Deco living room: some inspiring examples –

Deco living room: some inspiring examples

Deco dining room wooden chair

Many modern homes have an open plan with a minimum of walls and undefined spaces. If your living room and dining room are in an open space, decide Deco dining room is something that can cause problems.

Without proper design, space loses its continuity. In this article, we'll give you some tips how to create a beautiful Deco dining room, perfect to accommodate your guests.

Deco dining room in open spaceDeco furniture and modern dining room

The placement of furniture is very important. Even if your living room and dining room are in an open plan, you definitely want to define your living room in your dining room. Study well the architecture of the room to see if there are no such things as an alcove or a bay window, for example, which can direct you how to arrange your furniture. Group some of your furniture to the center of the space without asking them all against the walls. Thus you will avoid having an empty space in the middle. Try to keep the furniture on the same scale as space becomes discontinuous. Place the sofa to the space of the dining room. Otherwise, you will create an artificial separation.

Idea of ​​living development with dining

Deco furniture and Scandinavian dining

Glass tables are parître the brighter space unlike the heavy wooden furniture, for example, that block light. A large modular sofa can become a kind of partition to the living room. Prefer smaller rooms and chairs to visually open the space to the dining room. Rolling cabinets are an excellent choice for open because they can be moved easily.

open space with living room and dining room modern

Deco living room wall carpet floor sofa frames

Paint the walls in the same color will create continuity between different spaces. You can also choose two different colors and use them both in the two spaces at different amounts. You must choose the same flooring for the entire space. If you want to use carpets, choose the same type of carpet for the two spaces. Decorate with similar colors as accessories and choose the same design style. Do not create a deco vintage in one of the spaces and a modern decor in the other.

elegant Deco dining room and living room

Deco dining room idea

You always have the option of having two well-defined spaces, even in an open plan. To create this effect, you will need lighting. A beautiful chandelier or two modern pendant lamps above the dining table will help you separate the dining room of the exhibition. Place lamps on the ground or some bedside tables in the living room to create a soothing atmosphere.

stylish open plan interior design

Layouts open space idea

If you still want to visually separate areas, you can use a nice room divider. This will create two separate areas that you could decorate differently. Choose, for example, tiles for the dining room and a modern rug for the living room. If you have a bookcase that is beautiful on both sides, you can place it between the two spaces to serve as a visual barrier. Here are some good examples of open space with living room and dining room in pictures:

Large open space with minimalist decorDeco dining room modern idea

Space decorated in minimalist style

Deco living room contemporary mager

Lounge with original luminaire

idea decoration'espace ouvert

Deco furniture and modern dining room

Deco dining room design

open space decorated with green accents

Deco dining room

Development of functional open space

Layouts open space living

open space with living room and dining room and large wooden table

open lounge kitchen area Layouts

open space with modern furniture

Layouts room open space

Idea of ​​open space furnishing

Deco living room small apartment open space

open space with elegant decor

deco elegant dining room lounge

elegant decoration idea of ​​open space

Deco dining room elegant living room dining room

open space with dining room and living room with large sofa

Deco dining room open space interior design

Idea of ​​open space with fireplace furnishings

Deco dining room interior open space living

open space of contemporary decor

deco interior open space modern lounge

open space minimalist white

white minimalist interior deco

deco modern wood interior

modern interior deco lounge

deco interior brick wall

deco interior living room light colors

deco interior lounge room

deco interior living room modern dining room

deco interior style elegant

deco modern interior open space

Original deco dining room

decoration living room dining room

decoration living room modern dining room

deco lounge roof windows

deco lounge room white gray purple

Contemporary interior design living room

Design interior open space

interior open space modern design

design modern interior open space

Luxury living room interior design

open epace deco lounge room

open space room dining room

Layouts idea dining lounge

Layouts idea lounge room

decorating idea open space living

open dining room decoration idea

dining room deco lounge

dining room modern living room kitchen

eat brown white living room

dining room deco bamboo lounge

modern deco living dining room

living room modern dining

contemporary living room dining room

living room eating red black

lounge dining room wooden table

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