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mural- storage shelf makes the invisible books float

Storage-wall-super-invisible shelves

We have the pleasure to present a design object solely the wall shelf with books which seem to float in the air. The wall storage Smart was designed by the designer Miron Lior for the Canadian company Umbra and consists of a steel shelf wall mount powder coated that delights and smile.

Wall storage impresses


Imagine the effect this will create object on your guests! Against the wall, a pile of books seems to float in the air. Your house is haunted or you master the mysterious art of levitation? Not at all! This is the tricky wall shelf that creates this great effect! Transform the way you store your books in a magical exhibition of works of art. The illusion is guaranteed!

simple but great Wall storage


It's a nice idea, simple and innovative, which consists of a metal support that can support a stack of books up to 6.5 kilograms.! For your convenience, we offer wall storage in small size and double allowing you to build a library in any size.

A stack of books in the air


Metal support that reveals the secret of levitation


In fact you can use the books as shelves

invisible wall storage shelf Miron Lior

Another object Miron Lior reveals his secret

creative wall storage Umbra display-vertical

The vertical display is possible

wall storage display-design-Umbra

impressive effect through concealed mounting


Each support shelf up to 6.5 kg


super easy mounting


creative wall storage shelves-invisible


invisible wall storage room shelf-child

Storage-wall-smart-shelf-invisible-mountingIntelligent wall storage battery floating-bookwall storage shelf bedside-table-invisible


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