indirect lighting – luminaire ideas atmosphere for interior –

indirect lighting – luminaire ideas atmosphere for interior

indirect lighting luminaire LED deco parental modern design room

What is an indirect lighting and why the focus in his house? The purchase of luminaires for interior often requires two basic options, the lighting called direct or indirect one called.

Here are some explanations to help you understand the difference between the two types of lamps for the home, followed by our selection of lamps and other sources of indirect lighting for a contemporary living space.

What is the difference between direct and indirect lighting lighting?

indirect lighting LED light strip kitchen worktop fixture design

Unlike direct lighting that directs light from the top down, indirect lighting is a term that refers to sources that direct light to a wall, ceiling or other surface that reflects light. Both types of lighting are suitable for different uses. Task lighting is suitable for activities requiring more detail and concentration of attention, such as working in cooking, crafts, writing and reading. Pendant fixtures are a classic example of direct light source that is used to guide the light to a specific area.

Indirect lighting and ambient lighting - some easy examples to remember

house idea interior lighting contemporary atmosphere banister

The indirect lighting, in turn, diffuses into the room in a more or less homogeneous manner. The light is then reflected on vertical surfaces and ceilings to spread in every corner of the room. For this reason, this type of lighting is also called mood lighting and is very suited to the times and relaxation areas such as the bathroom and the bedroom. Wall sconces and facing the ceiling suspensions are examples of sources of indirect lighting.

mood lighting - our selection of lighting sources for parts of the interior

lighting'ambiance luminaire LED design etagere chambre a coucher idees

The current market offers a lot of indirect lighting for the interior. We have selected examples of ornamental lamps, LED lights and light strips that are suitable for different areas of a contemporary residence. We explore them one by one in the following publication.

What source of indirect light lounge and dining room?

lamps'ambiance idee luminaire design mur decoration contemporaine

The mood lighting is an ideal choice for the entire living room or for decoration of specific corners of this room in the house. Among the light sources of this type, wall sconces are among the best suited to contemporary living.

Wall light for lighting design: Gilded Layland by Anthropologie

idea indirect lighting fixture seating wall atmosphere lamp design

The wall sconces are very suitable for decorating a relaxing corner in the contemporary living room. Round, square or other shape more original fixtures of this kind directs light towards the walls and provide enough light without creating unpleasant outbursts.

ambient lighting model for living Burj by Luxxu

lamp'ambiance modele applique modeles design interieur

More than other mood lighting, sconces are an essential element of decorating for the simple reason that they are installed more or less permanently in a specific area of ​​your home. But it is also a feature you can benefit, for example, by combining your fixtures with accessories like colors, to thereby give your home a custom look.

Applique design metallic color design for living

lighting ambiance wall light wall idea deco entrance hall interior idea

The same kind of mood lamp also suit the decor of a dining corner in the living room or dining room.

Wall luminaire atmosphere for contemporary dining room

indirect lighting example'applique murale idee de decoration salle a manger

While the current trend is to the dining table decor with suspensions, everyone is not not seduce the idea of ​​a ceiling in the middle of the dining area. If you do not like suspensions, you can replace them with appliques that are much more discreet alternative and less demanding of space!

Hanging Lamp contemporary design for indirect lighting by Buschfeld

suspended luminaires atmosphere zen idea decoration lighting mirror

Speaking of suspensions, also be aware that some of luminaires of this kind can serve as sources of indirect lighting, as this lamp design that does not direct the light to a specific point but diffused throughout the space.

Example suspension design for indoor lighting atmosphere

indirect lighting suspension table modern office mirror idea

Here is another good idea decorative lighting for living room, dining room and even an office corner set in the living room!

LED light strip for wall bookcase shelves

custom lighting shelf bookcase shelf wall LED lighting

The bright LED strips are also part of the ambiance lighting since they scatter light on vertical surfaces such as walls and libraries. In this image, an idea of ​​indirect lighting decoration for open shelves that will give it a chic and modern.

Floor lamp for indirect lighting design: Broom by Brand van Egmond

indirect lighting lamp living area'ambiance maison design salle de séjour

The floor lamps also have a suitable version for those who prefer indirect lighting. Thanks to their shape, mood lamps of this kind are a functional complement to every corner of the room, including a reading area that requires more light.

contemporary floor lamp for indoor

indirect lighting lamp model standing luminaire contemporary design

The floor lamps of this type also offer another advantage: they are quite simple to move from one area to another, allowing you to use it where you need it at the moment!

kitchen indirect lighting: LED light strip Lighting System 6 by Gera

indirect lighting zen light strip LEDs kitchen worktop Layouts

In the kitchen, the indirect lighting is usually represented by LED light strips type. Easy to install even in an area with minimal design and trendy, LED strips are also one of the best options to illuminate a kitchen with lacquered furniture that reflect light.

Mood lighting for Gamma Arclinea kitchen design

indirect lighting model kitchen atmosphere LED light strip

Despite its aesthetic and practical advantages, light band is often considered insufficient for decorating a functional kitchen. If this problem bothers you, know that you can very well combine fixtures of this kind with one or more direct lighting sources for your worktop and kitchen sink!

Wall-mounted luminaire atmosphere for staircase decoration Rio Lc Cinier

deco staircase lighting d'interieur bandes led luminaire mural

Ambient lighting is often preferred in areas that require a lot of light scattered homogeneously through space. This is the case in transitional spaces such as the entrance of the house, hallways and stairwells. Good lighting in those parts of the home is especially important since they are crossed daily by all family members.

