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Original lamp that takes the form of a pencil

lamp atypical out corner gum illuminates

It's a original lamp, for some really unusual and fun we offer Michael & George - English duo has an undeniable humor.

Pencil HB Lamp We present you and you will understand, this is not a lamp like the others. The lamp measures 1.50m and takes the form of a pen which even the cable reminds pencil scribbles.

Original lamp with an electric wire that reminds of a pencil scribbles

superb original lamp idea scribbles wire

A copper ring serves as a support for a blown glass bulb which illuminates the surroundings. The cable has a length of 66 cm from the tip of the pencil lead, it can wrap around your furniture. For the more creative, you can create a pattern or draw a letter on the wall, giving life to this life-size pencil.

pencil and drawing he makes are the inspiration for this project

Electric wire reminds pencil scribbles done

Ideal for a child's room, the original lamp also would enter into a fun interior that does not take itself seriously and likes to surprise. The Pencil Lamp is disponicle red, and mini version which architects like me will love to have on their desks.

beautiful lamp for a fun and artistic interior

superb atypical lamp ingenious idea

original lamp also available in cedar painted red

lamp interesting playful

beautiful sketch that explores the concept and inspiration

sketch explores early concept pencil lamp

The "pencil lamp" is made of cedar golden finish

pencil lamp made cedar gold finish

the lamp is disguised in a similar case to that of an HB pencil

pencil-size lamp in his case

At this scale, the lamp can easily be mistaken for a pencil

pencil lamp in its wooden case

mini model demonstrating the scribbles of the wire and the illumination point

small model demonstrating operation

A life-size pencil illuminates the room

original lamp in the shape of giant pencil

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