idea makeup small storage space solution

You can make yourself, if you have a sewing machine or, buy it online. It is found everywhere and no doubt you will find at IKEA. It is a perfect solution for a small bathroom or bedroom.

Wall storage solution makeup to optimize space

We love the makeup solution DIY storage wall on the photo below. It is perfect for small spaces and very functional. With such an invention, you will never find your makeup. You will always have before our eyes ... Great! We love the idea of ​​this original mural and convenient. It is a good alternative to the wall pocket.


makeup storage ideas to make yourself

empty glass jars? Great ! The pots are easily transformed into storage object for your brushes, pencils, eyeliners, mascaras ... They are so practical! You can use the same metal pots, ceramic etc. There are really no limits. If desired, decorate them or draw them with paint suitable for the material in question. There are adapted paints for glass, for example. You will find everything necessary in a specialty store or to cheaper - online.


Here, the makeup area perfectly tidy and low price! Its organizer has used pots e metal and cardboard boxes. Metal pots are sold at IKEA. And for cardboard boxes, if you are not at home, you will easily find the same in the store next door.

ideas pot-storage-space-diy

It is often said, the best solutions are the simplest solution. There is nothing easier than buying an elegant tray and put all her makeup on the inside. You can also use an old plate and give it a second life! Keep everything - your perfume, your hairbrush, your makeup.

This serving tray wood is very elegant and beautifully matched with white mug with black dots. He brings a Scandinavian and rustic touch.


makeup storage with serving tray

The serving tray is cheap and we all have a home! If you do not have a lot of makeup and enough space where to put the serving tray storage solution is the easiest makeup. For a chic Scandinavian and modern style, choose a wood. You can even install two, one on the other. The one below will serve you for small items - pencils, lipsticks, mascaras. And the one above can be used to store your perfume, toilet water, face cream, etc.

idee-storage-makeup-a-red-lipsorganizing idea-makeup-pot-diy

For makeup brushes, there is nothing simpler than to put them in an empty glass or pot. Fill your coffee pot seeds or pebbles so they do not move! A really original idea and very tempting for those who love the scent of coffee ...

storage space-ideas-storage-idea-makeup-ranger


A simple and functional storage is a successful makeup storage ...Storage-makeup-diy-ideas-not-dear

Storage-makeup-idee-diy-pot-store makeup

The plastic bottle cut to two - green makeup and DIY storage solution

plastic bottle, we have already seen turn into almost anything ... And yes, instead of throwing in the trash us, it is transformed into practical purpose! Same for your makeup, just cut a plastic bottle two and here's your makeup storage solution Recycling is there.


If DIY ideas are not your passion, you will easily find an object suited to your needs or online at IKEA. The Swedish manufacturer always has something for us ...


makeup storage solutions are really very many. It all depends on your needs, your budget and your desire to create! Recycling solutions Prioritize and low prices is always a good idea.


The shoe boxes and cartons are transformed into low cost storage solution makeup!


There is no need to spend much money to tidy her makeup. Instead, look at what you have at home - empty boxes of shoes, boxes etc. If you do not have one, just go to the store next to you and ask cartons. It's very simple and completely free! The cartons recovered you decide how to proceed there. You can make simple boxes or to invent an original configuration (as in picture above).

For the realization of this project, all you need is scissors, glue, adhesive tape and ... patience! If you want to customize your invention stock up as wrapping paper, markers, stickers and ribbons.


The pots are ideal for storing paintbrushes and pencils.

often accumulates empty glass jars at home. That's because they can serve you in many ways. They are used to keep starches, coffee, tea etc. You can also use them to store your cosmetics! To customize, dress them with fun fabric or decorate them simply with gift paper.

makeup-storage-idea-original diy Storage-makeup-idea-not-dear

Storage Solution makeup plated-cons end? Why not !

The storage solution below is optimized and practical. It was made with against-plated. We love the small drawers and creamy and soft colors. This solution also fit perfectly to the bathroom.

box-storage-makeup-diy box-storage-idea-makeup-makeup-store box-shoe-storage-makeup-diy

And if you prefer, here is a storage idea makeup made of cardboard. The principle is very simple. Simply having enough of thick cardboard, scissors, a pencil and a meter. It is important to calculate measurements for successful project. Look at the picture below and you will understand the principle:

idea-box-storage-makeup-diy cardboard idee-storage-makeup-box-cardboard

It's hard to believe, but the closet with drawers that you see below, was entirely made of shoeboxes. He was then dressed with pink paper and decorated with beautiful bright flowers for a little pep.

box-box-makeup-storage-diy boxes shoe-storage-idea-makeup

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