LED light strip yellow for banister by Gera

lighting of'escalier interieur bande led lumineuse ambiance

contemporary lighting manufacturers offer a wide variety of ambient lighting sources made specifically for these areas of the house and the typical elements of these as, for example, the handrail.

Indirect lighting in bathroom, contemporary decor by Agape

indirect lighting luminaire LED strip mirror furniture designer bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet may benefit from indirect lighting used alone or combined with another lamp.

Shower with LED light strip for wall niche trend lighting

luminaire'interieur lampe led niche murale salle de douche italienne design

Small bathrooms are often spaces, LED strips are the best options for decorating such parts of the house because they do not occupy much space and they adapt themselves easily the niches and crannies.

How to use ambient lighting to decorate his bathroom?

mirror lighting bathroom contemporary zen bathroom

The LED lights also allow you to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom and to highlight particular elements of its decoration.

dressing furnishings and design lighting for wall units by Cristiano Rosa

lighting of'ambiance sur mesure idee lumiere indirecte dressing armoire

Another room of the house that often includes niches or, at least, a lot of storage of all kinds: the dressing room. Decorate this part of the house with LED lighting for your needs and enjoy an impeccable dressing!

Indirect lighting bedroom adult Maxim Tsiabus

lamp'ambiance luminaire mur exemple chambre contemporaine panneaux lumineux

Relaxation par excellence, the bedroom and the master suite are among the most often adorned with sources of indirect light and ornamental lamps parts. Let's see what different chic lighting possibilities for this room in the house!

ambient lighting model for adult room customized by Who Cares Design

indirect LED lighting idea Layouts room has modern bedroom

The mood lighting is often present even in adult rooms decorated in ultra modern style, as shown in the image below. Moreover, custom fixtures are one of the great opportunities to give more personality to such a bedroom.

red lighting for decoration ultra modern adult bedroom

luminaire red LED lighting ambience Layouts modern style room

Indirect lighting can also change color to contribute to an atmosphere more relaxing and more challenging as you wish!

original wall decoration for room design with ambient lighting by Vibia

wall lamp lighting atmosphere deco master bedroom

Placed behind the bed, wall sconces can also have a decorative role, as shown with this mural design by Vibia round fixtures.

light headboard decorations with LED light strip by Frontop

Interior LED lamp band'ambiance eclairage chambre adulte design

The ambient lighting, LED or others, are also with decorative elements in the room and especially the headboard In fact, this very soft lighting goes well with almost all the most popular materials for the manufacture of beds and accessories for furniture.

floor lamp for mood lighting and room decoration bedroom adult

indirect lighting lamps and luminaires'interieur deco style contemporain

You have a piece of art or a small furniture design statement in your bedroom and you want to draw attention to this item? Use floor lamps or light strips to showcase this corner of the room!

Modern lamp for chamber relaxing sleeping area by Extra

indirect lighting LED lamp small table pedestal contemporary living

Moreover, LED lights easily become decorative elements in itself, as we watch this small coffee table lamp modern style!

Lamp zen stones shaped design by Andre Cazenave

idea indirect lighting lamp'ambiance moderne decoration zen

And if you enjoy the atmosphere zen and are looking for accessories that style for your relaxation, go for fixtures inspired by natural elements such as stone and minerals.

Japanese-style decor item for Zen room: natural style ornamental lamps

lamps'ambiance zen deco naturelle pierre lumineuse design

Last space that must be mentioned when speaking of ornamental lamps and indirect lighting: the bedroom for baby or child. Below, some interior lighting options that are invented especially for decorating such a room!

Indirect lighting baby room or child some ideas trend fixtures for kids!

indirect lighting light garland deco girl chamber

The Christmas lights are a type of lighting ideal for decorating a baby room wall, girl or boy.

A small wall lamp shaped animal nursery decoration by Anthropologie

lamp'ambiance luminaire applique chambre bebe enfant deco animaux

Of course, you can also find wall sconces or other small fixtures tailored to the decor of a room of your little darling.

ornamental lamps collection for decoration nursery boy or girl

model luminaire'ambiance applique deco mur idee chambre bebe

For example, these mini lamps in shapes of animals of the jungle and the ocean are a cute idea that would become also a very nice gift for friends who come to welcome a new baby! What do you think ?

Small indirect lighting lamp for nursery: Orochi Dragon

LED lighting ambience dragon lamp colors boy girl room

For a child's room fun and well lit, bet on a small LED lamp shaped imaginary animal like creatures from fairy tales or favorite feature films of your child! Your little cabbage will have fun with mini benevolent dragon that can change color as the pattern on the top picture sold by Anthropologie.

ambient lighting luminaire in red color for decorating maid or boy

atmosphere lamp decoration nursery pink red green color

And for a teenager's room, choose a cute cat and lucky of Chinese tradition or sconces tend to accompany playful accessories for girl or boy! Here are two very good examples on the pictures below:

Luminaire for children's rooms: Maneki Neko cat door happiness by Smoko

lamp'ambiance chat chinois luminaire indirect decoration chambre enfant

Model lamp Chinese lucky charm for kids room boy or girl design by Smoko

indirect lighting luminaire nursery decoration girl boy contemporary design

Suggested decoration teen girl or boy room with wall fixture trend

lamp chamber deco metal paint ellipse luminaire

luminaire trend model for interior decoration of metallic color by anthropology

wall lamp lighting idea deco ambiance zen adult room

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