luminaire suspension: more space comfort – 29 photos

suspended luminaire design-idea-original-dining-room-design-floral

The light in your home space is very important. Although qu`il be a small detail around l`aménagement, it can change the entire decor. Take comfort in your space and enjoy unforgettable moments with your family!

Today, we invite you to contemplate a nice selection of pictures luminaire suspension. You'll find full d`idées inspiring. Spend just a few seconds to discover what tempts you best!

luminaire suspension Artemide

suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-design-Artemide Ross Lovegrove,

Artemide always surprises us with its original design. This time, l`entreprise no exception. Look at the picture above! The luminaire suspension was designed by Ross Lovegrove. This ceiling lamp is the same luxury and elegance. Qu`en do you think? N`est it not a super nice idea s`intègre l`aménagement very easily in your living room?

luminaire suspension Tesselight

suspension-lamp-idea original decoration-lamp-paper Tesselight

Have you ever thought d`avoir luminaire suspension in paper? Tesslight always surprises us with his great ideas! Look at the picture above! What do you think of this paper lamp? Ceiling lamps l`entreprise offers are not only beautiful, but also friendly l`environnement. In addition, they are very high quality. The company managed to marry these two very important aspects for the success of its products. Please find below more d`idées nice that you can incorporate into your decor. So enjoy it, to ensure maximum comfort at home.

very original form of suspension fixture

suspension-lamp-idea original-nickel-decoration

white glass ceiling lamp

suspension-lamp-idea original decoration-lamp-to-ceiling-white

luminaire suspension by Foscarini

suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-Foscarini Diesel-fall-collection-house

More ideas by Foscarini


Style and elegance by Foscarini


round luminaire suspension

suspension-lamp-idea decoration-original-shape round

original great idea!

suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-modern lounge

jellyfish-shaped luminaire suspension

suspension-lamp-idea decoration-original-shape-meduse

pumpkin shaped ceiling lamp

suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-shaped pumpkin

bamboo ceiling lamp


Brighten your kitchen d`une nice way!


More comfort in your kitchen l`aide d`un beautiful lighting!


all white ceiling lamp. N`est she not super original?


suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-color-brown-shaped pumpkin

suspension-lamp-design-idea-original kitchen

suspension-lamp-original-idea-color-red decoration


suspension-lamp-idea decoration-original-color-brown


suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-color-widely abused kitchen


suspension-lamp-design-idea-original butterfly color-pink-red

suspension-lamp-design-idea-original-shaped dinette-round




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