Car Audi Q3 and innovative tent


At Wörthersee 2014, Audi presented its Q3 equipped with a tent camping. Specially designed for Audi by the German company Heimplanet this tent with inflatable structure can be assembled quickly and easily.

Tent for Audi Q3 mounted separately

tent camping

It can be mounted separately or attached to the car. In this case an opening has been planned to have direct access to the trunk.

Tent grafted onto the back of the Audi Q3


This tent can be mounted in just 7 minutes depending on the manufacturer. The fabric can withstand winds up to 70 km / h. The molecule-like structure is inflatable, which makes the feature of the model. Indeed, it is that you no longer need heavy and bulky frames. Here is a new concept, ideal for adventurers going on a journey.

inflatable shaped molecule


An innovative concept, ideal for adventurers


An original tent, solid and compact


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